The single came out and went through the roof, particularly in Europe.

“I wanted to address it, hence the line in Golden: ‘We’re not young, we’re not old, we’re golden.’”, Nevertheless, she still wanted something for the dancefloor. But I think it’s indicative of various steps I’ve taken throughout my career where I’ve made instinctive moves and hoped for the best.”, Which brings us to Kylie’s most hope-for-the-best move of all, the point at which two entirely unrelated sets of fans said of their favourite artist: “They’re working with who?” Kylie laughs, again, hard. The letter is a work of art, one that Cave performed himself at an event for Letters of Note, years later. “Well, I knew what I was wearing. “Modelling can be very dispiriting when you become a kind of clothes horse for the dreary fantasies of some designer who has no idea what actually looks good on a woman. Cave also spends time on the road with her husband, who has played some of the best-received concerts of his career in recent years and has just released a two-part album, Ghosteen, an achingly beautiful meditation on loss and survival.

It was only when I wrote this song, which is a dialogue between a killer and his victim, that I thought finally I’d written the right song for Kylie to sing.”. But the dresses were evidently special, and requests began pouring in. Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue in "20,000 Days on Earth" Nick Cave's dark, strange and sometimes hilarious odyssey The Aussie post-punk pioneer's life … Kylie Minogue wears The Vampire's Wife, pictured with Nick Cave at the Glastonbury Festival in June.

“It was so different to have somebody like that around for a few months, and we had this hit, we became defined by Kylie and Kylie’s presence – so that little slice of life is Kylie’s, in a way,” he sincerely added. I ended up getting great access and they were incredible with me. We tend to head to LA – a very different kind of place.”. All praise Cave’s understanding of what women really want. Cave, at the time, had his song ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’ primed and ready for Kylie. Even though the collaboration was like nothing that Kylie had done prior to that moment, it was met with adoration by her fanbase who loved seeing this darker side to her. And I just said: ‘Oh, that’s nice,’” she said with a wry smile on her face. The two artists joining forces was one of the greatest weird but wonderful collaborations that have ever occurred.

But the nature of that competition — and artistic competitions generally — irked the man.He wasn’t comfortable with the idea that his albums be ranked or awarded in such a way. “It was the first time I had sung like that,” she says, referring to her breathy, seductive vocal, “because PWL songs all had a particular sound.” (Specifically: bellow-it-out-as-quickly-as-possible.

Dan F. Stapleton writes on style, travel and more. “I think I’ve found my groove.

That seems apposite: three minutes with no messing about has long been the platonic ideal of the pop single and ideal pop singles are what have defined Kylie’s career.
What ensued was Cave sending the tape to Kylie, and the singer becoming more and more interested in Cave’s artistry. Dancing provides that and, in a roundabout way, a summary of her career.

It was really, unbelievably dreadful. The Keira dress from the latest collection, modelled by actress Keira Knightley. Basically, in his naturally verbose style, Cave rallied against not just the MTV awards, but awards generally, and the strange, competitive ways that the industry measures up performers against one another. Little did Kylie know that Cave was secretly a huge fan of her work and, at the time, already had ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’ primed and ready for her contribution. “Everything I did with him was just so tender and epic and close,” Kylie admitted. It was only when I wrote this song, which is a dialogue between a killer and his victim, that I thought finally I’d written the right song for Kylie to sing.

But Cave says that is a misrepresentation. “All I had known for five years was PWL,” she says of Waterman’s company, “so this was certainly different. Kylie and Paul had been rumoured to be 'growing close' in recent months. So, as a consequence, I got this great access to Nick and Kylie, which I wouldn't have normally got.

Lawyers for Clive Palmer have launched a two-pronged attack in the High Court to have WA's border restrictions struck down. “I speed-read a biography to understand him a little bit. Whatever the clothes possess, it’s powerful: in five short years, The Vampire’s Wife has become a cult brand nonpareil, adored by both A-listers (Cate Blanchett, Elisabeth Moss and Maggie Gyllenhaal are all fans) and Vogue editors.

Cave and Kylie have kept this song so close to their hearts, bringing our rare and sometimes secretive performances for lucky fans throughout their careers. Cave was working on his album Murder Ballads and Kylie was asked if she would like to contribute. And there was some interesting stuff in there. I’d wanted to write a song for Kylie for many years,” he is quoted as saying in Molly Meldrum presents 50 Years of Rock in Australia.

“These are probably the most painful songs Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds have ever recorded,” the British music website NME wrote, “but they’re also the most beautiful: it is a work of extraordinary, unsettling scope.”. I've seen it every-effing-where'. Kylie’s latest album, Golden, is a reaffirmation of identity: in her personal life, following her split from her fiance Joshua Sasse in 2017; musically, with her relocation to Nashville to record the album with softer country tinges instead of hard dancefloor trim; and psychologically, with its addressing of age.

Why The Greens Winning In Queensland’s Labor Heartland Is A Big Deal "She’ll always make me feel like a four-year-old girl.

“I had a quiet obsession with her for about six years. On that tour, Tony Mott captured one of the most iconic Australian music images of the decade. “I know Kylie and at least, I hope, she will take it in the spirit it was written. Kylie laughs. I’ve done corporate shows where I’ve not planned an encore, so I’m going: ‘Are there any songs you’d like to hear again?’ And a lot of times Slow is the song that’s called out, which I still find surprising.

