This box dates to 1910 and being one of five would make this rare by itself but it's in nice condition with no repairs. Heddon made millions of wooden and plastic (spook) fishing lures, many are still fished today. Less a dozen examples are known to still exist today. The age and external weight feature make this lure one that likely didn't survive years of fishing. Rare Vintage Mermaid Fishing > Rare Vintage Mermaid Fishing Lure. 20 Vintage Heddon Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune:  Our follow up article to this one. We are barely into this article and you can already see a trend. - Vintage Old Marathon Musky Lure Fishing Spinner Huge Rare. +$4.99 shipping. We have lots of resources for new collectors. Vintage lures for sale are added frequently, so check back often and we hope you find the perfect item to add to your collection! This rare beauty dates from around 1905 and is believed to be the only known example of this bait with a matching wooden box originating from the Mohawk, Florida Heddon location. Lures have changed a lot throughout the decades. See all of our vintage Creek Chub lures for sale here. Shop Pay All images are copyrighted by 2017 Tough Lures and cannot be used without written permission from Brian at Tough Lures. Now we will have two fly-rod entries in a row. This lure sold for just over $25,000 at auction in 2018. Casting Machine - $1650.00. See all of our vintage Heddon lures for sale here. Heddon Night-Radiant Moonlight Bait Box (Box Only): Yes, you read that right. Comes in an aluminum color body with a big front spinner and brass rudder. It is extremely rare and in beautiful Natural Scale finish and probably is the nicest known example of the very few of its known kind. is acquired by somebody who already has a picture, they will end up with more than one image on this page. This would be a centerpiece of any serious Heddon collection. One look at the photo below and you can see why the price was high. The combination of the lure, box and paperwork made this a must have at auction, fetching a price of just over $15,000 in 2018. Well, maybe if you are real lucky you might just have one of these gems below sitting in that dusty old tackle box. A beautiful example of early American fishing history. $26.50 From Cooper Collection, Rare, > From Cooper Collection, Rare, … Marlin Magic lures have won more tournament money than any other lures. 25 Vintage Fishing Lures Worth a Fortune. This lure sold in 2007 for $4,500. Box only. An amazing early Heddon fishing lure and important piece of history. I would like to limit this page to one picture per person, but there is an exception to that: if a lure pictured here changes hands Why? Dating to 1907 this minnow has a high forehead body style, A-notch props, see through gem clip hardware and comes in Excellent condition. Here you can buy and sell old, antique, vintage fishing lures. We have hundreds of vintage lures for sale and we add more frequently! See all of our vintage Heddon lures for sale here. You can see the craftsmanship a century later. Frogs: These are some of the oldest and most commonly Seen vintage lures. A big lure at 5" long especially by early lure standards. If so do you remember where that old tackle box is? At the time of the auction in 2006 it was not attributed to any specific maker. Shop Rare, Vintage, New & Used Big Game Fishing Lures. This lure sold at auction in 2006 for just over $9,000. It may make you want to dig through your tackle box again or head to the cottage to dig through Grandpa's tackle box or attic. The lure and matching box are both in Excellent condition. The largest selection of new and used Marlin Magic lures, included vintage and rare collectable Marlin Magic lures not found anywhere else dating back to the early 80's. Comes with a correct matching maroon picture box. Shop by category . Nice condition on this bait adds to its value. Check out the photo below to see what this rare specimen looks like. Are you noticing a theme here? My Bait Shop Vault:  Our collection of our Rarest and most one of a kind items we come across and offer for sale at My Bait Shop. Sometimes early baits are fun to look at as we can imagine what the creator was thinking when he designed the lure. Only a few complete and original Detroit Minnow Bait Cage packages are known to exist. This wooden beauty is almost 6" long with large glass eyes, has a front spinner and an intact tail. This rare beauty dates from around 1905 and is believed to be the only known example of this bait with a matching wooden box originating from the Mohawk, Florida Heddon location. Remember to check for boxes in Grandpa's old tackle box as well as lures.

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