What impact did the New Deal have on youth and retirees? Harkening back to FDR’s massive government intervention in a depression era economy, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party sees an equally dire situation with climate change and asks what government can do to address it. Prompt: How “revolutionary” was the New Deal? The New Deal was used to refer to U. Roosevelt's program to solve the economic problems created by the Great Depression of the 1930s. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration was effective with relief and recovery, ineffective regarding the power…, and greatest economic disasters in not only American history, but also in the entire world. After the Wall Street Crash of 1929, it became apparent that speculation and overselling stocks and bonds were key causes of the crash. By the time Roosevelt took office in March of 1933 as the 32nd president, there were 13 million unemployed Americans, and hundreds of banks were closed. Roosevelt had no uncertainties or misgivings about the use of Federal money to help Americans. He led the United States through the Great Depression and World War II. Was the New Deal successful? Web. Many say that the New Deal actually prolonged the Depression and made things worse than they would have been had no effort been made (Cole, Ohanian). It ended in 1941. was created in 1935. Firstly, Roosevelt set up the National Recovery Administration, or NRA, to assist labor unions in their struggle against greedy corporations. Herbert Hoover was elected into the presidency in 1929. New Deal - government protection programs to help post Great Depression, FDR was trying to inform the people what was going on with the nation's economy and what plans he was proposing to help bring us out of the Great Depression, The New Deal Programs FDR came up with to end the Great Depression and reshape America's economy. By limiting the number of hours a single worker could work, Roosevelt created new jobs and improved the working conditions for existing workers. The TVA was and is a federally owned corporation that works in this region to this day. . After that, the government set up long-range goals which included permanent recovery, and a reform of current abuses. New Deal DBQ The 1929 stock-market crash and the ensuing Great Depression exposed major weaknesses in the U.S. and world economies. Concurrently, the world economy was at its peak as people were experiencing the highest standard of living in history. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” was the ultimate reform movement, providing bold reform without bloodshed or revolution. Wealthy people saw him as a traitor to his own class b/c he was taking money from the rich to help the lower class, wealthy/conservative people compared the programs to socialism. Nice work! For example, Hoover did not provide direct relief during the Great Depression. It is the largest public provider of electricity in the United States. The New Deal did not in fact end the Great Depression like Roosevelt had hoped it would. The negatives that resulted from the New Deal include giving the Federal US Government too much power, creating the Social Security Act, and failing to complete its central mission, which was to get the United States out of the Depression, American Business man, Lloyd Blankfein, once quoted, “We certainly had an upheaval at the start of the Great Depression, and that resulted in a lot of financial reform, but it wasn’t done in one stroke, and it wasn’t done immediately.” The Great Depression was by far the worst economic downturn during the period of the 20th century.

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