For faster cooling, add frozen garden peas or individually frozen fruits, such as cranberries, which act as mini-ice cubes. Put peeled yams back in pot and mash, adding butter and pumpkin spice. This recipe also comes from the kitchen of Carolyn Swicegood. Hundreds of baked and grilled pork chops recipes. They require it and it actually helps them fend off many diseases (i.e. It makes conversion to new foods (pellets and vegetables) easier. 3-1/2 T split green peas Call it a recipe, if you will: Kale Swiss Chard Dandelion greens Red Lettuce Spinach Broccoli 1 cup fresh sprouts 1/2 red pepper 3 small sweet potatoes, baked 1/2 green pepper 5 orange and yellow mini bell peppers 3 Carrots Half a jalapeño pepper … I have a quaker and a Lovebird and they just love this recipe! Same with figs – they’d be sugary, but fine for a treat once in awhile (dried especially does things to the sugars). I’m sure that many of you have better ideas than I do. If you enjoyed this post, please consider, Dutch Blue & Blue Pied Peachfaced Lovebirds, Australian Cinnamon & Orange-Faced Lovebirds, Fischer’s Mutations: Albino, Lutino, Yellow, White. Mix and allow to cool. Large images may take a few minutes to appear. Tails Up Good! This recipe comes from the kitchen of Sharon Dahlen of Colorado Springs. 2-1/2 T pistachio nuts (unsalted) You simply can’t add that amount of refined carbohydrates to a mixture and believe that it’s going to be a healthy thing to feed your birds. ), Small amounts of cooked onion or garlic (really small!). Birdie Bread from Hideaway Farms in South Carolina Easy Cornbread from the Utleys This recipe comes from the kitchen of Nel Benson. Wait a few days and introduce it again. Investing in a vacuum packer may help. My Umbrella Cockatoo Andy desperately needs a diet change and I couldn’t be more appreciative of your help with this exceedingly informative webpage!!! No sugar or preservatives added. You can do this with any favourite food. Allow to cool before feeding. Seal in plastic bags in daily portions, press flat for faster thawing, and freeze. Fresh vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, lentils, spices, chia seeds, flax seeds, and anything that may be non-toxic to birds. I also see folks getting a little crazy with “additions.” I once watched a speaker at a conference prepare a large beautiful batch of Chop. If you rely on dry carbohydrates to soak up excess moisture, you will have a parrot eating too many carbs in his diet. Quakers-Lories:2 slices of kiwi, 2 cubes of watermelon, 2 grapes, 1 egg and shell. Thus, you can wind up with a very wet mess that your birds won’t eat. 1 large sweet potato, microwaved until soft Serve in glass bowls for maximum visual stimulation ;->. I even give huge pieces to my smallest birds. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. So, the second option to which people resort is the addition of dry ingredients that will soak up the moisture. Second, when creating your base mix that you will freeze: This is the last Chop Mix that I prepared. You will see that the portion of Chop I provide to my greys, Amazon and Moluccan is relatively small. But what needs to be cooked and what not? 1 cup nuts (pine, almond, walnut, pecan) But I do have some tips for dealing with the excess moisture. Use a melon baller or roll in your hands to make balls or "puffs". 3 Tbs oil (your preference) Parrot Chop Step 1: Gather Ingredients. Paint It Orange: Parrotlets are bundles of nature's colors. Chop can be a wonderful supplemental food for parrots…or a nutritional disaster. Chop them into biteable pieces and watch them devour these delights. 1-1/2 quarts. ( Log Out /  Combine all ingredients in a large container or clean sink. It will be different every time you make it, because the recipe will depend on what you have on hand, what is fresh at the grocery store, and what you (and your birds!) 1 tsp dried milk powder 1/4 c Nonfat Yogurt (preferably organic). The heat from the mix will thaw the peas or fruits. The Parrotlet Diet – CHOP. Any other fruits and veggie your bird might eat. You may have to add a little more water if it gets too dry too quickly. If you want to embellish the recipe, you can now add pumpkin puree, apple sauce, or baby food fruits or veggies. It is really expensive. That is a problem. Super fun! Peanut butter, oatmeal, coconut or any fruit or vegetables are some examples. I found chop mix for cockatiels, chop mix for Eclectus, chop mix for African greys…and the list goes on. This was spot on in explaining how introducing new healthy foods could be. Very nice. Soft Food Mix for Eclectus, Cornmeal Fantasy, Popcorn Pizza, Bird Bread for Eclectusfrom Land of Vos in Florida TIP: I mix hemp seed into the chop to get my parrotlet to try it, as it is healthy (in moderation) and he loves it. Approx. 