Die im folgenden Jahr in einer amerikanischen Kunstzeitschrift veröffentlichte Fotoserie wurde legendär und war daran beteiligt, den Mythos Pollock zu begründen. A Blade's existence is tied to its Core Crystal and thus may never be destroyed. However, Rex challenges this belief, asserting that Amalthus is who would never change, and is actively opposed to everyone who tries to, as shown in the assault he unleashed on Torna after the Aegis War. She warns Jin that unless he spares Rex and the others, she will increase the power on the targeting laser, annihilating her with particles at the speed of light. Nevertheless, the Blades, particularly Pandoria, insist on staying with the party. As Malos leaves, the Architect detects the arrival of the other Aegis. The Architect then sent the Titans to save them, and since then the Titans have been the home to all inhabitants of Alrest. Surprised by Pyra and Mythra's return, Poppi runs to embrace the two as the rest of the party look on. Amalthus, realizing their intentions, orders Indol to do everything to prevent them from approaching the vortex. With this knowledge, Rex is able to summon a intense beam, which is revealed to be coming from a giant structure similar to an Aegis Core Crystal, and free his party's Blades from Amalthus's control. Jin questioned if it is wise to cling on the the past, to which Akhos replied that it is better than nothing, as living for Patroka gave him a reason to continue. As she dies, her final gestures remind Jin of Lora's death, and he distances himself to steel himself. ursprünglichen Formen der afrikanischen Skulptur ausgeht, bezog sich Pollock auf indianische und Eskimo-Motive. Diese waren zu dieser Zeit deutlich surrealistisch orientiert und folgten der Écriture automatique, einer ihrer Absicht nach vom Willen abgelösten automatischen Malerei, mit der sich die innere Welt des Künstlers spiegeln sollte. As they return to Uraya, Raqura evaluates the situation of the Aegis's awakening. Addam commends Rex for his selflessness and determination, and deems him worthy of the third Aegis Sword. Fan knows that she existed at that time, but laments that she has lost all memories of the time, to which Rex suggests that she talk to Mythra. Before Mòrag's departure, Niall gifts her with Aegaeon's Core Crystal, as his previous recklessness, he believed, showed how unfit he was to be a Driver. Inside, Rex finds a young girl in stasis, whom Jin and Malos recognize as the Aegis, behind a sword with a glowing emerald crystal. Inside the factory they find artificial Blades being manufactured and Tora's father Tatazo being forced to oversee production. When Malos confronts Rex on how the latter could forgive Jin so easily, Rex replies that though forgiveness is difficult, such was the best way to go on in the world. Zeke sees an opportunity and tells Rex to chase after Jin. After the Aegis War, an internal clash occured in Torna. When Rex refuses, defeating Amalthus's subjects in the process, Amalthus appears before the party and chastises them for their defiance. All that remains is the Land of Morytha. Pyra realizes how much Rex has suffered and, given her tragic identity as the Aegis, wonders if it is best that she not be with Rex. The ship is then attacked by the serpentine Ophion. February 1, 1982, By Lee Siegel / 1956 verursachte Pollock unter Alkoholeinfluss einen schweren Autounfall mit seinem Cabrio, den er nicht überlebte. Rex refuses to leave Vandham, though Akhos and Malos ultimately manage to defeat and kill the latter. Malos, undeterred by Rex's pleads, then activates Aion, while unleashing the station's arsenal of Sirens and other Artifices upon Alrest, and confronts the party one last time. As they enter, Mòrag begins to harbor a suspicion about the scene and asks for Tora's aid. The target wreckage is in uncharted waters, and the group specifically requests that a Leftherian be on the salvage team. In Hardhaigh Palace, Niall receives reports of recent measures to improve the survivability of Mor Ardain. Azurda confirms their suspicions; the air in the cave contains particles that can absorb energy from Blades.

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