Accuracy is still just under an inch with a target scope, just over, with a 1-4 Steiner scope. Adams Arms COR:, McMillan CS5:, M1 Garand:, CMMG Mk4 3GR:, Remington Model 7:, Armalite National Match rifle:, DTA SRS:, Weatherby vanguard Series 2: Action: Semi-auto Up for grabs is a LWRC International M6IC semi-automatic AR-Pistol in 5.56. Sometimes a fast twist barrel will break apart a thin jacket on a light bullet during flight, but this is fairly unusual. The A5 has silencer switch (foregoes the bayonet mount that the Enhanced has), and has a longer guard rail on the bottom than the Enhanced which is important for mounting a bipod closer to the end of the rifle. The LWRC gas system is capable of being adjusted for either suppressed or unsuppressed shooting. Thanks for the review. The LWRC REPR, Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle features the LWRC self regulating short stroke gas piston system, Folding BUIS back up iron sights, Fluted barrel for decreased weight and heat dissipation, SOPMOD stock, Magpul MIAD pistol grip and chambered in 7.62mm NATO. If I’m going to spend anywhere close to that sort of cash on a piston gun, it’ll have to be damn-near bombproof, like an AK in 5.56. The handguards attach directly to an extended upper reciever rather than a barrel nut, which increases the strength and durability of the whole system. I have a rule of thumb for accuracy: if the gun costs $1,000 or more, it had better be able to shoot 1 MoA. Add a Velocity Trigger from Tom in Phoenix , Az and some 55 grain Federal ball ammo, a Nikon P-223 optic and some practice and the results will be better than the described LWRC. I love the idea of owning an LWRC but the value just isnt there for me. High Performance features like fully ambidextrous controls, monoforged upper receiver with modular one-piece free float rail, LWRCI™ Cold Hammer Forged Nicor-treated spiral fluted barrel. Fewer points of failure? In addition to all the usual benefits of a free floating handguard, they have some great features of their own. I wonder what ammo these guys use to test their rifles or in anyway. There are two captured screws at the front of the handguard that can be unscrewed either by hand (thanks to the oversized and ridged screw heads) or with the use of a flathead screwdriver. Suite C While faster twist barrels can stabilize longer bullets that slow twist barrels can’t, it doesn’t work the other way for shorter or lighter bullets. Given the price for the sort of groups it shot, I don’t see how they have a fan base unless guys are just buying them because its expensive and not shooting them. But I am just a retired cop it will take a little time to put that kind of money togather. There are also little touches that you’d only notice when handling the rifle, such as the NiB bolt and trigger group or coined reciever forgings (coining is when a forging is re-struck cold after heat treating for better dimensional accuracy). Squirt some Mobil 1 in it and you are good to go. I like the gun overall. I just can’t justify the spend for a piston AR quite yet. The adjustable gas system (which can be adjusted with nothing more than a spare 5.56 NATO round) is capable of reducing that back pressure so that the gun can cycle normally. The bolt wouldn’t hold open after the last round. Or like I said in post above I can go buy a LaRue PredatAR or OBR (rifle company from Leander? Why would someone buy a $50,000 Mercedes when they can get a faster Mustang for $30,000? For the record, I own a really cool-looking fluted barrel. You do not have to look through the scope dead on. Getting a Geissele trigger in there instead of the in-house switch would be a huge step forward. . Spoiler alert. The LaRue is a great paper puncher, but I’d sooner trust my life to my LWRC. #thegunstorect #LWRC #otherfirearms #guns #waterbury Richmond, TX 77406 USA, (832) 363-3783 Phone The LWRC is a worthy contender for the Individual Carbine competition, and a definite improvement over the M4 and M16 rifles that are being fielded right now.

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