“I think, from a barrier standpoint, there’s a stereotype that women should not be athletes,” Darvin said. Making an accurate assessment of what an elite woman athlete might earn under relaxed NIL rules is difficult, in part because we still don’t know exactly what the marketplace rules are going to be. 3 winners and 4 losers from an unpredictable Week 8 in the NFL. “There are some who think people aren’t interested in women’s sports, which is why selling out these jerseys so quickly is great for women athletes,” Darvin said. By subscribing, you are agreeing to Yahoo's Terms and Privacy Policy, Sabrina Ionescu gifts Oregon WBB with custom Nike shoes originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest. Darvin is an assistant professor of sport management at SUNY Cortland. “I actually think women have the most to gain from this NIL legislation,” Darvin said. Darvin thinks apparel companies are part of that problem. California passed a bill, but the pending legislation in Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania and elsewhere looks slightly different, and federal legislation could override everything. Get the latest odds, analysis, and insights at Yahoo Sportsbook. If you don’t totally fine but just wanted to pay tribute to you guys as a team…”, Got a gift from the today Thank you, @sabrina_i20!#GoDucks x @Nike pic.twitter.com/zKEW6tC2pg, @sabrina_i20 x @Nike pic.twitter.com/yP2irl1E68, New kicks, who dis? @nyliberty's Sabrina Ionescu details rehabbing from injury under unprecedented circumstances. Soccer match ruined when AI-controlled camera mistakes ref’s bald head for ball, Bears-Saints fight erupted after Javon Wims threw a helmet punch. Dosh didn’t project earnings quite that high, but she, too, saw a clear path for athletes to make money, particularly through social media endorsements. And so I think now taking kind of two weeks, fast forward what I had thought before starting this, I do think a shoe would be really cool or like a clothing line or something, which would be awesome, and would be kind of beyond belief just because I'm so used to buying other people's shoes, and kind of looking up to them. 1 in the country. She told the Runnin' Plays podcast (via NBC Sports Bay Area's Logan Murdock) that the two-time NBA MVP was texting her "almost every day" to sign with the company. 1 pick in the 2020 WNBA draft by the New York Liberty, Sabrina Ionescu is now one of the key faces of Nike Basketball. The advantage of social media is that athletes can control everything about the business, no middlemen necessary. Jumping up to the NFL or NBA usually increases individual marketability. This next shoe hits a little closer to home. The Oregon women’s basketball team is used to getting new shoes in the mail. They could have speaking engagements, have sponsorship deals (local or national), sell autographs, give clinics, and more. And how much does changing NIL rules benefit or impact them? Fresh off being the No. A lot of the discussion about changing Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) legislation has centered on elite male athletes like Chase Young and Tua Tagovailoa. I talked to Dr. Lindsey Darvin and Kristi Dosh about these questions to learn more. And having a relationship with Phil Knight and being a Nike athlete for the last 10 years of my basketball career is also appealing. Sabrina Ionescu, the number one pick in the 2020 Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) draft, has signed a multi-year endorsement deal with US sportswear giant Nike. On Friday, Ionescu signed an exclusive multi-year marketing deal with Nike: Breaking: Sabrina Ionescu signs with Nike @brkicks https://t.co/JamW9RxQGT. The reigning NCAA national player of the year and the WNBA's No. Here’s what left him empty-handed. Ionescu has the potential to change that with her new Nike deal. “I know this is picking up even more now that Twitter is streaming some of those games, but great players go from playing in conference championships, which are highly televised, and the NCAA tournament, which is highly televised, and players become household names, even for a few weeks at the very least. And then you have professional softball, which isn’t televised the same way.”. Will Nike gift Ionescu with her very own signature shoe line sometime in the future? And so kind of having that reciprocated would be awesome.". Women’s college athletes arguably have the most to gain by getting their name, image, and likeness rights back. Playing in New York will certainly benefit Ionescu's marketing potential, but she has already proved capable of transcending market size by making herself a superstar in the sports world at Oregon. Dosh agrees with Darvin that apparel companies could do a better job of anticipating the demand created by women athletes. Legislative changes might allow college athletes to finally cash in. But right now, you’re not seeing the same investments being made on the women’s side as on the men’s side. Ionescu has a good chance of making some real money at this basketball thing in the near future. Going off of the NBA model, roughly 45 percent of that would go to the player. She’s one of the best, most exciting and well-known women college athletes in the country. Let’s not forget her Nike Oregon jersey sold out in less than a day…. 1 overall WNBA pick signed a multiyear endorsement deal with Nike back In April. “If you look at some highly successful olympic athletes, like gymnasts, as comparison, a player like Ionescu could probably make six figures from jerseys sales and speaking. The Bears’ wide receiver was ejected after throwing two punches at the head of a New Orleans Saints’ defensive back. 1 overall pick in the 2020 WNBA draft, is the new face of Nike Basketball. Everything you need to know about sports betting starts here. Former Oregon and college basketball superstar Sabrina Ionescu, who signed a contract with Nike following her epic four-year career at Oregon, has gifted the current Oregon team with a … Sabrina Ionescu, who earlier Friday night was taken with the first overall pick in the WNBA draft, announced she has signed a shoe deal with Nike. The deal is … Sabrina Ionescu is having a pretty good moment right now. I also reached out to Nike, but they did not respond] “So you’re looking at $75,000 just from a day of sales for an elite player like that. How much an athlete earns off of social media could depend on a number of factors that have nothing to do with athletic performance, like what social media platform they use, and what content they produce.

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