Bull's Eye 1. Nickelodeon GUTS - Julina/Sarah/Brad Part 2. Mvideo24h. Fastest time in event history: 8.7 by Craig "Little Man" Rankin of David/Rob/Craig, Longest time in event history: 12.6 by Jeremiah "Jez" St. Germain of Jason/Sara/Jeremiah. With the rapids active, players shook the tubes with their bodies in an attempt to knock their opponents into the pool. In the first season, the players were outfitted in catchers' gear and in the second season, they wore batter's helmets, safety goggles and protective chest pads. Objective: One of the most frequently played events, players navigated a six-station obstacle course (seven in the fourth and final season) one at a time. In the first two seasons, if the player exceeded a 60-second time limit, he or she would get an automatic third place. After one player had their turn, he or she then went on defense against the next player. The more common version of this game had all three players run around the track, with the one crossing the finish line first being the winner. The player with the most hoops scored won. Objective: With rapids active, players, who were hooked to a harness, used a rope to pull themselves from one end of the pool to the other and back while kneeling on a kneeboard boogie board, high-fiving a spotter at each end to assure a complete run. Trending. Jennings. Objective: In this event, the track had many different obstacles that the players had to navigate around, including running on top of a "river" (a simulated pond with stepping stones), then over a "rocking earthquake" (pieces of faux pavement that tilted up and down), after that scampering through and then climbing jungle vines (one set in the first three episodes it was featured in, and later two sets) and racing through a "swamp fog" on the final ramp. Alternate playings of this event had the players run through the course one at a time, with the winner being determined by the fastest time. Most rebounds in event history: 6 by Bianca "The Barbarian" Alaimo of Nikki vs. Bianca vs. T.J. Jennings. The player who jumped the highest was the winner. Objective: In this event, modeled after high jump competitions, each player, one at a time, jumped off the Aerial Bridge and tried to jump over a hurdle at a set height. If a player successfully cleared the hurdle, it was raised for the next jump; if not, the player attempted the next jump at the same height. 17:03. Most goals in event history: 4 by Eric "Pro" Ponder of Phil vs. Eric vs. Kate & Bobby "The Extreme" Bullock of Melissa vs. Bobby vs. Tina, Objective: This game was played the same as, Most recoveries in event history: 15 by Lorraine "Sapper" Hurst of Lorraine vs. Chris vs. Gabrielle. Objective: Played like the other two Ski Slope events, this event had the players use a luge sled to make it down the ski slope and to the finish line. Players competed one at a time and if the player went off the track or missed an obstacle during their run, he or she received a two-second penalty. The player with the most fumbles recovered in 45 seconds won. A five-second penalty was imposed on a player if he or she knocked a hurdle down and in the first two seasons, a two-second penalty was imposed if a player needed help from the spotters. 1:11. The player who cleared this event in the fastest time won. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Objective: Modeled after tobogganing, each player (who was hooked to a harness) would navigate on a toboggan down a fabricated ski slope (which used soap bubbles to keep it slick), making some sharp turns, such as the "Nerve Curve" and the "Face Plant Slant" as they went along and passing through some moguls known as "Mogul Mania", until they reached the finish line. Objective: Players were buckled into a special recumbent tricycle, which they then pedaled around the track while going through some obstacles such as cones and ramps and in later playings, the "Car Wash". The distance for each valid jump was the portion of the players mark that was closest to the aerial bridge. Players had to block as many of the soccer balls as they possibly could in the allotted time (30 seconds in the first and third seasons and 45 seconds in the second season and, Most saves in event history: 48 by Adam "Fireball" Shefer of Adam vs. Baruc vs. Yelena. vs. Tiffani vs. Meredith, Fastest time in event history (Slide for Life): 39.5 by Craig "Little Man" Rankin of David vs. As always, fastest time would win. When a player traveled in one direction, he or she pulled another player with them due to the effect of the elastics. Robert Pattinson y Dwayne Johnson dan positivo al C0R0N@V1RU5. 9:50. As such, in this version of the event, not touching both ends of the pool with one's paddle resulted in an automatic third place finish. The player who cleared this event in the fastest time was the winner. Objective: Hanging from a harness, the player's feet were strapped to a special trick water ski. The player with the most goals scored in 60 seconds (45 seconds in the Matt/Scott/Carly episode) was the winner. Players jumped off the bridge, over two high hurdles and onto the bridge on the opposite side, before jumping over the hurdles again and back onto the original bridge. With the help of the elastics, they jumped off the Aerial Bridge and fired the arrows at the targets in front of them. Objective: Competing simultaneously, players jumped off their aerial bridges and tried to kick soccer balls into their own nets. Most goals in event history: 7 by Nicholas "Captain" Morgan of Jennifer vs. Nicholas vs. Alexandre & José Manuel "The Iceman" Rama of Ben vs. José vs. Alejandra. All three players competed at the same time. https://guts.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Nickelodeon_GUTS_events?oldid=2438. Objective: This event made use of Nickelodeon Moon Shoes, which were strapped to the players' feet. 0:49. The players were in three corners as they bounced up and down constantly with the help of the elastics. Players simultaneously swam to the other end of the pool, having to put the inner tubes over themselves as they swam along. Jordan Genesis 45,019 views 4 years ago 1:37 Nickelodeon Guts Intro - … Objective: Based on Wild Wheels with a reclining tricycle (tricked out to resemble a car with head and tail lights, a tail fin and a padded bumper), this event, likely inspired by the movie of the same name, had many obstacles to overcome.

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