_What was the specialty of Zeus in medicinal school? _Do you have any idea regarding what medical insurance covers Tommy Wiseau? I don't know, Brain. – A URLologist.”, “You have made a vas deferens in my life.”, “Why does the urology doctor just dread his job some days?” – “Because all his patients are dicks.”, “When you get bladder infection urine trouble!”, “I tried to look up erectile dysfunction on the web, but nothing came up.”, “Some general surgery interns don’t like urology. I was actually extremely lucky since I was informed by my elder brother regarding it. The guy-neck-ologist! Long time survivor, Lori Hartwell, founder and president of RSN, glowed with happiness watching the teens dance, laugh, and make friends at last year's event. Apr 15, 2019 - Explore Caitlin Maxwell's board "Medical Puns" on Pinterest. Nurse: You can come by at 6 today. "I tried to look up impotence on the Internet, but nothing came up. He was responsible for committing quackery. I suppose he just had to be a little patient. 128. "Conjunctivitis.com — that's a site for sore eyes. Themes Have you got anything to keep it in?' Medical teams can be formed within these healthcare associations to help balance attendance and provide care. – iTunes.”, “Opthalmologists during residency have an eye-opening exprerience.”, “Will I ever be able to see again? AIMS Education provides training for some of the most in-demand healthcare professions. Who never interrupts? Here, we have accumulated several of the most popular medical puns that should definitely make you burst with laughter from time to time. At your Cervix. She asked me if she'd be discharged soon. A: One treats what you have, the other thinks you have what he treats. But whatever it is, it's probably terminal. The crane-ial. "I don't find health-related puns funny anymore since I started suffering from an irony deficiency. Myoclonic Jerks. Doctor: 'Yes, of course...' Cause You are wrapped all around my heart!”, Internal medicine doctors, pulmonologists, respiratory therapists: “We BE-LUNG together!” or “Are you a pulmonary embolism? The Generals. Hearing that really lifted a weight off my chest. la-fil!”. Here are some examples. – That’s fine. I told her it was an allergic reaction and that I'd prescribe her steroid cream. She went to medical school at the ripe old age of 90. Medical Puns; Who specializes in men’s necks? Are your Searching Creative Services for Your Business? _Dr. A: Only if you aim it well enough. _When you will not be able to understand whether it will be possible for you to pay the medical bills. Medical students and professionals alike know that laughter is the best medicine. | Powered by WordPress, Although working in the pharmacy can be busy and stressful at times, one of the up-sides is lots of opportunities for great puns! '", Patient: 'Doctor, my hair keeps falling out. The 90 Best Cartoons of All Time. _Why is Dr. Seuss known as a character with a medicinal degree? My first date with an Emergency department nurse was a casual tea. _After undergoing as many as 7 years of medical training, the close friend of mine was ousted from his job because of one minor indiscretion; sleeping with one of his patients. – That’s fine. To make this the best card we have collected best medical puns that we could find! 133. Who never interrupts? The physician told that he will be beginning with the good news that their infant will be finding a parking area all the time. Having the proper resources to conduct a successful job search can make a big difference. What did the Sucralfate say to all the other drugs on the shelf? 10 Humerus Jokes for Allied Health Students. Oh, wait – It’s not out yet…” “Proctologists always think that problems can be rectified!” “Gastroenterologists have serious mental issues, because they have seen some crazy s*it!” Cardiology Medical Puns “If you wink at me I will Wenkebach!” Since trust is the most important thing in the doctor/patient relationship, it's hard to believe that these doctors didn't have a difficult time overcoming the obstacle of their own name. He’s all right now.”, “If you were a lymphocyte, I would reckon you’d be a natural killer.”, “You must go to the foot doctor to get heeled!”, “Wha do you call two poeple in an ambulance? Oh, wait – It’s not out yet…”, “Proctologists always think that problems can be rectified!”, “Gastroenterologists have serious mental issues, because they have seen some crazy s*it!”, “Optometry jokes just keep getting cornea…”, “What music do eye doctors prefer? What's the name of a nurse who inserts plastic tubes into people? _i am indeed proud of my grandmother. Because she was X-ray-ted.”, “Are you a mutation? He became ok after that. But they’re just kidding themselves.”, “Some residents say they don’t really like anesthesia that much. The nurse said I broke three ribs but I would live. 