Her brother and mother are quite public persons, the brother even published his book called ‘Pablo Escobar: My Father’ (2014), but Manuela stays away from any public activity. Pablo was shot dead by Colombian police on 2nd December 1993 in Madelin, Colombia after he tried to run away. In 1999, Maria, living as Victoria Eugenia Henao Vallejo, and Juan Pablo, now Sebastian Marroquin, were arrested and accused of falsifying a public document, money laundering, and illicit association. The death of Pablo wasn’t the first time when Manuela, her brother Juan, and mother Maria had to escape authorities or Escobar’s enemies. However, it wasn’t the weirdest act Pablo did so far to keep Manuela happy. Who is Atz Lee Kilcher’s first wife Nantia Krisintu? Manuela Escobar was born on 25 May 1984 in Colombia. Manuela went through deep depression and had to seek psychological treatment. Most shut the door on them, but in December 1994, the family was able to stay in Argentina using tourist visas. She has a big brother named Juan Pablo Escobar. Losing a father at such young age made her vulnerable, and she suffered depression. However, they had no one to protect them this time. Required fields are marked *. Manuela Escobar: The Daughter of Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar. What do you think about this Article? Being the only daughter of Pablo Escobar, Manuela lived a world of fantasy in her native land Colombia. After many years, finally, the gloomy days went off her life and she was able to live a normal life. Hardships After Pablo Escobar’s Death. The animal suffered infection and died days later. Nevertheless, the situation hard-hit Manuela’s psychology. When she fell ill and suffered from hypothermia in the Medellin mountainous region, Pablo set fire to $2 million to keep her warm. The two previously had a son, Juan Pablo Escobar. She even voted as a citizen of Argentina. A Perfect Guide to Make a Leo Man Miss You (With Infographic), Merri Kelly Hannity: Everything to Know About Sean Hannity’s Daughter, Nia Renee Hill: 8 Interesting Facts About Bill Burr Wife, Scorpio Man in Bed: Things to understand about Scorpio Man Sexuality. However, the death of Pablo Escobar is not where the Escobar’s story ends. What happened in Nigeria yesterday, today breaking news, news today 2020, Asuu news, Buhari News, welcome to Linda Ikeji's blog. Oda Nobunaga — The Ruthless Samurai Who Reunified Japan, Indiana Mom Makes Daughter Drink Bleach To Cure Autism, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch. Manuela Escobar Wiki Bio. The Escobar family tried to take refuge in America, Germany, and several other countries. At one point, she tried to take her own life. It is said that Pablo made his wife, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Pablo was ranked at the seventh richest man in the world by Forbes earning $6 million per day back then. She is studying public relations, though she is struggling due to her depression. Manuela Escobar was born on May 25, 1984, to Colombian Crime legend Pablo Escobar and his wife Maria Victoria Henao. Pablo Escobar’s wife Maria Victoria Henao, son Juan Pablo and daughter Manuela Escobar paid a huge price after he was gunned down by Colombian authorities in 1993. The incident almost made her deaf. No Comments, Publish For those eager to know what happened to her, we will bring you details below. The kingpin’s daughter has since stayed out of the public eye. Especially, season two has gone deeper into his family life. Her fate after death of drug lord Pablo Escobar. READ ALSO: Pablo Escobar wife, son and daughter. They kept a low profile and changed their names. While his act seemed a bit crazy, it proved how much he loved her daughter. After the death, Escobar family was left seeking a place to hide in fear of enemies. Pablo Escobar was tracked down and shot dead by Colombian authorities on December 2, 1993, in Madelin, Colombia. There Manuela and her brother attended public school like normal children. Required fields are marked *. In the year following his death, they moved from one country to another trying to secure asylum. Whereas Manuela had tutors, instability, and little time to bond with her peers, Juana had a real school, a stable home, and friends her age who lived in her building. Manuela and her family were living a life of riches until Pablo was alive. Your email address will not be published. In a way, it’s where it begins. Following the death of the drug Lord in 1993, things fell apart, not only for his cartel but for his immediate family too who other mafia gangs wanted to assassinate. There was never a time when she asked for something and her parents did not get her. Her mother’s name was changed to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero. Such circumstances forced Manuela, to leave school and continue a private form of education. Manuela and her family were living a life of riches until Pablo was alive. Pablo Escobar was tracked down and shot dead by Colombian authorities on December 2, 1993, in Madelin, Colombia. Early Life as a daughter of Pablo Escobar, Her Brother Juan Sebastian Marroquin Santos, Her dad’s Life Portrayed in Netflix series Narcos. From this point onwards, her life changed from riches to the life of refugees. At one birthday, while trying to fulfill her wish Escobar gave her a Unicorn made from a horse stamped with cow horn in the forehead. Pablo Escobar’s daughter was just barely nine years old when her father was killed, and for the most part, she has maintained