Thor said that he might row as far from the shore as he pleased, for all that, and it was yet to be seen who would be the first to ask to row back to land. Said Utgard-Loke: From this horn it is thought to be well drunk if it is emptied in one draught, some men empty it in two draughts, but there is no drinker so wretched that he cannot exhaust it in three. Frigg is his wife, and she knows the fate of men, although she tells not thereof, as it is related that Odin himself said to Asa-Loke: Odin is called Alfather, for he is the father of all the gods; he is also called Valfather, for all who fall in fight are his chosen sons. Then the woman began to bestir herself, and Thor lost his footing. The bargain was firmly established with witnesses and oaths, for the giant did not deem it safe to be among the asas without truce if Thor should come home, who now was on a journey to the east fighting trolls. Ægir is the god of storms and the sea, like Greek Poseidon. About midnight there was a great earthquake; the ground trembled beneath them, and the house shook. This portion is poetry composed by Sturluson. Said Har: A hag dwells east of Midgard, in the forest called Jarnved (Ironwood), where reside the witches called Jarnvidjes. The goats draw the chariot; wherefore he is called Oku-Thor. He reframes the telling of the Lanfeogatal. She rides upon a horse called Hofvarpner, that runs through the air and over the sea. Alfather once came there and asked for a drink from the well, but he did not get it before he left one of his eyes as a pledge. Thus says the Prophecy of the Vala: Then said Ganglere: Who guards this palace when Surt's fire burns up heaven and earth? Then Skrymer said to Thor that he wanted to lie down to sleep; they might take the provision-sack and make ready their supper. You have already said that all men shall live in some world through all ages. Thor held one end of the net, and all the other asas laid hold on the other, thus jointly drawing it along the stream. Just as Geoffrey of Monmouth asserted, Sturluson's Edda begins with the battle of Troy, arguing that several soldiers from that war traveled north to Iceland and the Nordic states. Then he twists his body so violently that the whole earth shakes, and this you call earthquakes. His third treasure that is of so great value is his iron gloves; these he cannot do without when he lays hold of the hammer's haft. The frost-giants and the mountain-giants would go up to heaven if Bifrost were passable for all who desired to go there. When they had proceeded a short distance, there stood before them a great wood, through which they kept going the whole day until dark. He showed Thor, and his companions to seats, and they spent the night there enjoying the best of hospitality. Finding the door open they entered, and saw there many men, the most of whom were immensly large, sitting on two benches. From there are come new races of frost-giants, as is here said: 8. When he saw that all his efforts were in vein he became wroth, seized his hammer Mjolner with both hands, stepped with one foot forward to where Skrymer was lying and dashed the hammer at his head. Of him it is said that he gave to a wayfaring woman, as a reward for the entertainment she had afforded him by her story-telling, a plow-land in his realm, as large as four oxen could plow it in a day and a night. It seems to me there must be a great throng of people. The hammer sank up to the handle. Not affiliated with Harvard College. The dart pierced him and he fell dead to the ground. There waxed the serpent so that he lies in the midst of the ocean, surrounds all the earth, and bites his own tail. At the northern end of heaven sits a giant, who hight Hrasvelg. Then said Hymer that they had come so far out that it was dangerous to stay there, for the Midgard-serpent. Their son was Aud. I have never heard any one tell further the fate of the world. She wished to live where her father had dwelt, that is, on the mountains in Thrymheim; Njord, on the other hand, preferred to be near the sea. 1. 18. His wife hight Sygin, and their sone, Nare, or Narfe. The Prose Edda study guide contains a biography of Snorri Sturluson, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Utgard-Loke said there would be no objection to this. In the morning, just before daybreak, he arose, dressed himself, took the hammer Mjolner, lifted it and hallowed the goat-skins. And now you must go he added, and ask her hand for me and bring her home to me, whether it be with or without the consent of her father.

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