“I’m not sure as a body of work it stands up, but Slow stands up and it was a no-brainer for the first single.”, She suspected that something so stripped back might be more selective in its appeal than Spinning Around or Can’t Get You Out of My Head, but “its reach was much further than any of us could have anticipated. “It is so beautiful – all that lovely late-afternoon coral-coloured light and the sparkling sea. I'm very proud of this photograph, but it's sort of an accident.

Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave on stage at the 1996 Big Day Out. It was sort of my fault: I'd left them lying about. The song that has tied them together for decades again wowed thousands of enchanted fans when they teamed up live last year. Recalling a time when he created the song, Cave once said: “‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’ was written very much with Kylie in mind.

Their paths would cross for the first time in the mid-1990s when Kylie’s then-boyfriend, Michael Hutchence, was lured in by Cave who had expressed his desire to sing with Kylie. Back then, she was still making the effort to stay up with club trends (“I feel like I’m the last person to know anything these days”), although the Body Language album ended up a mish-mash of styles.

TV Week, Smash Hits, Drum Media, Rolling Stone, a full page in Q Magazine in London, the cover of German Rolling Stone. The mainstream success that came with the track put the music of Cave into a world that he wasn’t entirely comfortable with, one which eventually led to him successfully receiving a nomination for ‘Best Male Artist’ at the MTV Awards. Just really great photos of Nick and Kylie together. Truly, Cave is one of our most singular artists, whether he’s singing a song about murder, or taking on MTV. Two or three would be just great, but I really need one song!’ Next day I met Steve McEwan, and he said: ‘I don’t want to get you straight in, let’s just have a chat and suss each other out, and he played me just on acoustic guitar the idea of Dancing, and then we fleshed it out through the week.

And there were no photos of the two of them together.

If the roles were reversed and Cave was invited to do a Kylie track, odds are he wouldn’t make the pivot to her genre quite to the same success as the pop sensation did when she was accepted his proposal to appear on ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’. by How An Obscure Six-Hour Ambient Record Is Terrifying A New Generation On TikTok There is a real sensuality to them.”.
And there was some interesting stuff in there,” she also confessed. I’ve only got two rolls of film in my bag.’ But, at the time, I’d be running down the street to get away from them.”, In which the often maximalist Kylie embraced minimal techno, with a ghostly, stripped-down recording that, as well as being a huge hit, became a critical smash and a club success, topping the US Billboard dance chart. “The initial idea for The Vampire’s Wife was not ‘planned’ at all, beyond making some dresses for my friends,” she says. We wanted to do something special for the fans, so while we were filming the scenes with Nick and Kylie in Brighton he asked her if she’d like to come and sing their infamous duet.

All I was told by Nick Cave's management was that it had to be convenient, so it was right outside his dressing room. I have always been of the opinion that my music is unique and individual and exists beyond the realms inhabited by those who would reduce things to mere measuring.

Susie Cave reflects on the runaway success of the brand she founded in 2014 “to make some dresses for my friends”. This was in Sydney on the Friday and we were playing Melbourne on the Sunday. “My husband is very involved,” Cave says. He’s definitely infiltrated my life in beautiful and profound ways.”.

It was very kind of Nick Cave and his management. Those who have seen celebrities including Margot Robbie, Sienna Miller and Kylie Minogue wearing The Vampire’s Wife on red carpets and festival stages would surely agree. It has momentum and flow, and it feels like I am creating a parallel universe that exists beyond the trauma of the loss of my son. Your information is handled in accordance with the ABC Privacy Collection Statement. My dresses feel like ghost-like memories and fever-dreams that re-connect me to the world. In 1996, Australian pop icon Kylie Minogue joined the Big Day Out tour as the special guest of Nick Cave. He gave me everything, and, lo and behold, all the film with all my previous photos was still there. Kate Moss wears the Mini Mayhem dress from the latest collection by The Vampire's Wife, out this week.

“We really liked each other.”. 'I crawled on my knees to Kylie' – the inside story of Stock, Aitken and Waterman, Country girl … Kylie tries Nashville on for size.

He was quite nervous on the phone, and he said, 'Just as long as you don't tell my mum'.

“I was thrown into a panic, going: ‘Have we got it? In fact, she had recorded Spinning Around and no one at Parlophone, her third UK label, thought it sounded like a hit, Kylie included. “It was the first time Pete Waterman had said: ‘All right, kiddo, what are you listening to?

He’s so amazing and loving, and it’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever done.”, You might have thought that the dalliance with Cave would have contributed to Kylie’s decision to “go indie”, recording with the Manic Street Preachers on 1997’s Impossible Princess album, but she says not. I know what is going to look good and what is not in a heartbeat!”. “Our strategy is to remain authentic and real and to work at my own pace,” she says. He is at his happiest flicking through a swatch of fabric.”, NEED TO KNOWThe new collection is available at Brown’s, Net-A-Porter and from, The cover for Nick Cave's new album, available digitally now and out on vinyl and CD on November 8.

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