Parajet also make some excellent accessories, many of which I already own, such as cage bags for Volutions or paramotor travel cases. I played my part last year, by putting up an honest review of my current paramotor after flying it for 100 hours, and you can read that HERE. It’s priceless in our sport. It’s quite astounding and even more so if you visit the factory and watch it being done. They can, but the design time to redraw the part into a CAD programme, stopping the machines from doing their normal work to run this one-off part, and then resetting it back normal afterwards means that you’d be paying as much for four of these parts as you would for a complete machine. The Maverick is brought to life through its choice of Vittorazi engines.Together they deliver performance, efficiency and a refinement that can only be Parajet. According to Parajet there should be a cooling shroud on the Sport and Pro models but they weren't available when the photos were taken. How to be a Maverick - Paramotor Net Build How To - YouTube

I asked Advance, and they have advised me that it can be used for paramotoring up to 140kg total load. A perfect balance of lateral stiffness and vertical compliance. Although it is strong, when you loose weight you unavoidably loose strength. The 114lbs (52kg) of thrust is more than enough for pilots up to 187lbs (85kg).

All of this does lead to Parajet having a measure of confidence that their components, and therefore machines, are going to be beautifully and perfectly made - you feel this confidence when you talk to anyone who works there. The Maverick will blow your mind as to how capable it is. It’s identical to the original netting. Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus My’20 fitted with carbon cooling shroud for increased power, greater reliability and more fuel economy, 1.25m Carbon E-Prop propeller capable of producing 75kg of thrust, Multifunctional travel case and accessories pack for the Maverick is durable and water resistant, letting you bring your Maverick safely everywhere you go. The Maverick is brought to life through its choice of Vittorazi engines. I have a different machine, which also has a net tensioner and spring. Scout currently offer two versions of this paramotor: the carbon, or the enduro. The considerably larger tank boasts a 17 litre capacity, that’s 4.5 gallons in the US. When you buy an Air Conception paramotor you'll have 2 engine options: The Nitro 200, or the Tornado 280. Parajet took every engine and did their own in-house testing, which is how they came to the conclusion that the Moster had the best power-to-weight ratio of all the available paramotor engines, even outperforming the Thor 250! When you take delivery of your new machine, you are probably more interested in getting it in the air than anything else. We strongly recommend that you consult a qualified paramotor instructor before purchase. Together they deliver performance, efficiency and a refinement that can only be Parajet. Then if tension is lost, it cannot become unclipped and does not loosen enough to cause damage. The same level of quality and safety. There are two internal pockets to take the prop, the legs and the spars fit in nicely, the netting assembly coils up and goes into a large pocket, while the chassis and motor sits in the main compartment. I’ll leave your comment here and hopefully one of my readers might be able to help you a bit more. The Parajet paramotor, also known as a powered paraglider or PPG, is the latest development in ultra-light personal aviation, combining the easy flying characteristics of a paraglider with the autonomy and range of powered flight. They got me back in the air very quickly and were kind and supportive beyond any level of reasonable expectation. The V5 is a fantastic machine.   You cannot paste images directly. That cost £4.96 including a surcharge for small quantity. Thank you guys in advance for any advice. A good addition to the Parajet Range that will help them remain competitive with the likes of Air Conception inc Nitro 200. At first glance, the Maverick looks very good. * Measurements taken without harness fitted. I bought 2m x 3m but because the net on the Mav is kind of cut diagonal I had to join it. Well I’m sure this i has been done to death but for the fed up with expensive failures! Parajet has a good view of what is proving to be a good or bad engine as they have so many options in their range. And do it all while delivering maximum smiles, The most enjoyable paramotor is one that everyone can use. Even such things as sponsoring Parafest (which Parajet did this year) helps keep the paramotoring economy buoyant. Rather than replacing the whole net, single lines can simply be threaded back through the loops. It weighs 15.8 KG, which is incredibly light for a 4-stroke, especially when you compare it to the Moster 185 2-stroke which weighs 14.2 KG. Whether going for a leisurely jaunt, cross-country excursion or for training, you’ll be best equipped for the most varied of flying adventures.Parajet, Custom ColoursObsidian Black / Ruby Red / Samba Green / Atomic Orange / Electric Blue. I am looking to do low and slow paramotoring; speed is not a concern. The enduro model has an aluminium cage hoop and spars, meaning it may be a better choice for pilots who are more likely to fall over. But Parajet’s test pilots have confirmed it is strong - you could do power launches, although they're not encouraged (or necessary with most modern wings). Should you be beady-eyed enough to spot a mistake on any of our website pages please let us know via the email in the footer below.

For pilots, faith in the manufacturer is paramount. Sorry for the long post, my question is I suppose if you we’re in my shoes with my goals, what would you choose? In several instances, customers have been offered a good deal on a new machine and they have ditched their broken paramotor in favour of this. I haven’t fitted the boas or the sewn fabric hem at the ends of the net. The Parajet Maverick Paramotor - and the Company Behind It. All transactions are processed securely via Stripe. Really, go and check it all out. Many manufacturers tackle this problem by using stronger materials like titanium, but then you add to the price tag. It's simple... you don't!

The two things which were most noticeable to me were the colour option on the cage rim and the fact that this is the first time Parajet hasn’t used sexy aerofoils in their frames and cages; for this machine everything is tubular and made from titanium. Paste as plain text instead, × Show your true style with anodized components to compliment a choice of rich, reflective net rings that really achieve a spectacular finish to your Mav. So frustrating. As a complete unit, the Magnesium Delta frame equipped with the nitro 200 pull start engine, weighs in at just 19 KG! There are no buckles involved and when fitted ensures there isn’t anything for lines to get caught on.

Parajet takes on board all feedback and comments which feeds back into the evolution of the machines, leading to constant improvement but always allowing backwards compatibility should anything be required for an older machine.

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