If you’re ready to pick out a mandoline slicer, take a look at our top recommended models. With this product, 3 blades are provided for slicing and julienning of the vegetables and fruits to provide the exact cut every time. The core concept behind the formulation of the above list is a survey process. Interest Free. The result is a ranking of the best Kitchenaid Mandoline Slicers. On the basis of design mandoline slicers are of the following types: A mandoline slicer is not just a kitchen appliance which is merely used for slicing of vegetables and fruits. SCRIPPS CO., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Safety is also an important consideration when shopping for the best mandoline slicer.

Want to have your order delivered? Products with varying prices were selected and recommended, to ensure that all kinds of users would have an available option. From the combination of the working surface level and from any one of the blades platform level you can attain the exact thickness and the width of the food item you desire This mandoline slicer is provided with a non- skid feet which provides support while operating the product. All blades and components of this slicer are produced to help you create all your favorite recipes conveniently, be it grated zucchini, waffle fries or paper-thin sliced Gruyere. You get the most even results slicing produce using quick motions. Otherwise, the unit will wobble, which puts you at risk for an accidental cut. This …

To protect your fingers whenever you use this appliance, the Benriner slicer holds all smaller food pieces with its safety guard and also hooks onto the bowl to collect the various slices. Mueller Austria V-Pro 5 Blade Adjustable Mandoline Slicer is a German-patented design that defines new standards of quality and design. An adjustable knob is provided with 2 levels with which the intensity of slicing can be changed. For your convenience, this slicer is dishwasher safe, and it also features non-skid feet that make storage very easy every time.

Welcome to the Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Mandoline slicer, a Japanese mandoline. They are all sturdy and extremely durable. These integrated blades are capable of slicing even the most delicate fruits and vegetables. It is still used on some French models and is responsible for the straight cutting of ingredients. See here for more information on Pick up. What's more, once you've got the hang of using your mandoline slicer, you'll cut your meal prep time in half, as it's much quicker than using a knife. Other additional features that make the Mueller an exceptional appliance are its inclusive 1.5L container, non-skid base, cleaning brush and cut resistant kitchen glove, including upon purchase. With this product, 3 blades are provided for slicing and julienning of the vegetables and fruits to provide the exact cut every time.

Another great guide we offer is our guide to the best spiralizers so check it out. Food prep doesn't have to take up all your time, especially if you opt for this KitchenAid mandoline slicer. While this blade type is great for slicing hard and dense fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes and apples, it tends to crush soft produce, especially items with strong skins, such as tomatoes. This gives you more control while also keeping your your hand and wrist from tiring. This bundle also includes the MINT Veggie Spiralizer which turns vegetables into spirals, and is ideal or making zucchini noodles.

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