In a letter in May to NRA members, a group of board members and past presidents said the organization is on budget for 2019. (Obama and Biden) brought back nothing. These help the NRA recruit new members and spread its pro-gun message. In 2017, they had revenue of $378 million and spent $379 million.”, The financial statement reviewed by the Post consolidates the operations of the 501c3 NRA with its PAC, its Political Victory Fund, and four affiliated charitable funds and foundations. In addition, the NRA since 1998 has reported spending a cumulative $45.9 million on federal lobbying, both for its in-house operations and the outside consultants it has retained. Unlike the PAC, it isn’t able to donate directly to candidates. Related Articles From a small-town pharmacist to a commercial pilot, it's not just gunmakers that are funding the National Rifle Association’s political battles. New York Times columnist Bret Stephens pushed back at that notion in his "Repeal the Second Amendment" column, suggesting that gun control advocates were overstating the NRA’s money footprint. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The NRA recorded $170 million in dues last year, up from $128 million the prior year, according to the 2018 annual report, which was prepared by the NRA’s outside auditors. Get Morning Report and other email newsletters. The NRA says that both lobbying and campaign funds represent a relatively small chunk of its overall budget and disputes criticism that it speaks only for the gun industry. The NRA's financials are a matter of public record, and that considering at least 4-5 million members and roughly a $25 / year membership fee, put their annual operating budget … Emails show links between NRA, gun ‘sanctuary’ sheriffs Alan Mossberg, the now-retired CEO of O.F. "Congress isn't necessarily listening to the NRA, they’re listening to our members," said Baker. 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And they're joined by an eclectic group of other top donors. … They’re looking at the personalities.”. Over the past several months, NPQ has been following the growing signs of an organization in trouble. Amid last year’s financial crunch, the organization cut funds for gun training, a key purpose spelled out in the NRA charter. Quite... Stay up to date with the latest news in retail, © 2020 National Retail Association. Since 2005, he has donated $50,050 -- just shy of the $55,000 allowed for the 11-year period (including this year). "The National Rifle Association does not have Republican ‘balls in a money clip,’ as (late-night TV host) Jimmy Kimmel put it the other night," Stephens wrote. The NRA's ability to raise so much money from small donations is … The detailed financial statement combines the yearly expenses and revenue of the NRA, which is set up as a nonprofit social welfare organization; its PAC, the NRA Political Victory Fund; and four affiliated charitable groups: the Special Contribution Fund, the Civil Rights Defense Fund, the NRA Foundation and the NRA Freedom Action Foundation. ", 20036, Florida Taking Your Budget-building & Reporting to the Next Level for Desktop Users. The Washington Post’s Alice Crites contributed to this report. 40% women; 40% minority mostly Asian and Hispanic men and women. The NRA’s spending on legal fees has been questioned by board member Oliver North, who detailed his concerns in a memo this spring in which he said “extraordinary” legal expenses paid to the group’s outside lawyers, the Brewer law firm, were “draining NRA cash at mind-boggling speed.”. … They're not even checking IDs at the polling stations. We found that Stephens’ characterization, while accurate, doesn’t reflect the true scope of the organization’s political heft. NRA Bylaws Article II The purposes and objectives of the National Rifle Association of America are: 1. "I'd like to see my contributions used to help elect solid gun rights supporters where possible, the most electable gun rights supporters where necessary, and the least objectionable candidate if that’s the best we can do," he said. The claim of $3.5 million in donations is based on credible data, but narrow. CLICK HERE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS. The report was prepared by the NRA’s longtime independent auditor, RSM, which submitted a letter to the board describing the financial statement on March 13, according to the document. Jimmy Kimmel, transcript of monologue on guns, Oct. 2, 2017, Bret Stephens, "Repeal the Second Amendment" (New York Times op-ed), Oct. 5, 2017, Washington Post, "Have your representatives in Congress received donations from the NRA?"

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