Sometimes a professor might want to know less – pay attention.

Whether you are a prospective student, a current student, a master’s or doctoral student, we want to make sure you know about the funding available for your graduate education. Rackham Graduate School 915 E. Washington Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA 734.764.4400 Contact Us/Directory, The University of Michigan's commitment to diversity is a central part of our mission to ensure the excellence of graduate education.Copyright © 2020 The Regents of the University of Michigan. I'm currently asking other students the experience of having a person on my committee before I ask them so I know what to expect. How does it extend prior work? Aside from seeking insight – and making your mentor feel valued – professors talk to each other. Rackham offers a variety of resources, programming, and funding to contribute to your professional and academic development. Graduate education at the University of Michigan is a shared enterprise. For example, a committee member with expertise in specific research methods or statistics can serve as a sounding board and offer guidance that is beyond the mentor’s expertise. Go over ethical issues, including human subject and animal care protections. Ask students to do tasks they will need to do after they get into the field.

Definitely ask: What's the best way to get in touch with you (email, text, in-person)? What will your study contribute to the literature? The only question that I know I'd like to ask is how they will be regarding revisions, and I think I can ask something like "What kinds of revisions have you asked for in past dissertations?". Comprehensive exams typically are the culmination of coursework in which you demonstrate that you know your stuff and are ready to begin your dissertation. What are relevant questions that I can ask to get me this information? It was mostly a factor of her being of a specialty that requires a bit more precision than those of the students on whose committees she served: she would always want more datapoints, better controls, and overall grander experimental designs (and I honestly agreed with most of what she said). Most students find the dissertation process to be the most challenging part of graduate school. It's not true everywhere (or in every discipline in a school) that the chair has veto power. Participating on a dissertation committee is a lot of work. I know that I will have some revisions, but I just don't want to get all the way to the end and have a committee member ask for a whole new chapter or something. Today's discussion with Professor Lori Anne Ferrell was fantastic! Asking Faculty to Sit on Your Dissertation Committee. If you learn that one or more members of the committee have not submitted the Oral Defense Evaluation Form by the Rackham deadline, contact the committee member(s) immediately. If you discuss each choice with your mentor beforehand he is she is likely to mention it to the other professor. It’s a delicate balance. While you do, of course, want people on your committee who can challenge you intellectually, you don’t want hand grenade throwers. Other than that, I'm a bit at a loss for what I should be asking them. Press J to jump to the feed. It’s how you show that you are an independent scholar capable of generating new knowledge. Why not Professor X?” Be prepared to justify your choice. This is a tall order and finding a handful of faculty who meet these criteria and also have the time to participate on your dissertation committee is a daunting task. Does your advisor get along with them, and do they know if this group can work together? Encourage students to attend professional meetings, and when the two of you attend the same meeting, actively help them to network. Before the defense begins, the committee must review all the members’ written evaluations and identify the topics they will raise and their sequence. If you haven’t explained the purpose of the meeting by email then when you enter, sit and explain that the reason you’re asked to meet is to ask the professor to serve on your dissertation committee. My advisor and I have a good relationship - she is an advisor that wants to meet weekly so we've been meeting weekly for 5 years, and thus we are pretty much on the same page regarding the scope of my work. After you get responses you should write to set up phone calls with interested potential committee members. This subreddit is for discussing academic life, and for asking questions directed towards people involved in academia, (both science and humanities).

(e.g., personal conflict and intellectual disputes that create a roadblock for the student). Try to take the professor’s perspective. Work with the student to schedule and plan for committee meetings, taking into account the norms of the department or program. Use your mentor’s reaction as an indicator of whether to move forward and approach the potential committee member. The committee serves as an outside consultant, offering a more broad perspective as well as support for the student and mentor. Build backup ideas into any research project. He/She can veto anything that comes from your committee members. Ask the student to revise the plan, if needed. If the student’s dissertation is outstanding, consider nominating it for the. I did not know that! Make sure everyone on the committee is familiar with the roles of Chair or Co-Chair, cognate, and the other members. Work with your mentor to select committee members. It's more important that you have a good relationship with your chair and that each committee member understands their primary role (methodologist, theorist, clinician, etc.).

To the OP- the thing I don't see from your post is, have you talked over asking these specific people with your advisor?

Your mentor is critical to this process, but your dissertation committee also plays a role in your success. Then comes coursework. Know what the professor does and how they fit in with the committee.

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