Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Important statistics shown in a media kit may include several likes and follows in different social media platforms. Being an online personality is difficult these days. Write a description of your blog and its niche. What is most helpful for the potential client would be the infographic on readers or followers and the data analytics statistics at the bottom. Maybe add a touch of editorial vibes with a modelesque photo. Make it editorial if you are an influencer, make it technical-looking if you are a developer, and maybe make it cute if you are an illustrator. Get quick, easy, and actionable advice for improving your blog, several times a month. Tell them your story and why it matters to them. Download pdf All of these are important for an illustrator. Usually, it could be likened to a company profile. In this section, place your sponsorship policies. It’s a pleasure to share your knowledge and passions with an audience. Enter your email address here to subscribe! This is a very good strategy for the company. It is a package of information about products, events, or business. It is one of the major weapons they have in their arsenal. Make sure you can too, and do not forget to be creative and witty about. Distributing media kits is one of the advertising strategies they use to garner the most attention, thus bringing in as much concert-goers as possible. Here are the steps. If you actively participate in events related to your blog, such as conventions, include material and links here. There are probably less than 300 words in the entire media kit but it tells a lot about the designer, her experiences, her skills, and even information like hobbies. Don’t worry if this seems like a lot of work. Make sure your media kit is also presentable and appealing. Here are the steps. You can edit it here! Use the photos you took on your travels and grab the attention of the media and the people. An influencer media kit is important to grow your business and reach. The media kit is the place where you tell them that. It shows how well she can put together important information without using too many words. Remember, too, that the more sponsors you have, the more you can divide them into tiers. It is an effective way to spread the word out for an announcement or a release fast and wide. Sells what the applicant is showcasing. Everything will be centered around that specific product, with the aim of producing buzz leading up to its release in hopes to generate as much sales as possible on the first day of its release. Kosta’s media kit features a good balance of text, graphics, and high quality photos. You’ll be supplying your audience with convenience and more information about a subject they are already interested in. Here, highlight any regular features of your blog. OK, here’s where the rubber meets the road. Civil Engineer by profession, Writer by passion. Influencers have to strive harder in their industry if they want to climb up through the ranks. How well can you sell yourself as a photographer than taking a really cool photo of yourself? How do you cover those topics? A steel company using media kit to promote themselves. If you write on global hiking adventures, how about an outdoor clothing brand? We’ll talk more about the specific ingredients of a media kit below, but because it contains data about readers and your site, it will become outdated in three to six months. What’s the value to them? That may attract some advertisers. Straightforward and professional. This strategy can go a long way to help you build connections in the industry. The purpose of the data, remember, is to show potential advertisers and sponsors your reach in a way that indicates what they will receive if they work with you. Similar to restaurant media kits, the only difference between this and that is your inventory. There are literally millions of online personalities today, and standing out is close to impossible. This is probably one of the best places to look for samples of media kits rather than templates. Details. After finding and analyzing 20 excellent examples of media kits (full list at the bottom), we identified the following components as integral to your media kit. After all, these brands sell things your readers can genuinely use — and probably do use. The drawings are, for sure, made by her. What are your rates, for example? Why not create a media kit as a web designer by showing how you have your thought process? To sponsor you or place advertisements on your blog, brands and businesses need to know what’s in it for them. How Racism Affects Bloggers and Influencers, 5 Court Cases Where Social Media Played a Part. You lay out the important facts and data they need to know to decide to work with you, like your blog stats and number of followers. Media Kit Templates and Examples 1. Treat that media kit as a portfolio. This is a really creative example of how a graphic designer could create a media kit. Audience demographics — pull from Google Analytics, or go more in-depth with free metrics from Quantcast, A screenshot of a typical post, showing the space available for advertising, If you take photos specifically for the blog, show a representative post, Featured sponsor placement, if you have several different sponsors. But that does not mean it cannot be done. A media kit is usually used to showcase the influencer which includes their passions and their talents. Utilizing the power of media kits and taking advantage of social media attention is one way to get your name heard. If your work has been published in places other than your blog, include that information in the introduction, as well. 1. This is very common for influencers who wish to model for e-magazines. You need to put a media kit together to vault yourself into the professional realm. Of course, the influencer needs to tell the client about themselves and what their passion is about. Anytime you start to seriously consider monetizing your blog is the right time! You should give a date by which your data is current. This media kit might not be as colorful as the others, but its professional look is still quite pleasant to look at. And with the astounding rise of the influencers population out there, it is your job to make sure you have more influence than most of them. It is always better to create your own to show off what skills you could really share. It contains thorough information, and its distribution is a preface for a release or an important announcement. Download. Showcase the highlights of your hotel, make sure it persuades people to come by and stay there, and it is a wise option to just let the media do those things for you. An illustrator showcasing her work through a very cute infographic. All you have to do is PDF it and send. For those wanting to publish something online about the company, they have a web media kit, and for those wanting to publish in print, they offer a separate set of files. Some media kits even show daily stats or analytics like page views, unique visits, total page visits in a day, and more. Generating hype for an event or a concert is the main priority of event organizers. Home » Blog » Media Kit Examples: 7 Things to Include in Your Media Kit. Yes, your description and all the information provided will give potential advertisers and sponsors a window into why they want to work with you. This example shows how a social media influencer could create their media kit. Would kitchen stores be interested in sponsoring you? Even if you’ve just started a blog, you can still develop a media kit. Media Kits or also known as Blog kits, or Press kits can be compared to a portfolio. Gather testimonials from other sponsors or advertisers. OK, here’s where the rubber meets the road. A different, but sort of similar, version of the online media kit. Travel bloggers can utilize media kits to promote themselves and their works too. The second page clearly lays out his offerings, rates, and past brand partnerships with examples of branded photos. A web designer should always have concise thoughts that are easy to explain and share with others. Data should include: You need to draw clients in with your images. Advertising agencies are experts with media kits. There is a multitude of places where freelancers could get templates for media and press kits. You can never have too much exposure. Modern Social Media Kit Vol. If the size of your audience grows, share that information with potential advertisers. Taking inspiration from entries on Pinterest is always helpful in building one’s own media kit. You can edit it here! Remember, though, that it needs to be very easy to skim. Tell them about the blog itself. It may be extra effort up front, but once you’re finished, it will only require an update every few months. They also have a brand usage guide for clarity. For a more straightforward media kit, there is a portion that shows the packages or rates being offered by the influencer or the blogger. The Modern Social Media Kit features a fresh design and several templates for various purposes such as quotes, announcements, blog post promotions, and more. ... AWeber’s electronic press kit page offers different media kits for different purposes. Unitel Voice . Followers per channel — Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Who would have thought? Hotel media kits are almost like brochure templates, but not exactly. Is it going to provide a good space with which to be associated? The size of your media kit is determined by how much you need to include — which, to some degree, will be dictated by the amount of data you have, the length of your vision statement and so on. But testimonials from other sponsors and advertisers about how your blog delivers a demographic, drives their sales and so on is pure gold. It’s usage is vast and wide and is not restricted in one industry. It is important to keep your media kit up to date, no matter when you develop it. Clients get to know all the pertinent details in a single glance. Now that you know what influencer media kits are, let’s take a … Don’t worry if this seems like a lot of work. Adding 500 new views per month? This one just screams magnificence, and it is sure to grab the attention of anyone who looks at it.

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