Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nathan was raised in New Port Richey, Florida, the sole child of Oscar, implied to have been in the military, and Rose Explosion. He is a tall, imposing figure with long black hair, black fingernails, pale skin and green eyes. According to an expert procured by the Tribunal, Nathan's psychological profile is similar to that of former Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin, in his ability to "galvanize the proletariat". Due to personal experience and the amount of authority he and Pickles exhibit within Dethklok, the pair has been described by Offdensen as the most responsible. Nathan knew Skwisgaar from the early days of Dethklok and got along with the tall Swede well enough to keep him around as the band's lead guitarist. When Roy Cornickelson's son, Damien Cornickelson, insulted him and his taste in music, Nathan responded with a violent punch to the face. He is a tall, imposing figure with long black hair, black fingernails, pale skin and green eyes. Nathan Explosion is a fictional member of the virtual band Metal band Dethklok who are the lead characters in the animated series Metalocalypse. In the episode Dethfam, Nathan's mother rambles at him incessantly, much to his annoyance, while failing to notice her husband being seduced by Skwisgaar's mother. Nathan continues to fantasize about Abigail although he is unsure if she is still alive. They have a fairly symbiotic relationship and often collaborate on production of their songs; Nathan is responsible for writing the lyrics down, while Skwisgaar takes care of all the guitar and bass arrangements. In Dethgov it is shown that Nathan won the election for class president in the second grade, but said nothing, even as a police chase gone awry kills his teacher and classmates. However, no other instances of reading Norwegian has been shown, so it must be a crude understanding. Nathan appears to be cross-dominant, as an example of being a lefthanded shooter, but a righthanded writer. He is also a very poor public speaker and has a hard time forming even a complete sentence, which often leads to him giving up. Despite his apparent seriousness, Nathan occasionally smiles in some episodes, such as Dethkomedy, especially over something he really likes. He has also been hinted to have a level of multilingual capabilities, speaking fluent French in episodes Mordland (complimenting Dethklok's chef about a drink) and Dethsiduals (to apologize to a winery owner about Toki Wartooth and William Murderface's unruly behavior). Although the singer and frontman of the band, Nathan has displayed little other music talent outside of his vocal contributions. Nathan's father even states in the same episode that he was happy until Nathan was born and resents having had to spend his "beer money" on children's clothing. Nathan Explosion is a fictional member of the virtual band Metal band Dethklok who are the lead characters in the animated series Metalocalypse. In Performanceklok, he was able to draw the conclusion that Dr. Twinkletits was using the banana stickers as a form of psychological validation and the band found a way to stop it. The two share a kiss at the conclusion of Doomstar Requiem, possibly indicating that they have started a relationship. Later, he states that the fact that his parents had sex to create him makes him want to be buried alive. When performing on stage, he sometimes wears black and white corpse paint along with his bandmates. This prompts Offdensen to introduce the band to Ishnifus Meaddle, who explains The Prophecy to them and tells Nathan his premonition to destroy the record was correct. For example, he once purchased several designer watches with the sole intent of smashing them. Nathan did not speak until the age of five and was an unremarkable student in high school, excelling only in frog dissection and football. He is shown to have a dark sense of humor, making many jokes at Murderface's expense. However, she falls down several flights of stairs and into a coma, leading Nathan to declare her the ultimate girlfriend. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Meanwhile, he is stalked by a woman named Lavona Succuboso, leader of an extremist group of female fans hoping to abduct Nathan and bear his children. Nathan and Pickles are the most grounded of the band in terms of personality, and are both described by manager Offdensen as the most "responsible" (though they beg to differ). Nathan has a notable lack of education. He also focuses more of his blame on Murderface whenever he and Toki get themselves in trouble, most likely because he knows that Murderface strung him along in the first place. Nathan is plagued by nightmares of an ocean goddess, a massive whale who warns him that there is something wrong with Dethklok's new record, which is soon to be released. In the same episode, he relentlessly chased down a Dutch bully for tormenting Toki and smashing a snowglobe Nathan gave him before he went to camp. The band finds themselves lost and hungry on the streets, and Pickles finally snaps and tells Nathan he is still angry at him about destroying the record and for the way he's been leading the band lately, a confrontation which is awkward for everyone. Discussions of marriage; discussions of having children; Idk how to tag this its all more just for a heads up jic; Summary. This proves extremely challenging as his bandmates do everything they can to make his dates awkward and unsuccessful. After Nathan hooks up with Abigail by pure luck, Pickles' frustration reaches its peak and he angrily announces he will quit the band when Nathan declares that he and Abigail are a couple. He also has displayed a sense of respect for personal space and privacy of others, including himself. Nathan has an overbearing mother and stern father. During Dethklok's travels, Nathan comes up with violent ideas for song material, which he records on a portable