an exceptionally low profile since then. He has been very vocal about his father’s legacy. In 1994, the Colombian government gave them new identities with new names. Manuela along with her mother and brother had to hide their real identities to run away from the Colombian’s violence and fled to new places for survival. Juan Pablo Escobar who goes by name Sebastián Marroquín now is her elder brother. They used to play soccer and monopoly together. Manuela Escobar was born on 25 May 1984 in Colombia. The countries included Ecuador, Brazil, Mozambique, South Africa and Peru. In addition, he got her mistress to kill the unborn baby just because Pablo once said she would be the last in the line. She had been living alone in a residential building known as Jaramillo, in apartment 17. When with her, Pablo used to forget the harsh relaties of life. What happened to her. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But, no one allowed them entry. A case was filed against her mother and brother for forging documents and money laundering. She suffered from depression. Following this, she was once again homeschooled. Since 1999, Pablo Escobar’s daughter has had several depressive episodes, and, according to Juan Pablo, has attempted to take her own life. Manuela Escobar, the daughter of Pablo Escobar, lived in a fairytale until 1993, when Colombian national police killed her father. Unfortunately, what she lacked was peace and stability- the most important things having a huge impact on a child’s mentality. He reported how innocently Manuela once asked her father how much a million dollars is worth to and simply Pablo replied: It’s quite safe to say Manuela was apple of her dad’s eye. They were price tagged of four billion dollars. The family got the opportunity to live in Mozambique, an African country but left after living for less than two weeks. They were price tagged of four billion dollars. Juan is an architect and lives a life of respect, unlike his father. The series’ main story revolves around the life of infamous drug dealer Pablo Escobar and his family. Maria’s family opposed the alliance, citing Pablo’s lower social status. On 24th December 1994, Manuela and her family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina on a tourist visa and lived a regular life. Reportedly, though, she was thriving. Manuela Escobar is, to date, the only member of the Escobar family never to be implicated or accused of any crimes. She led a normal life, taking the bus to school like other kids her age, and so on. She is the daughter of Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henao. Manuela, Her Brother, Juan Pablo, and Their Mother Fled From Colombia After Escobar’s Death. When she was only three years old, she witnessed a murder attempt on her father by a car bomb explosion at their Monaco apartment. In fact, he was the last person to have the last conversation with dad Pablo. The act did put a smile on Manuela’s face, but the poor horse died of infection. They had to give all their wealth to Pablo’s enemies to save their lives. →, We Lost N700 billion Naira COVID-19 Relief Funds Due To Fire Outbreak – Finance Minister, The Middle Belt Protest As Nnamdi Kanu Submitted The List Of States That Made Up Biafra Republic, President Buhari speaks on extension of lockdown, Father Mbaka: I will Resign If My New Prophecy Fails For President Buhari On March 30th, The Igbos want Biafra, The North wants Igbo’s exit, The Yorubas want Igbo’s exit By Wole Soyinka. This was until the family’s identity was uncovered in 1999. After he was encountered, his family became the victim of his sin. She is the resident of  Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina now. She brought hope and calmness to his troubled life. 7 countries, including Germany, refused to let the family in. She lives a low key life away from public scrutiny. She went through one after another psychologist. Pablo Escobar’s wife Maria Victoria Henao, son Juan Pablo and daughter Manuela Escobar paid a huge price after he was gunned down by Colombian authorities in 1993. He always had a soft side for his family, especially for his daughter and would go any length for her. Short Wiki like Bio on Manuela Escobar. 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Manuela faced life threating situation at the age of three. Any other normal parents would hand her a toy unicorn, but Pablo’s fatherhood was simply out of the box. When her mother and brother were arrested, the fear Manuela lived with resurfaced, and she was once again a frightened teenager. Manuela changed her name to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos. With new identities, they flew to Mozambique, an African country. Now, he is working on the second book which will include the last days of Pablo’s life when he wasn’t with his family. Log in, However, things changed drastically after Escobar was killed by the Columbian police on, No Country was ready to open its border for the Escobar’s family. Norman Kali: What’s Unknown about the Partner of ‘Lost’ Fame Actress Evangeline Lilly, Inside the Love Story of Tom Selleck and His Second Wife: Jillie Mack, Meet Gael Anderson: The Wife of Walking Dead Actor Andrew Lincoln. In a 2009 documentary ‘Sins of My Father’, he has talked about Pablo’s actions that had an effect on his life. Her mother obtained Argentine citizenship on December 3, 2010, and she even voted while her brother stills hold Colombian citizenship.

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