If you can't visit in person, our personalized pub gifts are the next best thing! The progenitor of the family is said to be Niall Noigiallach of the Nine Hostages, which legend claims was the High King of Ireland in the fifth century. Other variant spellings of the Irish surname O'Neill include O'Neil, Neal, Neale, Neales, Neil, Nihill, O'Niel, O'Neal, and Neill, among others. if (value == null || value == undefined || value == "") { } alert("Please enter your family name. Terence O'Neill, Baron O'Neill of the Maine, (1914–1990), the fourth Prime Minister of Northern Ireland. This ring brings together the family history of the coat of arms with the naval service of the wearer and uses an oxidized finish to create a rustic, masculine look. The Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760) has more information on the O'Neill surname. Henrique O'Neill, 1st Viscount of Santa Mónica, Jack O'Neill, a fictional character in the Canadian-American SyFy television series Stargate SG-1, Jamie O'Neal (born Jamie Murphy, 1968), Australian country singer and songwriter, Jermaine O'Neal (born 1978), American NBA basketball player, Jim O'Neal (b. var res = value.replace(/ /g, "-"); window.location.href = "/pages/" + res + "-family-crest"; } var value = $('#srchid').val(); Please visit the Irish Coat of Arms page. //Landing page NO redirect Featuring a traditional crest design cast in 14K gold, this design is mirrored so the ring can be used for its intended purpose: creating wax seals. //Page redirect Using his cunning, O'Neill cuts off his left hand and throws it onto the beach before the other challengers are able to reach shore, thus technically becoming the first of them to touch land and wins all of Ireland as his prize. Arthur O'Neill, (1876-–1914), was an Irish Ulster Unionist Party politician, Austin O'Neill, (born 1982) is an Irish football player, B.F. O'Neal, Jr. (1922–-2004), Louisiana businessman Republican politician, Bill O'Neill, (1880–-1920), a Canadian-born Major League Baseball player, Billy O'Neill, (1878-–1955), a Welsh international rugby union player, Billy O'Neill (footballer), an Irish professional footballer, Brendan O'Neill (businessman), (born 1948), a British business executive, Brendan O'Neill (journalist), an English journalist, Brian O'Neill (ice hockey b. Search Start a free consultation to create your own heirloom piece with our experts' help. //Deletes "'" url: "https://www.gohapp.com/namesearch_new.php?name=" + value + "&callback=loaded", "); } Onora O'Neill, Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve, O'Neal Compton (born 1951), American film and television actor, O'Neill Donaldson, (born November 24, 1969 in Birmingham) is an English former footballer, O'Neill Spencer, (1909-–1944), a jazz drummer and singer, Patrice O'Neal (1969-–2011), American comedian, Pete O'Neal (born 1940), American Black Panther Party member, Ralph Ambrose O'Neill, an American flying ace from World War I, Rebecca O'Neill, (born 1981), a New Zealander football player, Richard O'Neill, (born 1943), an Anglo-Irish author and editor, Richard W. O'Neill, (1898–-1982), an American soldier who received the Medal of Honor during World War I, Riley O'Neill, (born 1985), a Canadian soccer player, Robert J. O'Neill, (born 1936), a Chair of the International Academic Advisory Committee at the United States Studies Centre, Robert Torrens O'Neill, (1845–-1910), an Irish Unionist politician, Rose O'Neill, (1874-–1944), an illustrator, Ryan O'Neill (American soccer player), (born 1978) an American soccer midfielder, Ryan O'Neill (Northern Irish footballer), (born 1990), a Northern Irish footballer, Ralph T. O'Neal, British Virgin Islands politician, Reagan O'Neal, one of several pseudonyms of James Oliver Rigney, Jr (born 1948), American writer, Ron O'Neal (1937–-2004), American actor, director and screenwriter, Rose O'Neal Greenhow (1817–-1864), Confederate spy, Séamus Ó Néill, (1910–-1986), an Irish writer, Shane Ó Neill, (c.1530-–1567), an Irish chief of the O'Neill clan of Ulster in the mid 16th century, Shaquille O'Neal (born 1972), American basketball player, Steve O'Neal (born 1946), American football punter.

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