For example, in some situations, the officer wouldn’t say, “I’m 10-7”, meaning they are “out of service.” Rather, the officer would simply say, “code seven.” Again, the style of usage may vary by department. In Colorado an acronym police use is ATL for Attempt To Locate. It depends on the context in which it is being used, and on the department that is using it. These individuals use the alphabet to ensure clear communication when they talk with other cops, dispatch or other officials. another common acronym now, is POI…person of interest. Maybe a well being check? The most obvious example is. The Phonetic Alphabet is used by police officers, cops, military officials, and even private investigators and civilians during radio communications. For example, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), fire departments, and other law enforcement units. Codes reduce speech on radio so available services can address the situation in the fastest time possible. I get all of that except the 313. I don’t know where you got that information, but I do believe it is in error. I was a federal officer for Dept. However, I have never heard this code before and cannot find it anywhere. Ten-codes, also known as 10-codes or ten signals, are code words … TRANSLATION: Dispatch is asking an officer if they are available to investigate a possible dead person at the Oakridge Apartments. Now that you have your own police scanner, you find that some conversations make little to no sense, especially when they’re coming from law enforcement agencies. Even if you’re (temporarily) receiving a poor signal, you should be able to make sense of a 10 code through the static. call 63 officer needs help off needs help off needs help off needs help off needs help off needs help 64 soliciting ordnc violatn soliciting refuse to lv panhandling prop found 65 psh or pba hold up alarm disturbance neighbor disp pba or pha soliciting 66 peeping tom n/a peeping tom child abuse What is 10-89 when it definitely is NOT a bomb threat? However, police radio codes differ greatly throughout various jurisdictions and regions. Michael Kissiah is the owner of Brandy Lane Publishing, LLC, which owns and operates a small portfolio of websites, including State of Indiana. Under attack, immediate assistance required! William Johnson is the owner and founder of Navy Signal Flags - Navy Signal Flags with meanings and images of flags. TRANSLATION: The officer affirms receiving the message (10-4) and is now en route (10-51) to the predetermined location. The most common ten code associated with code 46 is 10-46, which means to “provide motorist with assistance.”. Despite their usefulness, the exact meaning of ten-codes often varies between jurisdictions and locations. Address: 3298 Breezewood Court, Moundridge, KS 67107 Phone: +1 (203) 768-1089 Email:, Home About Us Contact Us Affiliate Disclosure Privacy Policy, Read our comparison & reviews of the 5 best police scanners in 2020. How to Use a Police Radio - Instructions how to use a police radio and how to transmit a message. Usage varies between departments, states, and agencies. list. All rights reserved. DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE PDF OF POLICE 10 CODES & SIGNAL CODES >>, OFFICER to DISPATCH: “I have a Signal 4 on 10th Avenue and Burrows Street. I’ve been a ham radio operator for almost 40 years now, callsign is N4LP, and that is the first time I’ve ever heard such a comment. The meaning of a particular code or signal can vary between one police jurisdiction and another. If you experience any

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Police Codes Explained

. It can receive messages one at a time, and send out multiple signals at the same time. For example, in some departments, Code Blue means “emergency situation”, which is how the term is used in hospitals. These may be used to indicate what particular group is responding to a call, or what squad is on the scene of a crime. Phonetic Alphabet - ALPHA through ZULU Phonetic Alphabet. Police 10/11 and Penal Codes The following is a list of police, fire and emergency codes listed in numerical order. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT SIGNAL CODES (JTF APPROVAL) S52 Child Abuse/Molestation S80W Security Check (Drinking Water Wells) S55R Rock Throwing S83 Operation Safe Place Call S55T Telephone Harassment SHELLFISH S57 Impersonating an Officer S64 Shellfish (Specify) S58 Fraud (Specify) S64B Blue Crab S70 Gambling S64C Clams Private citizens also often have their own set of codes. Please contact us. are copyright. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. , which is simply used to signify acknowledgment. In addition, the codes enable a certain amount of privacy to the radio transmissions. In my town, it’s used to ask if the officer is secure while on a call. 313 may refer to dispatch, as in “313, please repeat last message.” Newer codes also placed a priority on becoming brief yet clear because older codes failed to give a short yet holistic indication of what is happening. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links";

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