They are very wary and when disturbed drop into the water and disappear quickly. These antics have earned the hog-nosed snake such names as puff adder, blow snake, and hissing viper.

They can grow to four feet in length and with black bodies, they share a similar look with Ohio’s two other snakes with black in the name, black rat snakes and black racers. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Melanistic snakes: These are black variants of snake species that normally are not black. To make its act as convincing as possible, it even tries to smell like a corpse. (Photo by Jim McCormac/ Ohio Division of Wildlife). Many are marked with a number of small black dots on the back. You can view more Nestor Photography photos at Nestor Photography.

More Ohio Colubrid Snakes Eastern Wormsnake (Carphophis amoenus) is a very small and thin snake that inhabits forested areas in most parts of the Eastern United States. (From the Division of Wildlife "Reptiles of Ohio Field Guide"), The Eastern smooth earthsnake can be found in southern Ohio. Thanks for pointing out the double-up “group” phrasing. Out west and down south is where they all are right? It releases a foul-smelling musk and may have a bowel movement. For sheer acting ability, it's hard to beat the hog-nosed snake, found in northwest Ohio and the hills of southern Ohio. The photo below shows how to count scales on a snake.

Location in Ohio: most of Ohio except for the far east and far south; most common in Lucas and Hamilton counties.

There's no reason to kill it. Salamanders and newts at their breeding sites,,,,, Ohio Outdoor Activities and Events by Season, Ohio’s 15 species of frogs and toads at a glance, Fairfield County: Overview of Hiking Trails, Hocking Hills: Overview of the Hiking Trails, ODNR: Ohio Department of Natural Resources, OPLIN: Ohio Public Library Information Network (includes a map for each species showing its range within Ohio).

The presence of a rattle is the telltale field identification clue. Or go there directly by typing the county’s name after, for example, Black Racer (Coluber constrictor) is the general name for one of the most widespread of all the snakes native to the United States. When I reply, you will have an email address so you can send in your photo. The noticeably smaller head of the Butler's gartersnake is probably a result of this specialization. (Photo courtesy of Ohio Division of Wildlife). Originally, these rattlers probably inhabited all the scattered prairies of glaciated Ohio, but extensive farming has drastically reduced their numbers. Worms and soft-bodied insects make up the bulk of the wormsnake's diet. The Northern Water Snake can frequently be seen sunning itself on logs and rocks, but will disappear quickly into the water when disturbed. Kingsnakes are immune to normal quantities of venom from all of our native venomous snakes.

At least all the areas I have been. I haven’t gone out hiking with the express purpose of spotting snakes, but there are many people in the group who do just that. When threatened this snake first bluffs being an aggressive species of snake, and if that doesn’t drive away the predator, it tries playing dead. I’m not a fan of snakes AT ALL so this has been quite an experience.

Mary, it sounds like your cat might have attacked an Eastern Hog-nosed Snake (Heterodon platirhinos). Right now they're out and about, too, fattening up on rodents, amphibians and insects -- including cicadas -- after a long winter's dormancy, and getting ready for mating.

Although they become gentle with handling, they seldom eat in captivity. They can be dangerous snakes if not given their space. They squeeze their prey. ", According to Jamey Emmert, Division of Wildlife spokesperson, "Venomous snakes are certainly a threat, but the chances of encountering one, especially in Northeast Ohio, are very slim. They are very wary and, never far from a water source, when disturbed, drop into the water and disappear quickly. The tongue deposits the particles here and the sensory cells of these cavities help the brain interpret them as odors. Because I do a fair amount of hiking, I do see snakes. Click here to view more articles by Eric Nestor. Location in Ohio: far south of state; before 1960 it was also seen on islands in western Lake Erie and on the Catawba and Marblehead Peninsulas. Some of her favorites among the non-venomous snakes in Ohio include the Northern ring-necked snake. Location in Ohio: extreme southern counties, Location in Ohio: northeastern quadrant and southwest corner, Ohio Division of Wildlife Video: A Closer Look: the Smooth Greensnake, Eastern Black Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula nigra). (Photo courtesy of Ohio Division of Wildlife), Eastern massasauga rattlesnake widely scattered, seldom seen. Although some offer little or no resistance when first captured, many will vibrate their tail rapidly and strike repeatedly. The tail of both species tapers to a sharp point.

(From the Division of Wildlife "Reptiles of Ohio Field Guide"), The Eastern black kingsnake is a nocturnal hunter. Racers rely more on vision than other snake species, and will often approach a person or other potential predator.

