In total, 94 bodies were recovered: 93 within 33 days of the accident, the last victim was found 18 months later. It also influenced the technical investigation: Only the front part of the vessel was filmed, while the back part was not examined. Liskeard: Exposure. The investigation started with a curious lack of interest in exploring other possibilities. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. The Video the Illuminati Don’t Want You to See. During the migration crisis, its critique of the system morphed slowly into aggressive nativism, now openly displaying racist and revisionist positions. [15] Tammes was able to provide some details about their situation but, due to a loss of power, he could not give their position, which delayed rescue operations somewhat. It was accused of having constructed a ferry unsuitable for the harsh weather conditions of the Baltic Sea. The commission declares that these sounds must have come from when the bow visor came off. Evertsson was adamant that his team were not interested in “conspiracy theories” but the hole they discovered meant that a fresh investigation was now a necessity. Join our community of more than 2,500 contributors to publish your perspective, share your narrative and shape the global discourse. It remains Europe’s worst peacetime shipping disaster. The whole thing was a psychological operation, in cooperation with a right wing clique in the Swedish military. It was just impossible but I was determined not to let it get me for the rest of my life. 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In a period of political transition in Sweden, both the outgoing and the incoming prime ministers decided in December 1994 not to recover the MS Estonia or the bodies of the victims. At least twice, the Swedish Navy has discovered diving operations at the wreck. [32], In the aftermath of the disaster, many relatives of the deceased demanded that their loved ones be raised from international waters and given a land burial. She had been expected in Stockholm the next morning at about 09:30. The episode is a case in point of how conspiracy theories increasingly turn into meaning-making narratives in the international system. But by his own admission, the landscape architect, still carries the emotional and psychological consequences of that fateful night. All rights reserved. Important information was lost forever. The sinking of the Estonia happened suddenly and seemingly without warning. An identical bow construction had also been used in Diana II. The reason given was that the salvage operation would be too expensive, several hundred million Swedish kronor. Join our network of more than 2,000 contributors to publish your perspective, share your story and shape the global conversation. The wreck was examined and filmed by a diving team, finding clues that supported this conclusion. People who might have had something to say, died. “We found a huge hole in the hull on the starboard side. [5][6], As the largest Estonian-owned ship of the time, the Estonia symbolized the independence that Estonia regained after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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