Cover different parts of the water column throughout the day especially during the calm blue bird ones.

Are the 8 weight rods we use enough? Pyramid Fly Company is Pyramid Lake's superior flyfishing guide service and fly merchant.

Keep an eye out for some proper fish handling clips on our social media outlets and website. Stripping sinking line has been tried and true and is never a bad go-to way of fishing any beach that won’t snag you up. We are still waiting for the lake to obtain that prime 52-55 degree temps. Client Alan Lohr with a fat midge eating cutty PC: PFC Guide Morgan Kane. With these cooler water temperatures indicator fishing is going to keep your flies in the feeding zone much longer thus allowing for more strikes. Here are some fly patterns that are going to be key to have in the box. With a landscape that rivals mars and trout that resemble dinosaurs that answer isn’t left in questions or long. These boys are done seasoned fishermen. The time is now! We always get asked “what depth should we be fishing?” The answer to this all depends on what beach you are fishing. Surrounded by over 125,000 acres of Pyramid Lake and a vast variety of recreational activities, both on and off the lake.

These aren’t too picky as far as fly colors go. In the low light hours we are starting to pick up a few fish retrieving traditional stripping rigs. Stay warm and comfortable and try to put in the time.

Necessary permits for all activities can be purchased at the Pyramid Lake Museum, Crosby Lodge, Sutcliffe Ranger Station, the Nixon Store in Nixon (right across from the museum) as well as online. So staying in the strike zone longer and making an easy meal is another crucial key. Pictures look great right ? As the tui chub begin to spread out the fish begin to start feeding heavily on chironomids like a whale feeds on plankton. So when it’s opportune for the fish to come in close, they will.

Please feel free to give us a call 1-877-PFC-FLYS. Because the bites that do come will really matter, so don’t miss them. Report: Author: 10-26-2020: Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Over the past week, most stripers that have... more » Pyramid Lake Staff: 10-19-2020: Bass Fishing Has Been Great Over The Past Week Bass fishing for Largemouth and Smallmouth have been... more » Pyramid Lake Staff: 10-12-2020: Bass Action Along The Shoreline Has Been Good Two, finding a place that is fishable for longer periods of time. Those fish laid it on thick and slid into that 10-12lb category and not to mention the amount of truly impressive summits we have been seeing. PFC Client Jamie Craigwall showing the boys how it’s done. PC: PFC guide Morgan Kane. Double hookups have been keeping the PFC boys running. Click here to check out our Facebook Page. So if you hook a big fish, there are probably at least a few more around. Years prior we were seeing the predominant amount of large pilots being caught in spring roughly around March, last year a the big push was February and March. Give us a call and let’s help you get into some of the largest trout in the world, PFC Guide Morgan enjoying the sunshine in his Water Master “What a Chromer”. So unless you’re stuck in the snow, the reasons to not fish the lake are dwindling. Balanced leeches in white, olive, and black have been solid. So come on out! Nothing short of monsters, these Lahontan Cutthroat are only getting bigger, stronger, and healthier. Searching out areas with less pressure could be very beneficial and exciting compared to the normal routine. In 2017 and 2019 we have had banner snow years.

Cody Smith from Colorado had a great day, what a way to start the day right ? Fishing is picking up! Late February and going into March the “Summit” or “Pyramid Lake” strain will begin to start showing much more of a presence than previously. As we are pushing closer and closer to March we are seeing a lot more cherry red on those beautiful cutthroat. The fish released itself before a weight was collected. Within a 15 minute span it could be sunny, rainy, and snowy then sunny again. Midges every color of the rainbow is producing fish. More often than not this fish wants your attention for a few days. Stripping is still getting fish but the success for us has switched a bit more to the indicator. They also has a small market with food and fishing items, full bar, entertainment and slots.”, “Pyramid Lake Lodge is an excellent place to stay depending on your expectations. Wayne showing what a great attuitude and having fun will do for you.

Katherine from Reno fished with PFC Guide Chris Nicola and well…….. Yeah, got her a lunker. This weekend Jamie Cragwall of Knoxville, Tennessee caught a monster cutthroat of a life time with Pyramid Fly Co guide Chris Nicola. Balanced leeches and baitfish in white, olive and black are also great color choices. As the water temperatures have dropped the fish have been frequenting the shallows a bit more. The go-to Midges, nymphs and balanced leeches have been all getting eaten. Every color from black, purple, red, wine and even pink will get these fish sucking that indicator down if its in the feeding lane and looks appealing. PYRAMID LAKE LODGE WILL BE OPEN FOR BUSINESS AS FOLLOWS: GAS AND PROPANE – Can be purchased from outside window.

