• Art and Architecture Students can, Start your section on the Byzantine Empire right! This d, This assignment requires students to label continents, cities, and geographical features that were part of the Roman Empire. Use the term in 2 sentences5. The download includes a "flipped classroom" video, PowerPoint, Google Slides version, guided notes pages, and an interactive notebook option! Students use the map resource provided to create a yarn map showing the Roman Empire and the split of the east and west. Illustrate the term6. They are designed for English Language Learners and low readers. State Tha Rules Of Debit And Credit For Tha Following, Comparing Unknowns Using Variables In A Word Problem, Chapter 6 Lesson 4 Skills Practice Dilations. The first page includes an excellent map of Constantinople during the reign of Emperor Justinian I followed by 4 analysis. This map will show the split of the eastern and western Roman Empire, where the Byzantine Empire was located and the major waterways, cities & trade routes important to it. Topics covered in this lesson include:•, Introduce and review important concepts, places and people of the Byzantine empire with this loads of fun word search worksheet. This digital map analysis activity in Google Form format is great for distance or hybrid learning. Mapping The Byzantine Empire - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept. To download/print, click on pop-out icon or print icon to worksheet to print or download. Students can compare and contrast the differences between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches after the split in the Christian Church in 1054 AD. If you like this product, visit my store to see more like it. Goes along with the VA SOL standards for the Byzantine Empire. Bring Rome to life with this bundle of map activities, simulations and hero or villain activities! Studemts complete a chain of events diagram on the topic, Cross Curriculum Assignment. These are ready-to-use Byzantine Empire worksheets that are perfect for teaching students about the Byzantine Empire which was founded by Constantinople in 330 AD and dissolved in 1453. History 101, Byzantine Empire Historical Snapshot Close Reading Investigation & Quiz, Rise of Byzantine Empire & the Fall of Rome Engaging Resource Activity Bundle, Byzantine Empire PowerPoint Notes Graphic Organizer, Byzantine Empire - Constantinople Mini DBQ, Byzantine Empire and Constantinople PowerPoint, Byzantine Empire Tour Station Activity with Graphic Organizer & Foldable Option, Impact of Fall of Rome and Beginning of Dark Ages Worksheet, Constantinople and the Hagia Sophia Visual Analysis Worksheet, East-West Schism Chart (Great Schism - Byzantine Empire), Classical Greece, Rome, and Byzantine Empire Unit Bundle. Mapping the Lands of the Byzantine Empire Activity (Part of my Geography IN History Series)This mapping activity guides students through mapping the physical features of the Byzantine Empire (Early Christian Civilization) by researching 15 different questions and topics on the region. This Tour of The Byzantine Empire reading stations activity set has 10 stations with an introduction class reading, 10 close readings, stations signs, graphic organizers, answer keys and primary sources. This is a bargain at a THIRD the price of buying each product separat, The Byzantine Empire worksheet - Global/World History Common Core, 9th Grade Global/World History MEGA Bundle, Engineering an Empire: The Byzantines Video Worksheet, Byzantine Empire worksheet, slides, video mini lesson, Russia influences sheet, Byzantine Empire: Hagia Sophia in Five Minutes Video Worksheet, Byzantine Empire EXPANDED Combo - worksheet/PP Global/World History Common Core, No Prep Byzantine Empire Word Search Puzzle Worksheet Activity, Byzantine Empire Timeline Matching Worksheet, Byzantine Empire - Lesson Plan -guided reading questions, videos, worksheet, Byzantine Empire in Five Minutes Video Worksheet, Byzantine Empire Worksheet "Chain of Events" Webquest/Google Classroom, BYZANTINE EMPIRE Acrostic Poem Worksheet and Word Search (MIDDLE AGES), MIDDLE AGES VOCABULARY ACROSTIC POEM BUNDLE (16 Total), BYZANTINE EMPIRE Vocabulary Worksheet (MIDDLE AGES), MIDDLE AGES Vocabulary Worksheet Bundle (30 Terms), Byzantine Empire K-W-L-S Worksheet and Summary Writing Assignment, Justinian's Code Worksheet, Handout. Students write the word/term FOUR times3. Byzantine Empire - Lesson Plan -guided reading questions, videos, worksheetThis goes through the rise and fall of the empire with text and video links as well as guided questions Topics include:The Rise of JustinianTheodora and JustinianReforms of Justinian and various ActsNika RevoltMilitary Victor, This video worksheet allows students learn about the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire. Easy Ancient Americas Summaries Students are given a kid safe website to read about the topic2, Students complete the Webquest3. • Justinian • EDITABLE PowerPoint p, Use this Africa map to have students label the ecological zones of Africa and analyze the impact they may have had on trade across the continent. Also includes a HOT Higher Order Thinking question to challenge your learners! Easy Ancient Americas, Mapping the Lands of the Ancient & World Activity Bundle (Part of my Geography IN History Series)This mapping activity bundle guides students through mapping the physical features of the different empires by researching 15 different questions and topics on each region.

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