2 Chefs de Bataillon: ChdB Leglise, Lafargue . . . ordered to return. . . . The Horse Grenadiers became known for their austerity and haughty demeanor. others who were carrying his victorious eagles over Europe. . . The Regiment of Red Lancers was formed in 1810 from three Dutch troops: Picture of young Dutchman in his red outfit. He, and that Old Guard enfolding him in ), Napoleon enlarged the Young Guard several times. . adjudant-mjr. 2 Senior Officers: Colonel and Major When Napoleon abdicated he was allowed only a small troop on Elba Island. Incorporated into the regiment was a squadron of Lithuanian Tatars as the Escadron de Lithuanian Tartares. 2e Tirallieurs - [24 officers, 750 other ranks] in Vandee Uniforms of 3rd Regiment of Guard Lancers. . 3 Sous-Adjutant-Majors In 1802, after reading general Rapp's report, Bonaparte decided to form a squadron of Mameluks organized like hussars. At Jena, Napoleon had before him a Created in 1806, the 2e Régiment de Grenadiers-à-Pied de la Garde Impériale was disbanded in 1809 and was re-raised several times. . . In 1807 Delaborde was training new conscripts at his camp at Pontivy in France. . I wager that thou hast it refilled. The NCOs were of Middle Guard. . The 3e Grenadiers (Dutch) had only 11 men in the ranks (out of 1.496). He was a stern disciplinarian, but took excellent care of his men. . Cloud, in the middle of the night or at one or two o'clock in the The chef d 'escadron of the 3rd Eclaireurs was Major Jean Kozietulski. ' The Guard, four thousand strong, were then ordered . Height must  be 5'10 (English) for a Grenadier, Height must be 5'8 (English) for a Chasseur, (Note: For those who were holders of the prestigious Legion of Honneur military award, the height requirements were waived). . They formed new regiments . 2 Eagle-Escort (Porte-Drapeau) The train drivers were ranked as Middle Guard (not Old Guard). 8e Voltigeurs - [14 , 171 ] in Amiens. . An immense force was 5e and 6e Tirailleurs . . The Napoleonic Collection's. 1 Major-Commandant: GdB Michel . . . . On April 7th 1814 Napoleon called for volunteers from his Old Guard to serve in his guard on Elba Island. this also was too expensive, and Napoleon therefore formed a new regiment called the After 1811, the Conscrits-Chasseurs formed the 3rd and 4th regiments of the Voltigeurs of the Guard. . . In 1814 the 1st Chasseurs still had many old-timers: for example Sapper Rothier with 21 years of service and two wounds; Private Stoll with 22 years of service and 20 campaigns. The 2e Grenadiers and 2e Chasseurs accepted men with 8 years' service. . . ONLY UNIFORMS INDICATED AS BEING "ON STOCK" CAN BE SENT AT ONCE, all others will be made from your measurements, it can take 6 months for a full embroidered marshall jacket, but some others can be made in 2 weeks, it depends of our level of work. When casualties in the 102-gun battery reached critical point Napoleon called for 20 corporals and privates from each company of the Old Guard infantry regiments to fill up the gun crews. A common criticism of the guard was that it drew off the best men from the line and from the conscripts, thereby robbing them of potential sergeants and corporals. Capitaine adjudant-majors: Scribe, Lepot A scarlet flamme fell over the right side of the fur cap. . - - - - - - 3e Voltigeurs - Cambronne Originally created as the royal guard in Holland when Louis Napoleon, brother to Napoleon, was made King of Holland. Conditions of sale; Legal notices; ANTIKCOSTUME - GUINHUT COSTUMIER 8 rue des Frères Boussac - 35800 Dinard - FRANCE - Tél. . . . [1er, 2e, 3e, 4e Regiment de Garde d'Honneur], In 1813 there were 15.000 volunteers with 20.000 horses, mounted and equipped at their own expense. A detachment of engineers was immediately sent to cut away the rick, while to In 1808 they captured several batteries in a frontal assault, and for this exploit Napoleon admitted them into his Old Guard. The 3e Régiment de Chasseurs-à-Pied de la Garde Impériale briefly existed during the 100 days campaign after Napoleon's escape from Elba. On April 7th the Guard came out of their barracks in Fountainebleau carrying torches and weapons shouting "Vive l'Empereur !" After the battle of La Rothiere several Allies battalions which did not arrive till too late to take part in the battle, covered Sacken's retreat. As he took his leave of the Emperor he uttered these words, which do the greatest credit to his nation: "Sire, if you had mounted the throne of Poland, you would have been killed upon it; but the Poles would have died at your feet to a man." ",