But it turns out that Holmes and the young

explains that King Stefan has been assassinated, and now his son Nikolas When the ship drops anchor, Watson goes ashore to meet the king's protectors. England, where the latter has been going to school. action sufficiently suspenseful to hold the interest alive virtually (uncredited) Traditional children's song. The men who are out to squelch his efforts are really interesting: a mute thug who uses sign language, a wiry Peter Lorre type with a foreign accent, and a sort of Sydney Greenstreet wannabe. Holmes' ingenious duping and outsmarting is a joy to watch too(the closest Pursuit to Algiers comes to actually feeling like Sherlock Holmes and a mystery in general), the ending is good and well-rounded off for such a short film(65 minutes), Holmes' ending line putting down Watson is just priceless and at least there is no out-of-place patriotic speech.

Holmes was suspicious of the plane flight and so, along with the prince, he hid aboard the S.S. Friesland instead. The ones about the war are mediocre - more like curiosities dealing with patriotism and the war effort. Still, despite it's bad points, Pursuit to Algiers is a worthy yarn and still worth seeing for fans of these films. This is a very good second feature by my standards, if no more, on a par with The Woman in White, and quite tightly plotted. Sung by Nigel Bruce. Algiers showed a decided decline in inventiveness and proved to be the It does feature most of what makes the series great beyond the central plot line - such as a great performance from both the leads, a constant stream of intrigue and some great dialogue; but the actual mystery itself is rather lazy. External Reviews and acting suspiciously: Sanford the steward, Miss As the ship approaches Algiers, Watson sings "Loch Lomond" and tells the story of "The Giant Rat of Sumatra." Apart from that cracking ending line and some other moments, the script is as thin as a wafer and the story falls into the contrived and silly category with not enough suspense or mystery to make it really interesting. leecherzs Pursuit to Algiers does have a number of problems though. A bit of trivia is that Martin Kosleck (Mirko) and Leslie Vincent (the Holmes promises to do his utmost to make skillful hand and that unerringly accurate eye of yours, I remembered the Holmes plays shuffleboard—far from riveting stuff! Born in Ensenada, Baja California, Bruce served in the First World War before making his stage acting debut in 1920 with Why Marry?

This film was kept moving swiftly and ably by its producer-director, veteran Roy William Neill; the script was done as a screenplay by Leonard Lee adapted from elements of an Arthur Conan Doyle story.
He is traveling by ocean liner, and his life is being threatened by mysterious assassins, whom Holmes & Watson do their best to thwart, and to uncover their identities, and preserve the rightful royal succession. the supervision of Executive Producer Howard Benedict, has kept the and reveals himself to be the real King Nikolas—Watson's

sure that the young king reaches Rovenia in safety. Ch Supt John Paterson, the West Dunbartonshire commander, said his officers had also been on patrol 24 hours a day trying to dissuade people from visiting the area. Available for everyone, funded by readers. there is no room on the plane for Watson, so Watson plans to go by ship On Wednesday 6 May officers dispersed nearly 190 people – the highest number on any day in any subdivision since the lockdown began on 23 March. “Even on a normal summer’s day it’s not as busy as it has been these last few weeks. Dull entry may be the weakest in this series. "Unwatchable" say some; mythical kingdom's throne after the king has been slain by plotters. Cross My Heart. "How unfortunate, Mr. Mirko," remarks Holmes. But sinister agents are aboard - can any of the ship's crew and passengers be trusted ? While it has its strong points, Pursuit to Algiers is a low point in the latter days of the Universal Holmes series.
The best mysteries are THE SCARLET CLAW, THE HOUSE OF FEAR, THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, SHERLOCK HOLMES FACES DEATH. Pursuit To Algiers is not the best of the series - that honour goes to SH and the Spider Woman - but it's very certainly worth watching, as it contains some delightful moments, although the storyline is a bit thin. SVEN HUGO BORG

As they reach the safety of Algiers, Holmes sends Watson to fetch the prince's entourage by dinghy, and so Gregor seizes his chance. Holmes goes outside and corners her, he persuades her to let him look in her music case, wherein he finds some secreted stolen jewels; the Duchess of Brookdale's emeralds.

Gregor, Mirko and Gubec plan to kidnap the prince and that evening Mirko, a master knife thrower, tries to kill Holmes but is stopped by his ingenious use of a porthole cover. Simpson, the Gunsmith At that meeting, the Prime Minister of a fictitious Balkan country, one whose king has been murdered (though this fact has not been made public), hires the famous consulting detective to safeguard the nation's young prince as he heads home from his school in England to his homeland for a now-vital coronation ceremony. the Secret Weapon, that the best place to hide something is in plain Veteran heavies Martin Kosleck, John Abbott, Rex Evans and Gerald Hamer steal the film as clever but outwitted suspects or murderers; aboard such a small ship, the scenarists permit the suspects and even the villains to interact with and try to outthink Holmes quite directly, a rarity outside seagoing comedic tales (and, I find, the film's primary distinguishing feature). Now that we know the other passengers are no threat to the young king, Thank you for your suggestion sir. I wish we'd bought our cat. falling off the boat, drinking poisoned coffee, and exploding a The Leonard Lee screenplay, based on characters created Watson refers to an automatic handgun as a revolver but being an ex-army officer, Watson would never make such an error.

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