Keep keel, rudder and bottom in the best shape possible. Box 152Wareham, MA 02571, All prices subject to change without notice. While reaching, keep your speed up by heading higher in the light spots orchoppy water. In 0 – 10 we sail withmedium wrinkles in the luff, 11 + set luff progressively smoother. On the first day I walked by my Step 5 (somewhat sullen, quarantined) teenager hearing him laughing and happily engaging with his group. Copyright © 2009-2018, Stuart Marine Corp. ( All rights reserved. We have continually upgraded ourdesigns and cloth selection to make our sails even better year after year! On the runs, jibe in the windshifts to stay on the headed tack. trailer Adjusting the outhaul changes the depth of thelower 1/3 of the main which affects helm, speed and pointing. 0000000816 00000 n ?� �TB�Ҥ���v��� ��1�!����V]i��y.>Ɠov�]�F��J}�����&���Ԩ;詋ټpm׌�oӳ9�C�[x��z��c�U����eL7w�n���g�{j5u����n��.�_��S�G7s��k�hz�����.�b�����`�n��bz�S��[�u���'ͪ�]+W�ص�4���/����G���@�lf��5^�'�����^��ƞ55� �y�d��9�Kr ^��`�뱮�~Z���ސ7`�{��g�3��l?��W�_���_�/��������_�/�������l@60� ���o�~�a��?�?�?���[ ��ߴ�}�8r�L��O�5%k��}�B�tQ:|�g)�ٗ =��L The cunningham is used to position draft in the main. What is fast for your boat may varyslightly from our charts. 0000007817 00000 n 0000008634 00000 n For COVID-19 PPE Visit Dismiss. Objective in18 – up: Keep boat flat and punching through waves. 11012.000 masthead w/ sheaves 11012.020 masthead sheave 0000001136 00000 n Our strategy: “I think every year with kids at Courageous you see relationships form. xref I commented to my husband that the Courageous Team should be coaching the schools on how to run Zoom meetings.”—Kristin, Courageous parent. Then hearing what they were doing everyday was so amazing. Youth are living in a world that can feel frightening, hostile, and unjust—a place where it’s difficult to feel safe, set worry aside, and just be a kid. O'day Rhodes 19 Keel 1959-1981 PARTS ORDER FORM, O'day Rhodes 19 C/B 1959-1981 PARTS ORDER FORM, Stuart Rhodes 19 Keel 1982-Pres PARTS ORDER FORM, Stuart Rhodes 19 C/B 1982-Present PARTS ORDER FORM, Stuart Mariner 1982-Present PARTS ORDER FORM, SOLD 1965 Rhodes 19 Keel Sailboat $24,950, SOLD 1974 Rhodes 19 Keel Sailboat $24,950, Available for Restoration Rhodes 19 Keel Sailboat $24,950. This boat was sold as the SMYRNA. Applying the vang. Rhodes 19 booms are not that strong, so in a breeze, watchhow much the boom is bending. Courageous to me is one big family and I think everyone is always there to support you.”. Racing. Sighting up aftface of the mast to check for straightness. Every Monday evening in June, 25 teams from Boston area companies race in the Challenge to raise money for Courageous Youth Programs. Ease cunningham, outhaul and release backstay.

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