The 'Clone Wars' Season 7 Trailer Just Dropped and Ahsoka Tano Looks More Badass Than Ever, Kailyn Lowry Mocks Briana DeJesus’ Revenge Porn Scandal in Twitter Feud, Fans Call for Sebastian Stan's Cancellation Over a Photo of His Girlfriend, Jason Connery Has Grown Up in His Father Sean Connery's Shadow. ""Listen he may be a shit bag but I genuinely think his account is hacked man," wrote one user with another adding, "Even if he's scum he's a celebrity and i don't think he wanted all this out - either it was a mistake but i think he was defo hacked!". Rumor Ray Park cancelled. However, She and her daughter confirmed that it was not a hack, but something much worse. Some say the footage is of Ray himself getting…pleasured, others say the footage is of someone else other than Ray. You can’t even tell who the people in the video even are. All of this should be considered rumor and even potentially a hoax at this time, and taken with a grain of salt. on July 25, 2020. We need more prove before we start pointing figures. "Please report any false allegations to help my family at this time. The third shot at the top has the line “Say goodbye to that Maul series” which, assuming this is no fault of the Parks, is likely the target. I’m a big believer that more information is better. ga('ads.send', { His wife and kids then publicly spoke out against him as an abusive husband/father. I know damage control or mitigation when I see it. His Star Wars character is partially red and evil. Ray Park posted a video of his wife giving him a blowjob on Instagram after she allegedly cheated on him for over a year. , As importantly, I hope everyone else stays safe, too. The actor delivered exceptional performances in the movies. Fans believed the Star Wars actor was hacked after a … Meanwhile, a parody account of Disney took to Twitter to post about Darth Maul. "Ray Park posted an Instagram video of him getting a blowjob from his wife. However, Lisa has denied these allegations, and it seems like the message from his daughter is fake. Anything and everything else is hearsay and can easily be doctored. He should have married up, rather than get a wife who messes around. He participated in several martial arts tournaments before making his way into the silver screen. Fans are confused, wondering if Ray accidentally posted the video, or if his account was hacked. The questionable video was of Park receiving fellatio from his wife Lisa. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. }. After what Zoey Quinn did lied about sexual harassment allegations by airing them on Twitter instead of calling the police and did to Alec Holecwa that forced him commit suicide after losing everything even his job & friends. She is preparing an official statement. eventAction: 'view' Posted by 2 months ago. Why would fans side with Witwer over Park, by the way? The time 7:33 unedited blowjob picture containing the video does not even contain the verified checkmark attached to his name. The video was shortly removed, however, it could not evade the sharp eyes of his fans who expressed shock over the post. Since when did your channel become gossip about people you don’t even know? This comes from a Disney/Lucasfilm shill website:

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