It hasn't been a numbers game the past few weeks but we have been tangling with some seriously impressive trout. PC: Capt Rob. PC: Capt Rob. Great job Susie !!! Pair that with a wooly bugger, streamer or any baitfish patterns. The next few months are going to be game on! As we began to enter more storm phases that the bite has definitely picked up to full swing. It’s time to start planning your next shore fishing trips soon because when the majority of fish Come into shallower water they will be red hot and hungry. “A Great Place to stay close to the lake and have fun away from the big city and stress. Owner Casey Anderson of Pyramid Fly Company had some much needed time off and stuck this gorgeous Pilot Peak. colors match well. Sinking lines are great way to determine depths on a sandy beach or to find an ledge farther out. Don't be on your phone and don't be day dreaming. Don McGovern or “BBD” from Denver Co and PFC guide Jimi “Roper Damone” showing Stoke !!! With the warmer than normal winter weather we have been seeing an abundance of lady bugs and large beetles roaming the bangs and tumbleweeds. If you have confidence then fish it. Add the beginning of the constructing of a proper fish fish ladder through derby dam and we really have exciting future for this fishery. In the early mornings the strip bite and the indicator bite are about even. While we are still catching a few fish retrieving flies the bobber still remains king. We have been dialing in flies and techniques to target these large fish and we would love to share or knowledge with you.

Many of those days including more than one or two fish over ten pounds. We have 2 spots remaining for our Feb 10th Retrieving Clinic with Casey Anderson and Morgan Kane. Client Arthur Lerner starting a new bad habit.

The fish have been very active especially when there are clouds or chop on the surface. Pyramid has been fishing incredibly. It’s so exciting and comforting to know these fish are continuing the thrive and the year classes continue to grow rapidly. The season is just going to get better and better. These fish are fired up right now and willing to give you a real battle. Client Eric Taylor from Alameda Ca with his first Cutty on the Switch Rod. The time spent on the water with interesting, gracious, thankful and fishy clients has been nothing short of a blessing and we thank you for that. We are coming into another turn of the fishing season. The maximum size of male cui-ui is approximately 53 cm (21 in) and 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) while females reach approximately 64 cm (25 in) and 2.7 kg (6 lb). We have made the decision to voluntarily and temporarily close the public areas of our business. Arthur Lerner proved that it’s never too late to try something new.

But are you the one tugging on that monster?

The lake’s namesake, a pyramid-shaped island on the eastern shore, is also visible from here.

Great service and even better people.

Boobies, beetles, buggers, midges and maybe even a fly....wait for it....presented well on the surface may get eaten. … It’s easier said than done when the fishing is slower to pay more attention but it will be a key to success. Now for some tactics. This season we are seeing so many fish in the 10 pound plus class it’s mind boggling.

The scenery is spectacular, and the color of Pyramid Lake changes from shades of blue or gray, depending on the skies above. There’s a wide variety of recreational activities to enjoy on the lake.

As the shallows warm up schools will come in and out of casting distance.

The other standard way of fishing out at the lake is with floating line and indicator.

PFC President Casey Anderson connecting with a Tui Chub filled Pilot. When you twitch it be ready for a take down. Don't be afraid to vary depths or retrieve speed as well. Stripping up through suspended schools made for a pretty effective way to find fish in different water columns. See you there. By the smirk on PFC Guide Jimi Damones face I don’t think he minded at all.

Each Cutt is so unique. We have found that the fish have been keying in on midges and nypmhs a bit more recently than the bait fish we have been previously seeing them focus on the majority of the earlier season.

If you’re still stuck on leeches  give a couple midges a try. What a great group trio with the Wilson Crew, Tyson Vassar, canlt say anymore about this dude. Wtf!? Photo By: Hunter JOe, Happy New Year to all !! There will be others around in the same area at that exact time.

As the winter storms roll the cutthroat follow. The water very soon will be at a prime temperature at the shoreline to keep the schools of fish in close for longer periods. But you sure as hell cant if you never try. Also a good portion of the bio mass in the lake will be in the shallower water that has more sunlight. There is more snow, rain and wind in the near future and we all know those days can bring the fish in. You have good food and entertainment and the piece and serenity of the lake.

This colder water in the shallows have made fish slightly lethargic but they are still very hungry. It’s gamble on when they will come in during this, but when they do it’s time for them to feed. Many large, bright red summits are starting to show face. Some days are wide open while others are still just really good fishing.

Seeing more numbers of fish will allow us to play a little more with technique and fly selection. Larry, Mo and Curly “Trevor, Josh and Jake” doing what they do best, fishin and having a ton of laughs. You don’t want to miss your bites when then come.

From shore the bite has drastically picked up.

The cold water and slightly lower numbers (until the push of staging fish) will test your patience but the wait is most of the time worth it. Keeping flies in the strike zone is crucial. Balanced leeches in olive, black or white have also been sticking a few nice fish. Hanging two midges or midge/balanced leech under a bobber will allow you to frequent the strike zone and crushing lanes longer than stripping. Excellent Place, Excellent Place, Great Place!”, “My wife enjoyed her fried shrimp.

Mission Accomplished !!!! Pyramid Lake’s significant role in the history of the Paiute Indian tribe also adds to its mystique and the many myths and tales surrounding it. Put the time in and the lake will reward you! Early mornings, afternoons and evenings have still been the best time for a good bite. This is a monumental time in the history of these fish. Client Dave from Fishermans Spot in CA brought his group to Pyramid and the fish didn’t disappoint. If you do choose to join the crowded beaches we all ask that you please use proper etiquette when fishing near other people. If you want to dial in this technique and gain confidence, contact us and get your spot.

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