At 12 years old, Yu joined the Ghost Shadows Gang, which were rivals of the Flying Dragons Gang at that time.” Back then, his nickname was “G-Kay.” According to Yu, getting into the gang was relatively simple: “There wasn’t really an initiation. CHINA MAC SITS DOWN WITH MC JIN AFTER 15 YEARS - Duration: 1:06:16. “[My Father] was actually one of the top guys. So the only way you’re gonna beat this cell search is if he gets up here and raps and I like it.’ So I got up did my rap, and true to his words they left.”. NextShark is a leading source covering Asian American News and Asian News including business, culture, entertainment, politics, tech and lifestyle. He admits that he thinks about how lucky he was that the gun jammed during the incident. MEDIA. Log In Sign Up. According to Yu’s account, Jin had “disrespected” the wife of one of his friends who was in prison at the time. In his teens, he would write songs and and engage in freestyle battles with other inmates at the juvenile detention centers he spent time in. It’s making me the difference. Because I wanted to be accepted, I would always go the extra mile. “I had a fake passport. My mother had to work two jobs to support us.”. [3], At the age of 18, Mac was sentenced to three years in prison for gang related crimes in 2000. All Rights Reserved. Asia Politics Then we drank chicken blood. I had all the subscriptions to the business magazines.”. [16] These events have garnered hundreds to participate. You don’t have to go through the search or anything unless they pull you over. Yu then confronted Jin in the club’s bathroom, after which a Jin associate — Christopher Louie — allegedly rushed in with a knife. China Mac is a Chinese-American, ... MC Jin. Archived. Asian Entertainment News [14] The "They Can't Burn Us All" rallying cry have transformed into a national protest for "unity amongst all people against hate crimes and racism. “I’m a businessman. I did some other things where I hurt people that didn’t deserve it. Yu, now 33, came home from prison with a total of $7,000, which he earned from selling drugs and “hustling” in prison. Gift me by Pre Saving THE ARRIVAL", "Meet an Ex-Member of One of the Most Violent Chinese-American Gangs in the U.S.", "China Mac talks to Plugged Soundz about his Lil Pump Beef, career after prison, and his skincare regimen. While in prison, Yu received his rap moniker “China Mac” from a gang member inmate: “It was given to me by a gang leader. Yu was introduced to hip-hop at 8 years old and quickly fell in love with it. It’s a gift and a curse. China Mac TV 1,327,242 views. Posted by 1 year ago. If it hadn’t, the bullet to Louie’s head most likely would have killed him and Yu would’ve spent life in prison. I’m gonna do whatever I feel is going to bring me the bucks. Asian Entertainment News Asian Food Asia Culture News Asian Food When he wasn’t working on his music while in prison, Yu says he studied business and would regularly make his cellmates watch Shark Tank with him. In 2000 behaalde hij zijn middelbareschooldiploma en een jaar later verhuisde hij met zijn familie naar de Chinese buurt in Flushing in New York. I grew bonds with them, so they used to always call me ‘China Mac.’ I just decided to switch my name to that. Reflecting on the crimes he committed in the past, Yu said: Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, 7 Best False Lashes Brands Specifically for Asian Eyes, Meet EASTERN PEOPLE, a New Clothing Collective for Asian Cultures. Asia Travel The rapper spent 10 years in prison for the shooting incident. Lessons that I learned in prison proved to be invaluable right now. He was released on parole in November 2013 and founded the Red Money Records record label and pet store with the money he saved up while in prison. Now as I’m older, in retrospect, I look back at it with an air of ‘I shouldn’t have did that.’ But you live and you learn. “A lot people when they go to prison, they submerge. Meet an Ex-Member of One of the Most Violent Chinese-American Gangs in the U.S. © NextShark INC. 2018. Less than five months after his release, however, he landed in hot water again for an incident involving then Ruff Ryder artist MC Jin at New York City club Yello. During his tenure in Ghost Shadows, Yu dealt drugs and committed robberies in order to make money — among other things required by the gang. [4], Mac released his album MITM in 2017. I grew up, and I hated him actually. [7] Since then, he has uploaded video content, including the food show Mac Eats, onto his YouTube channel, China Mac TV. Asian Lifestyle They won’t do anything to educate themselves, to bring themselves outside of that prison. For advertising and inquiries:, China Mac Reconciles With MC Jin 19 Years After NY Club Shooting. In addition to his business ventures, Yu released a collaboration song, “The Yard,” with Jadakiss last year, along with “Buck a Cop,” a song on police brutality, which he alleges was responsible for his missing front tooth. [3] In his teenage years, he would partake in freestyle rap battles with other kids at the juvenile detention center. Wiki & Bio: Family. [3][4], Yu was born and raised in Brooklyn to Chinese immigrants, from Hong Kong. [6] Yu joined the Ghost Shadows gang when he was 12. Press J to jump to the feed. So there’s a set in the Bloods called ‘Mac Ballers’. Asia Culture News Long story short, I got caught that day.”, “When you’re hungry and desperate, there’s no telling what I would have done. In a recent Instagram post, China Mac, whose real name is Raymond Yu, posted a picture of himself and fellow rapper MC Jin, also known as Jin Au-Yeung, appearing to shake hands. He says that he used the money to start his record label Red Money Record, a recording studio, and a pet store his mom now runs. Close. After the incident, China Mac went on the run for over a year before he was apprehended in Seattle while trying to flee to Canada. When I was in prison I read every single business magazine. [17][better source needed], His father was a part of the Chinese-American gang, Flying Dragons, that was active in the 1980s. [14][15], China Mac's activism led him to release the single "They Can't Burn Us All" on October 30, 2020. Although the photo of the two rappers shown together side-by-side was posted recently, China Mac said in an interview with Vlad TV after his release from prison in 2014 that the bad blood between them had been put to rest. I didn’t want to come back home as ‘G-Kay’ because I wanted a fresh slate.”. "#TheyCantBurnUsAll Movement Makes Its Way to Los Angeles and San Francisco", "Bad Ass Asians: China Mac releases first single: They Can't Burn Us All",, Articles lacking reliable references from November 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 07:39. From there, Yu went on the run for over a year until he was apprehended in Seattle, Washington, with a fake passport while attempting to flee to Canada. If you’re in a car and your passport registers, then you’re good. [13][14] Mac and actor Will Lex Ham organized a march in that neighborhood on August 1st, 2020 as a response to raise awareness about anti-Asian hate crimes. [4], In July 2020, amidst the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, an 89 year old Chinese grandmother was assaulted and set on fire in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. [12] That same year, Mac released a Chinese/Spanish record with Tali Goya. I’m glad that I got arrested and glad that I got caught so that I can serve my time and get that shit over with so it’s not looming over my head, and fix what I can fix within.”. (Photo: As of now, China is focused on establishing his career as a notorious rapper and not be remembered as a once violent gang member. “I hated every day that I was in prison, but I love every lesson that I learned in prison. He was never around; I really didn’t know him like that. © NextShark INC. 2018. CHINA MAC SITS DOWN WITH MC JIN AFTER 15 YEARS . 7. I was going to get in the car with all of them, but my mother told me that she went to the Buddhist temple, and the Buddhist temple told her that I have to leave on this day. | Plugged Soundz", "China Mac sits down for a talk with MC Jin 15 years after NYC shooting", "Jin & China Mac Reconcile 15 Years After China Mac Shot Jin's Friend", "EXCLUSIVE: China Mac on Chinese Mafia, Shooting Jin's Friend, Prison Time (Full Interview)", "China Mac Puts Lil Pump on Instagram Blast for Mocking Asians in New Video", "EXCLUSIVE: China Mac: I was in a Maximum Security Prison for 10 Years, I Suppressed a Lot", "Exclusive: 89-year-old woman who was attacked, set on fire in Brooklyn speaks out".

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