In this project, you will apply skills acquired in Unit 4 to analyze roller coaster polynomial functions and to design your own roller coaster ride. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Project Components: Application Problems – You will have to answer questions and solve problems involving polynomial NOTE: The widget was designed for a high-resolution iPad. You will use an online widget found at The Physics Classroom. %PDF-1.3 )i��Sh�.��f1B��?�ٷ������Kѩ�b�KR�ٷ�������_�Uծ0��=@J�ط��C�"3�>a �z酰�!�zyq�G@F� 4 0 obj %��������� Roller Coaster Design Principles In this Interactive you will explore the principles of Roller Coaster Design. In real life, polynomial functions are used to design roller coaster rides. One plan to secure the roller coaster is to use a chain fastened to two beams equidistant from the axis of symmetry of the roller coaster, as shown in the graph below: 30252015105302010102030 You need to determine where to place the beams so that the chains are … x�\ے#7r}���������H�8$��Cak%:6+?�M�ZM�-��z��A��D�$�bU�()�6P@V"/' ���?�_]����n��Ν߹���{��ڽ��*�߇7W�M�m�ch��mK�z��8UYU��;�q]�G��ã{y8Ԯv���_����k��t��y�s�un����mh�n�pW��w~�>����7������w�w�7�o�ѡ_����_��[��3��΁����x�{�7���g�'����^y��UyZ,��#����}u��e��rWW}&�\�E&_���o���}U�(y�5:�iBg�*����_z���C>�G����j��T�&A�����! stream ��Yu�w#�'>�|��!������]|��w�`�F�h|�B�:u�%�2/�v�/�]�H�`mF0+`m��=A�|*�n:nw] �Ԥ`��@a団�YyQ. While it may work on your Chromebook, it is likely more compatible with a … You will use the Coaster Design Interactive found at The Physics Classroom's Physics Interactive section. Open the Interactive , click the START button and … �Nl|�m\Bh�?����d'�‡8[]���9���,B�}����h�V�P��YC�Boh�wü�ݡ�.�9��f��a�e�\h��x����ڗ�m�K�%䠯���ׅ��t,�ҰD,��﷾B����?��/����`2���4%�Du�N���%�#��������vB� ����-^����ĕ��=� Roller Coaster Design Principles In this activity you will explore the principles of Roller Coaster Design. 0���t�8/^�^��(� �ӕ�S�/6p�y]�]5��TXP�+���4M���� ���h�z�K�C��Jh�����!\�?� �����w&�

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