'Why do you feel that?' Who says that allied healthcare and medicine cannot be fun? Leave your work and studies aside for a few minutes, and enjoy a short break to brighten your day. Doctor: 'Sit down and don't stir.'. If you have found gifts for doctors, nurses, medical students, or other medical professionals – half of the job is done. That’s why they’re not hear today”, “Dogs can’t operate an MRI machine but CAT-scan.”, “Never lie to radiologist or x-ray technician, they can see right through you!”, “Urine my heart, urine my thoughts, urine my soul!”, “Hey girl, my love for you burns hotter than my urinary tract infection.”, “Which kind of doctor fixes websites? Full Court Pressors. – Just in case they need to draw blood.”, “We have lost our patient… He recovered!”, “What is the difference between God and a medical student? Which nerve is responsible for massive erections? Our goal is to see every student enjoy a successful career in the healthcare field. Which nerve is responsible for massive erections? Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc., or its affiliates. – God doesn’t think he’s a doctor.”, “Some residents say they don’t really like peds that much. _An individual had been diagnosed as bipolar and he did not have any kind of examination for that. _While I was trying for my medical degree, a lot of time was spent by me on the Hippocampus. Vital Victors. Now it’s time to write a card, and make the best card ever! Create an account or log into Facebook. ", 8. While he tells the physician that he cannot wait anymore since it was killing him, the doctor told him that it was not the sole thing killing him. We do all that we can to provide users with useful information to better understand products and services. Instead of manually entering the email addresses you want to send to each and every time, you can now create your own personalized contact list that will be available for you to use any time you want to share one of our posts with your friends and family. Who specializes in men’s necks? Just like my list of pharmacy pick-up lines, these 10 pharmacy puns are so bad that they are actually quite awesome: What kind of bike does a dachshund ride? When females began working in Pharmacies and asked the customer if they needed help they were usually met by ” I want to wait for the Doctor, not the Nurse, thank you. _Today I have received a letter along with the medical results of mine. So it's no surprise that this translates into some great humor in the professional field. Just like my list of. A: doxy-cycline Well, aren’t you a sight for psoriasis? "While I was in the doctor's waiting room, there was this tiny man, only about six inches tall. ", 3. Why do travel nurses and boxers get along? Nope, these are doctor names so good that they're probably bad for your health. Although working in the pharmacy can be busy and stressful at times, one of the up-sides is lots of opportunities for great puns! Funny & Creative Medical Team Names Posted By Adam Levine — March 12, 2015 Whether you’re a nurse, doctor, or EMT, we’ve got a list of team names for your special event, club, or just to show your medical group pride. The other day I was lifting weights on the bench press, when I dropped the weight and it fell on my chest. Q: Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? The Comfort Zone. "I once heard a joke about amnesia, but I forgot how it goes. A selection of funny medical team names are compiled below from other existing teams to inspire the creation of your own specialized group. _When I started my University course I had good medical record, and when I left I could boast of having a decent criminal record. I don’t find pharmacy puns funny anymore since I started suffering from an irony deficiency. The latest Tweets from Nurse Humor (@Nurse_Humor). If you put all the painkillers in one big field, they would take up achers of space. Every year there's a wonderful prom for teenagers and young adults with kidney disease. The Knockouts. These puns sometimes include specific medical terminology, sometimes they are specifically designated for doctors specialty. "The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades. "I have some good news and some bad news. There is a wide variety out there, each with something to offer. – A. I wrote SPINE and failed in the exam.

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