digital recording device. As the physically strongest of the band he has also taken on a more protective role over time, guarding the band in times of danger and leading the charge against The Revegencers in Doomstar. In the same episode, Nathan's father states that he was happy until Nathan was born, and resents having had to spend his "beer money" on children's clothing. Nathan continues to develop his leadership skills as well as his relationships with his bandmates and their manager, and experiences no major personal incidents for some time, with the exception of a scary dental appointment. Nathan beat him up in response and kicked him out of Dethklok permanently. Though Nathan didn't like the idea of having a double pose for him at first, he quickly grew attached to his own double by doing fun activities together in the form of "palling around". List of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! He is a tall, imposing figure (Skwisgaar is the only one who overcomes him in terms of height) with long jet black hair, black fingernails, pale skin and green eyes. Toki and the others literally torture Nathan until he agrees to dump her. However, he is the only band member who actually "knows" what the sound of Dethklok is, whereas the other band members don't mind if a song is on the album which is not the "Dethklok sound". His name is a rather obvious pun on the term "Napalm Explosion". While Nathan pokes fun at him at times, he often goes out of his way to protect Toki. While not particularly close, Nathan considers him an important contributor to Dethklok's image and a full-fledged member of the band. He is also confronted by Lavona, who is knocked unconscious by Toki. Afterward, Nathan assumes they are in a relationship but Abigail denies this and insists their encounter was a one-time thing. Nathan adopts a new catchphrase, "That's doable!" They often casually converse with each other with no problem, and while the reason why is unknown, they presumably have a respect towards each other's talent and brutality. She teaches him a lesson by sending him on a no-frills trip to the Middle East, where Nathan and the band experience life without their various helpers and handlers arranging everything for them. Nathan attempts to get in touch with his roots after reading his grandmother's diary and discovering that he is in fact a quarter Amazonian in heritage. At a large dinner ceremony with Dethklok's record executives and distributors, Nathan publicly declares them a couple, shocking Abigail herself and infuriating Pickles, who calls him a "greedy, fat asshole" and quits the band on the spot. If introduced to any sound other than what fits Dethklok, Nathan will completely object to the idea. When Skwisgaar was going through family issues in Fatherklok, Nathan chose to respect his boundaries and warns Murderface not to play on his depression. Initially he shows no interest in the new music producer Abigail Remeltindrinc, but during the Going Downklok both experience a sexual frustration that leads to them hooking up. This is partly why Murderface has been around for so long. He likes to drink booze, though he doesn't regard it as real "food". That choice skyrocketed the band into untold wealth and fame, and its members became living legends. Four adults and one child were rescued by fire crews when they arrived at 6.38am, while a further 14 adults and two children managed to escape from surrounding properties. The guys in the group are lead singer Nathan Explosion (a \"lyrical visionary\"), lead guitarist Skwisgaar Skwigelf (the \"fastest guitar player alive\"), guitarist Toki Wartooth (the \"second-fastest guitar player alive\"), bassist William Murderface (a hate-filled time bomb), and drummer Pickles (a corn-fed Midwesterner and former front man of his own band). Young Nathan, moments before a truck crashes into his classroom. Nathan initially hated Dr. Rockzo so much that even a letter written for therapy couldn't describe his hatred, and immensely disliked his mere presence. While this is mostly for keeping up appearances, as showing emotions is regarded as not "brutal" or "metal", Nathan has been that way since he was a child for reasons unknown. Pickles once referred to Nathan's caring for the young Norwegian as "overparenting" him, but so far no one has objected to it. Nathan Explosion is the frontman, lead vocalist and "lyrical visionary" of Dethklok, as well as former governor of Florida. Though Toki was also no match for the Swedish guitarist, his potential and talent impressed Skwisgaar so much that he let him in Dethklok. before chasing him into the woods and mutilating his hand with the broken glass. Ironically, Nathan is the only one of the band whose parents aren't abusive or neglective; it may seem that he is simply embarrassed that he is the only death metal musician who is loved by his family, which in his eyes isn't brutal at all. In Renovationklok, Nathan was present at the signing of the contract for Dethklok. When the band is later seen recollecting their trouble paternal pasts in Fatherklok, Nathan corrects Offdensen when the latter claims they're all fatherless, openly declaring he does in fact love his father, whom he considers "awesome.". He and Skwisgaar try to develop a new band concept with the help of Dick Knubbler, but are unable to find a good sound without simply imitating Dethklok. Though Magnus was once a member of Dethklok, it was clear that they didn't like each other very much. In the short interview Family, he expresses an irritation at his resemblance to his mother, and says the mere fact that he has a family makes him "very angry inside." For example, he warned the band against interfering with each other's personal lives when Toki was constantly drunk towards the end of Season 2 and did not like it when his bandmates interfered with his dating attempts in Fertilityklok.

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