Many of the leather coral species, by comparison, produce and release toxic chemicals, called terpenes, into the water to stunt the growth of other species. Compatibility. The Indo Dragon Soul torch is a coral that is found in shallow water, around 18- 30 feet (6-10m) and usually in pretty high water flow. price: $300.00 wysiwyg item. The fact that they are biologically able to consume rather large, meaty meals, suggests to me that feeding should be strongly encouraged. We overnight ship with industry leading insulated packaging. This may be anecdotal, but I have observed these corals to be ‘happier’ when placed in the sand, versus being glued at a mid-level on the live rock aquascape. Torch coral: A large polyp stony (LPS) beginner coral, 23 Quick tips: controlling aquarium algae in a saltwater tank, Frogspawn Coral: How to care for Euphyllia divisa in saltwater aquarium, Mandarin Goby, Synchiropus splendidus, in the Reef Aquarium, 25 Best beginner saltwater fish (including 7 to avoid). Looks purple to me. add to cart.

That is an awesome torch, no matter what it is that is a nice piece. As a general rule, caution should be used when mixing leather LPS species, like torches. Because of this, you should take care to ensure that your torch coral has enough room both now and in the future, once the corals in your tank have begun to fill-in the available space.


One of the biggest problems I have seen beginner hobbyists have is failing to account for the calcium demand for these corals. You must log in or register to reply here.

P.S. You could tear the polyps, and torn polyps are prone to infection followed by necrosis (a complete deterioration of the tissue). It is not necessary to feed a torch coral, although they are capable of eating fairly large (by coral standards) meaty foods. You should also never lift a torch coral out of the water if you can avoid it. The torch coral has potent sweeper tentacles that it will send out to other corals from growing too close and will sting anything within reach with its nematocysts. The Dragon Soul torch coral is probably the most thought after Indo Torch coral variety.

The polyps will remain retracted and under-inflated if the water current is too fast because the large flowing polyps are prone to rip and tear in high or ultra-high current environments. Do you often think about upgrading your saltwater reef aquarium.

Unsure if it's red or brown. The fact that they are biologically able to consume rather large, meaty meals, suggests to me that feeding should be strongly encouraged. In a moderate water flow, these corals look a bit like a torch, which is where they get their common name.

Its shows in our commitment to providing healthy beautiful corals. Just found out the color of my torch is kinda red.

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