1 package cornbread mix (try to get one low in sugar) Some individuals recommend making large batches in the bathtub, advising that this way all the juice will go down the drain, thereby solving the problem. One final note: What do you think 200 pounds of chop would look like? I would love to hear from readers. Add raw, uncooked oat groats or a small amount of rolled grains. The cloud in question is a Samoyed puppy named Atlas. on Chop Mix: Perfect Nutritional Supplement or Popular Nutritional Disaster? This recipe helped us convert our cockatiels to pellets. Good luck and keep us posted! This can be estimated by simply looking at it, if you have a fundamental knowledge of the different categories of nutrients (protein, fat, etc) and which ingredients contain them. Optional foods to be cooked with the brown rice are raisins, currants, shelled sunflower seeds, shelled pumpkin seeds, wheat berries, barley, whole oats, pasta, nuts, and cinnamon, cloves or ginger for added flavor. dangers of unbalancing your parrot’s diet. I love this article! You need only fine ground corn flour, available in most supermarkets. Chop the eggs. Like Chop, there is no real recipe to follow and over time, you will come up with your own way of making bird bread, but in the meantime, you can use this document as a Guide to Making Bird Bread for Parrots. Allow the liquid to drain from the bag into a large measuring cup. USD4- perhaps I could get 5-6 yellow bell pepper!! Put in a certain amount of everything depending on what kind of bird you have: kiwi, watermelon, grapes, hard-boiled egg (shell included). I strive to help others by sharing my own experiences and posting useful taming and training tips, animal facts, and helpful articles and blogs. I believe that creating visual aid can help people to garner the ideas I am trying to have them apply in their own birds’ life for their health. Day 2: Lemon slices and blackberry. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. Additions to control moisture or create greater interest must be chosen very carefully and used sparingly. 2-3 cups water Stir fine ground corn flour into boiling water until it starts to thicken, and continue stirring for another minute or two. My success in getting them to eat it involved four major factors: Chop is a healthy food for parrots, and should (between pellets and other fresh foods) make up the majority of the diet for most species. There are no set recipes. Cut a tiny corner off of the bottom of the defrosted bag of Chop. Metacafe,  There are a number of sites that provide recipe ideas; check out the links at the bottom of this post to get started. TIP: Fruits and watery vegetables (such as zucchini or cucumber) are not ideal for freezing. Can you see how much pasta is in there?!? Fran Menley of Arkansas. Even the vegetables he prefers are on the sweet side, like yellow peppers. Please ignore the fact that there seems to be a parrot taking a bath in the middle of a bowl of Chop. Our form has not been working for a while now – so if you submitted a healthy recipe and it isn’t here – please submit it again! Cockatoos, companion parrots, featured, food, nutrition, Limbe Wildlife Centre’s African Grey Parrot Poster, For Parrots: Posters for Parrot Advocates. My birds just call it YUM! I judge the success of a meal by two factors: How quiet the birds go, and whether they watch me as I work in their cages or move about the room. Notice that it contains very little baking powder (some baking powders contain aluminum), no added sugar or other sweeteners, and no added salt. Both her African Grey and Senegal love it! As you may guess from this post, I, too, am a chop convert. 2 eggs with shells The grains used should be in their most natural form, as close to their harvested state as possible. Whip up a batch of chop tonight using whatever parrot safe foods are in the house. He loves pasta, all kinds of pasta/ rice/ beans. Let it sit for an hour. Tropical Fruit Dish from Jenny in Florida Tails Up Good from Sharon Dahlen in Colorado Springs Chop is a mixture of finely chopped vegetables with cooked grains, cooked legumes and/or beans, and other ingredients. Any parrot eating that mix will be able to load up on goodies and ignore the grains and vegetables. Add dry, uncooked pasta that is made from. You can add just about anything to this basic mix and birds seem to love them. White rice and other refined grains should not be used. I do the greens first for some reason. Corn could be mixed in on an occasional, individual day, but it’s a starch – so probably best used as something to spice things up, rather than a staple used in the whole batch. This recipe comes from the kitchen of ... Chop the egg shell very finely with a fork. 1 cup quinoa Serve. Lovebirds adore this grain and even the most stubborn eaters will be tempted! Frying the perfect pork chop doesn’t begin in the kitchen, it begins at your local grocery store or butcher. 2 tsp baking power Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Macaws: 6 slices of kiwi, 6 slices of water melon, 7 grapes, 2 1/2 egg and shell. 1/4 tsp allspice. This one is no exception. A few pieces of fruit can be added to a Chop serving right before feeding. I often choose blog topics because of something I’ve recently seen or heard that troubles me. Use popcorn cakes, a corn version of rice cakes, available in all health food stores and most supermarkets. My super picky parrots will gladly tuck into a bowl.

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