I was wondering about the differences between the Synchilla and Better Sweater products, in terms of warmth, breathability, comfort, weather resistance and durability. The knitted fabric gives this sweater a cozy wool-like feel. As most of you know, I've been publishing in-depth guides around all kinds of Patagonia and Arc'teryx pieces for the last few years (see full list at the bottom of this post). Sharing in-depth conversations between the world's adventurers, athletes, and outdoorspeople, The GearJunkie Podcast is your inside look into the outdoors industry. In just a matter of 13 years, his self-made company, Chouinard Equipment, became the largest climbing equipment supplier in the U.S. The men’s packs have a spacious 28 L of storage; the women’s Refugio has 26 L while the women’s Borealis has 27 L. These backpacks are strong contenders for work or school. It's thinner than the better sweater and less warmer, but it's lighter, breathes a tiny bit, but dries fairly fast. An additional wind breaker would suffice — or a much warmer coat if you’re somewhere truly cold. There are two things that come to mind that could be improved for the next production of the Better Sweater Jacket. The Better Sweater Jacket has functional pockets, stylish colors options, and a comfort level that will send other fleeces straight Goodwill. The fit in the upper torso is great; the seams around the arms allow a lot of mobility. The North Face began in 1966 from humble beginnings. Better Sweater Jacket Womens Because of the elastic panels, the Performance Better Sweater has a different look, especially in combinations where the panels are of a different color and is slightly less warm and better at higher output activity (none of these are really high-output fleeces though). Home Hey guys looking for any comparison on these two pieces. It looks more tired than regular fleece would, but much less so than a wool sweater. I sweat a good amount on the back when going to and from classes, which takes a long time to dry so i just take it off to air it out. Here's more about me. I quickly found the right train and headed out to meet my friends at Union Square. It built a loyal following over the years based on authentically high-quality products and a passion for good causes. Backpackers.com is a participant in multiple affiliate programs, including Amazon Services LLC. The Better Sweater Jacket is perfect as a middle insulation layer, but I wouldn’t recommend it for your final layer on a truly chilly evening. I can comfortable layer a polo underneath. In 2000, the brand was acquired by VF Corporation — parent to such household names as Smartwool, Vans, and more. The Medium was longer but lacked fit around the stomach area, whereas the smaller didn’t quite fit the length of my torso. GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. When I travel, I try to pack as minimally as possible, selecting outfits that can be reused in multiple ways. Patagonia claims it retains 98% of its warmth even when it gets wet due to its synthetic PrimaLoft insulation. They were really nice. When choosing best Patagonia fleece for you, make sure you keep in mind that only the. You can layer over them in the winter or wear them as your main layer on a cool summer night. They even hit similar price points. I think it’s a bit less warm than the BS but not by much. Their sizing utility on the website is reliable though. Also, you should look into their online sales. I wear a Medium for both, but the Covert is more fitted than the Patagonia. The nylon backpack is made up of 50% recycled material. It arrived and the sizing was way off, I shot their CS team and email and ended up meeting a guy at his apartment to swap it out. I bought a t-shirt from them years ago. Douglas and Susie Tompkins began by exclusively selling climbing and camping equipment in a small retail store. In addition to apparel, The North Face offers a wider range of gear choices including tents, sleeping bags, shoes, and other accessories. The Covert is a fantastic piece. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. And you won’t have to worry about holding a bulky jacket if you get too hot because both jackets can stuff into their own pockets. The Performance Better Sweater is a lot trimmer than both (but same arm and body length). I have multiples of both. It's a good thing Techface jackets are coated in DWR, Which is why you might want to invest in a DWR spray, such as the Grangers recommended by Patagonia themselves, this Arc'teryx fleece is the best fleece out there in the, check out my warmth chart for all Patagonia and Arc'teryx insulated jackets, Temperature Ratings of Best Insulated Jackets.

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