Zodiac Sign: Virgo , @disqus_DhHTtQaAM4:disqus (thughaotrash), Seoho:

There’s a spelling error in Xion’s profile, the word “was” is misspelled. Check out some of these groups below! actually the 5.74… is actually just in feet.

– He thinks his attractive point is the difference in his voice between rapping and singing

Yo at freaking 1:10-1:12 ish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_-WoahNCes also credits to whoever’s video this is , Does anyone know how to pronounce their group name.

Show more Hwanwoong fun facts…, Xion ONEUS(원어스) Members’ Self-Introduction), @kamjakamja:disqus Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated!

– He is the dad of the group But ye, I asked out of curiosity and just for fun and I wasn’t gonna let them go to far.

Kpop Facts im a new stan of oneus. please tell me they are not. Leedo’s duality is pretty amazing. i shall take this comment down, In the teaser trailer for their debut as ONEUS, their phrase displayed for their group was “You make us”! -He hates awkward atmosphere and cucumbers Kpop Boy Group Profiles -Ravn contributed on making 6/7 of the lyrics in LIGHT US album and 5/6 of the lyrics in RAISE US album

– He can laugh like a witch without opening his mouth, – He has prominent collarbones ONEUS Official Accounts: Isn’t Leedo the lead dancer? https://youtu.be/zYiIr6FGleA. Xion: Vocalist, Visual, Maknae, I’d add Lead Vocalist to Leedo. -He is fluent in Japanese I know you asked out of curiosity but I’d still prefer if no one even concentrate on ships. – His specialty / strengths are music, the person that he is, realistic

HwanWoong-Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Sub-rapper

Hwanwoong: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper/Vocalist omg i just saw them on youtube and my wig has left this planet.

Why do they not have have lead positions? , @kamjakamja:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated!

– He thinks his attractive point is the difference between his image on an ordinary day and when he’s on stage Xion, real name Son Donju, is the maknae of the group.
Ravn is not the leader. Disclaimer Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! -Ravn likes cheesecake and Crepe And Xion is a “Charming Maknae” not a visual, all of them are visuals. Thanks a lot! -His motto: “Let’s do our best!” Contact Us.

Kpop – Who wore it better? -He used to be a child actor (extra) and child model still ravn will take care of them as makhyong , the oldest .
LEEDO: Main rapper, Vocalist – He thinks his attractive points are his sweet vocals and eyesmile, – Nickname: Caveman AWESOME. Blood Type: A I didnt know it was them at first, but then I asked my friend about the add, and apparently she stans them, and then she told me all about ONEUS and we fangirled for an hour!, Do you have a bias yet????????? Ravn-Rap, Vocal – His motto: “Let’s do our best!”, – Nickname: Doongdoongie each of them, except Xion, are in “main” position Real Name: Kim Gun Hak (김건학)

-He is from Daejeon, S. Korea. , Really sorry for the very late reply, and thank you a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated!

I’ve three biases at the moment and they’re Leedo, Hwanwoong and Seoho. – His motto: “Let’s make every moment of our lives like a movie.

for ex: 176 cm is 5’9″ – feet and inches (the measurement used for height) Xion obviously fit the most position of visual but as far as i know it was not confirmed to be actual “visual” of the group (RBW groups don’t have official visuals), Ravn is already fine. They never ended up appointing a leader. Blood Type: AB, Xion Facts Facts: -Seoho was a contestant on Produce 101 (Rank 94) -Nickname: Doongdoongie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xt7rZb5zKho, They made their comeback! I don’t know if his weight is 58kg or 121lbs but 58kg is about 127lbs, and 121lbs is about 55kg, – He used to be a child actor (extra) and child model, – He can do high jumps Source- oneus instagram, here their official and actual height and blood type based on their official japan site, Xion’s current height still unknown -He also contributed on making 5/6 of the lyrics in FLY WİTH US album and 3/4 of the lyrics in 808 (Their 2nd Japanese single)

Well Mamamoo is sister group to this group since they debuted in the same group. Leedo collaborated with Mamamoo’s Wheein for the KT 5G ‘초능력 오지지 SONG’ advertisement.


THEY’RE SO GOOD!!!!!!!! – He auditioned for RBW after taking his entrance exams which ONEWE’s Dongmyeong (his twin) recommended it to him, – He started dreaming of becoming a singer after watching Rain since he was young, Got these info from a Twitter thread. -He thinks his attractive point is the difference in his voice between rapping and singing -He is close with MXM‘s Kim Donghyun, soloist Kim Donghan, YDPP Lee Gwanghyun, and former FENT trainee Lee Junwoo. -He has a younger brother

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