The .30-30 lever-action rifle is well known, no matter what you call it. Sliding it to the right engaged it, and that blocked the hammer from hitting the firing pin. Unless otherwise noted, these reviews carry the guns’ prices at the time of the original review. I am thinking about just removing the rear sight since I am going to put a scope on the rifle. It is in 30-30. The two Winchesters feature their angle-ejection, flinging cases upward to the right. Quickview. Both Winchester buttplates were relatively comfortable and non-slip. Target acquisition was more than satisfactory. Marlin Model 30 AW Our Pick In A .30-30 Lever-Action Rifle, Colt Government Model MK IV Series 80 380 ACP, Lone Wolf Distributors TWF-F Lower/G34 Upper 9mm Luger, Colt Mfg. I did have one small thing that I need to attend to. Hello all, I have a 30AW, which as I understand, is mechanically identical to the 336 with the exception that it was sold in K-Mart. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. It did have a black buttplate that was very well installed. Commander Legends Draft Booster Box 24 ct. NEW SEALED MTG SHIPS 11/20! Both Winchesters had minor tool marks on the sides of the bolt, but the bolts locked up securely. The Marlin 336 was not far off its cheaper brother for all groups fired, actually just a bit worse than the Winchester 94 Legacy. The Ranger’s lever actually stuck during the initial stages of the return travel when closing the action. SafetiesEach Marlin had a crossbolt safety located at the rear of the receiver that was engaged by pressing it to the right. We test-fired the rifles with Winchester 150-grain PP SP, Remington 160-grain ER SP, and with Federal 170-grain SP RN ammunition. They all featured blued finishes, and that’s about where the similarities ended. Both Winchesters had identical sighting systems. adidas Alphabounce Basketball Slides Men's, Dyson V7 Allergy Cordless HEPA Vacuum | New. However, the Ranger was cheapest at $320 of all guns in the test, and lightest to boot, being a full 3/4-pound lighter than either Marlin and 1/4-pound lighter than the Legacy. It also had a black plastic buttplate very expertly installed. For rear sights, the 30 AW had a bent steel piece with U-notch, step-adjustable for elevation and driftable for windage. ... Up for auction today is a Marlin 30AW 30-30 Rifle, Front and Rear Sights … Neither is the .30-30 an overwhelming powerhouse. The Winchesters kept up the test Marlin’s tradition that the more you pay for the rifle, the heavier was the trigger pull. We like walnut, but not the way this one was gussied up. 226 Williams Ln. I have a Marlin 30aw 30-30 that I am looking to install a ghost ring sight system on. The Marlin 30 AW was a little less muzzle-heavy than the 336 CS, but more so than either Model 94. Add to Cart ** Please Note: ** All marlin parts are specific to Marlin rifles made post 2009. Loading and cycling the actions of these rifles proved instructive. Its higher grade brother, the 336 CS, had a similar brass-colored bead/blade front, dovetailed into a ramp attached to the barrel, and the sight was protected with a hood. Manufacturer: MARLIN. Almost gone . The Ranger gave the most felt recoil of all the guns tested, but it wasn’t what we could call excessive. All Rights Reserved. The Marlins look more massive than the Winchesters because of the lever design. There was 3/16-inch of slack, a crisp release and moderate overtravel. SightsThe Marlin 30 AW had a front blade with brass bead, dovetailed directly into the barrel. With the heaviest tested bullets, the 170-grain Federal load, groups for these two best-shooting of the test rifles were 1.9 inches for the Marlin and 2.0 for the Winchester Legacy. I ordered Marlin Rear Sight Elevator Marlin 882 882L 883 336 444 1895 All Models from Midway USA. The rear sight … For rear sights, the 30 AW had a bent steel piece with U-notch, step-adjustable for elevation and driftable for windage. These rifles will have a "REP" proof mark on the right side of the barrel. The ungrooved blued trigger itself was 1/4-inch wide with slightly uncomfortable squared edges. Kingston, NY 12401, © 2020 Numrich Gun Parts Corporation. Most shooters didn’t especially like the straight grip. Other moving parts had moderate play. Marlin Rear Sight Base w/Low Leaf, Blued Models. According to the serial number, it was made in 1992. $18.69. Never occured to me! Maybe a peep sight? Both Winchesters had only average inletting. Shouldering the Marlin 336 CS was smooth, but not as fast as the Winchester 94. The wide comb of this rifle also gave the most stable and comfortable cheeking of the test. Overall, it is in pretty good shape. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. You can drive it out towards the loading port side, and re-install the altered forward portion in the opposite direction as a slot filler blank. The rear sight is missing the elevation "ramp" for adjustments. TriggersThe pull of the Marlin 30 AW was the lightest of the test, and the bad news is that it released at 6-1/4 pounds. Therefore, some gunsmithing might be a reasonable thing to consider, especially if you want the lightest lever .30-30. Marlin 444 Original Rifle Front Stock Forearm Forend Very Good 444s. The hammer had to be partially retracted to either engage or disengage this safety device. The trigger itself was blued, ungrooved, 1/4-inch wide, and had smooth edges. That is a good idea! If you want the walnut stock, cut checkering, white-line spacers and hooded front sight of the Marlin 336 CS, you’d have to shell out $459. Both had white bolts, lightly polished. The Legacy had a pistol grip, while the Ranger had the 94’s traditional straight grip. I did have one small thing that I need to attend to. Just something a little different than what is on it now. This gave them a somewhat more sluggish feel than either of the Winchester 94s, which weighed 6-1/4 pounds for the Ranger and 6-1/2 for the Legacy. Quite naturally, the 30 AW gave less felt recoil than the Winchesters, but more than the slightly heavier 336 CS. Buy Marlin Model 336 Rear Sight Assembly Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin… The more costly Legacy had these rear-tang gaps also, plus a bit of gap between the rear of the forend and the front of the receiver. Where does it shine? Something went wrong. Our two Winchesters, like the Marlins, were of all-steel construction. The rear sight is missing the elevation "ramp" for adjustments. Handling & ShootingThe Marlins each weighed 7 pounds. We also thought the pistol grip was too bulky, but it did give a good grasp on the rifle. They’re slimmer by far than a bolt-action rifle, and thus fit onto a horse better. The buttplate was uncomfortable because of the shape of the toe, and it slipped all over our shoulders. Yesterday I got a Marlin 30AW out of layaway at my local pawnshop. 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