The first part of the scientific name, Crotalus, is derived from the Greek word krotalon, which means a "rattle."

The copperhead has bands of color, whereas the milksnake has big, irregularly shaped spots. Fear not. However, it does not hesitate to climb small shrubs, where it handles itself remarkably well.

However, their teeth are so small they can barely pierce the skin.

In addition, the upper and lower jaws can be disengaged to further enlarge the mouth opening so prey larger than the snake's head can be swallowed. I killed it because of the children swim in the pond. (Photo courtesy of Ohio Division of Wildlife), Queensnake dwells along shallow waterways.

It’s bands were BLACK (Wide) and TAN (Narrow) but instead of being angled like a water snake they were STRAIGHT around the snake.

(Photo courtesy of Ohio Division of Wildlife), Wormsnakes look like namesake nightcrawlers. Color: background is yellowish to light brown with dark brown to black splotches. This tail spine has deceived some people into believing that snakes have stingers; however, no snake has a stinger.

Their numbers have been drastically reduced by development an direct persecution. It’s a great place to ask questions, too.

For those who encounter a snake this summer, Emmert advises, "Leave it alone, especially if you're fearful of it. Is that uncommon? This post is meant as an aid to snake identification. An individual northern water snake may look different in water than on land. The adult black racer has no dorsal pattern at all. Young birds, shrews, mice, voles, salamanders, and other small species are regular meals for this slithering recluse.

Can I send you a picture? Color: Background color is olive to olive-brown.

Captured and released a snake in NE Stark County. At the photo’s resolution, I couldn’t make out all the details. Color: background is gray or brownish-gray with darker splotches; Black bands running from eye to corner of mouth; another band goes over the head. (Photo courtesy of Ohio Division of Wildlife), Copper-bellied watersnakes active, aggressive. In morning twilight, I couldn’t tell any real color. Without arms or legs, snakes can move swiftly across the ground, through water, and along tree branches.

They host most of the species will well known names such as garter snakes, rat snakes and water snakes. As the snake ages, the color darkens, and the pattern becomes obscure. Color: background may be black, brown, green, or olive. Was lucky to attend a workshop while camping and they showed us a hog-nosed snake.

When they’re done with the sun, water snakes take refuge under flat rocks and logs. Although the venom is highly toxic, a typical bite does not deliver large enough quantities to be lethal. They strike viciously and can inflict a painful bite with their small, but numerous teeth. "If it's in your yard, you can call us," she added. Like other members of the kingsnake group, milksnakes feed primarily upon mice and other small rodents, as well as smaller snakes. However, the teeth can barely puncture the skin. It just can't be convinced that a dead snake shouldn't be on its back! amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Agricultural development of its limited habitat has all but eliminated this snake from the state. Once the young are born, there is no parental care. (From the Division of Wildlife "Reptiles of Ohio Field Guide"), The Northern red-bellied snake can come with a purplish tinge. ), I have provided links to three sources for each species: Color: yellow to brown background with dark brown or black bands across the back. Northern Water Snakes typically eat frogs, small fish, salamanders, small turtles, crustaceans, and small mammals. It is also more terrestrial than its cousin the rough greensnake. Here’s a close up photo of its face taken by Patrick Coin and published at Eastern milk snakes are commonly encountered throughout Ohio in a variety of habitats, including woods, meadows, and river bottoms–even within cities, where they occasionally enter buildings in search of mice. This snake is designated as state endangered. The blue racer – may be a gunmetal gray with a distinct greenish or bluish cast – frequents western Ohio. They are the only representative of the Virginia genera and they inhabit wooded areas in the southern quarter of the state, especially in the forested area of Shawnee and Pike state forests. Unlike the more general diet of the Eastern gartersnake, Butler's gartersnakes feed predominantly on earthworms and leeches. However this stripe is centered on the third scale of the Butler’s Garter snake, with the coloration extending up halfway on the fourth scale and down halfway on the second scale. (From the Division of Wildlife "Reptiles of Ohio Field Guide"), The Eastern foxsnake's coppery head and vibrating tail can lead some to misidentify them as copperhead rattlesnakes. Unlike the brownsnakes above, the Eastern Smooth earthsnake below does not have any distinct markings on its back and it has a stouter body. There ARE venomous snakes in southern Ohio, but they are fairly rare. Your email address will not be published.

In my 43 years of being an Ohio resident, I have yet to come across one from all my years of wilderness trekking.

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