If you have issues with oral hygiene, receding gum lines, or other oral issues, then you’ll probably want to stay away from lip piercings in general.

This helps match the aesthetic of the beauty mark of its namesake. Especially in the first few days, you might be tempted to twist or touch your jewelry. All sources indicate that Mircea Monroe has never had plastic surgery, however. Be careful when choosing your jewelry; a red bead or gemstone could be mistaken for a zit or blemish. Another tidbit about Monroe – she might be engaged! Full-frontal: Stripping off for an eerie shower moment, the 35-year-old - who would have been 27 at the time of filming - flashes her bare breasts as she enjoys a soak.

Most people find that their Monroe is fully healed after 6 weeks, but it can take as long as 12 weeks. Therefore, you need to make sure that your mouth stays clean, you keep on top of your oral hygiene practices, and you keep foreign objects away from your piercing as much as possible. In order to complete the Marilyn Monroe look, most opt for a simple labret stud with a small bead, gemstone, or cute charm. If your jewelry presses too hard against the skin, you’ll want to see your piercer to get fitted with a larger stud; jewelry that’s too tight can impede the healing process. This one can be a bummer, but you’re already fighting the bacteria in your own saliva; no need to add the saliva of your partner. In order to complete the Marilyn Monroe look, most opt for a simple. Mircea Monroe Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures. Additionally, you should stay away from any oral activity in the bedroom until you’ve healed. In order to ensure the quickest healing time, make sure you adhere to proper aftercare practices.

Monroe jewelry styles. The world is watching: How newspaper front pages from around the globe are reacting to US election day. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Because the Monroe piercing is meant to emulate a beauty mark, if you already have one in that area, you might want to rethink whether you want to pierce an artificial beauty mark. US Homeland Security chief says there's no evidence foreign interference has compromised election vote count. Others get their Monroe piercings side-by-side.

According to multiple sources, Mircea Monroe and Stephen Martines, her boyfriend, were seen shopping for wedding rings recently. .

Watch your teeth. As with any piercing, healing times vary from person to person.

Hopefully, you’re doing this already, but as with any injury to the mouth, you’ll want to up your oral hygiene game until you’re fully healed. Brush your teeth regularly. After finally getting her first film in 2004, no matter how small it was, she took off, skyrocketing from there. She’s beaten equally beautiful women to the number one spot not once, but twice. Not every piercing is for everyone. Being thirty one year olds harsher critics have claimed that she is getting too old to not be married now, and that she’s getting to the point where children are more important than looks and fame. While we always recommend opting for the more expensive and experienced piercer, with the Monroe piercing, this is especially true; there are so many nerve endings in the lips to be aware of, and a poorly placed Monroe piercing could wreak havoc on your gums. There is much talk as to whether or not Monroe really has had plastic surgery like some of her TV personas may imply. Because of this, it’s a good idea to talk to your piercer before you stop aftercare practices and change your jewelry. It is perhaps these same critics who are putting the heat on Monroe to get married so quickly.

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