[2] His immortality was supported by the Longevity Grass in Grotto's master's possession.[? In order to escape from the Grotto and regain his own freedom and original body, he continuously led many geniuses on the road of cultivation,[1] including Alchemy God, Immortal Emperors Xue Xi, Fei, Tun Ri, Bing Yu and others. Afraid of Gu Tieshou and Min Ren's self-portrait's power, Noble Jiangzuo proposed a "fair" duel to Li Qiye with Kun Peng's Six Variants and Wise Heart Jewel Box as a bets. [88], Li Qiye instantly saw through giant snail's cultivation level and commented that it was not bad, but quite far from the pinnacle of his race - the Eighteen Solutions. [34], When Li Qiye returned to the first floor without any weapon, other disciples started to mock him. Cao Xiong, however, insisted that they need to punish him at least a little to appease other disciples. However, he didn't know how to ask Li Qiye. They immediately attacked Li Qiye, but were blocked by Li Shuangyan. Alas, the other disciples weren't as lucky as Xu Pei; Li Qiye was only beating them, he didn't give them pointers. [41], To their surprise, it wasn't only Li Shuangyan who came; she was accompanied by Grand Protector Yu He. Any other cultivator will be ashamed of such a result, but Li Qiye was unperturbed as always as he possessed unshakable self-confidence. [9] Sectional Leader Fu led the three into a medium-sized meeting chamber and quickly left. After being personally trained by Li Qiye for a long time they became the Sect's future pillar. [82][83], Grandpa Sheng successfully refined King Physique Paste and it helped Li Qiye to rebuild his body, fully transforming it into the Hell Suppressing Deity Physique. Suppressive Might Noble demanded them to leave immediately, but Li Qiye ignored his demands and threats and ordered Gu Tieshou to make him scram. [59][60], Li Qiye then ordered Li Shuangyan to sent a message to Demon King Lun Ri and tell him that he required an alchemist to refine a King Physique Paste. Protector Mo, as his disciple, naturally had to help his master, so he convinced him to let Li Qiye look at him. Li Qiye again invited Chen Baojiao to join his side that greatly infuriated Heavenly God Dao Child. [69][70], Nan Huairen was greatly alarmed when he heard about it, because the Ghost Pavilion was known as the scariest place in the Sect, but Li Qiye wasn't worried at all. Cao Xiong then captured Li Qiye and threatened to kill him if other didn't make way. Nan Huairen was both embarrassed and indignant by this, but Li Qiye completely ignored them. Li Shuangyan was enraged, but Li Qiye ignored her protests and sent her off to find a place in which to live. The giant snail attacked Li Qiye and tried to rip out his knowleadge directly from his mind, but was stopped and blown away by Li Qiye's mind protection. [38], He spent the next month on the Lonely Peak, cultivating his Physique. or pronounce in different accent or variation ? [84], After Grandpa Sheng left, Li Qiye returned to the Lonely Peak and resumed his cultivation. [40], Li Qiye then ordered Protector Mo to inform the Elders about it. You can contribute this audio pronunciation of Qiye to HowToPronounce dictionary. [19], After a meeting with Demon King Lun Ri, Li Qiye returned to his new residence. Imperial Advisor Si Tu interfered and stopped their battle before it even started and advised everyone to concentrate on finding the supposed God-Monarch's treasure instead of fighting each other. Li Qiye used only his Hell Suppressing Deity Physique to defeat it, but was seriously injured in the process. Dao Child heed the advice and entered the nest with many other cultivators. Their heads were brought to Violet Mountain Noble with a message from Li Qiye to the Heavenly God Sect: "Whoever blocks my path, I kill without mercy! [115], Li Qiye was disappointed to see a member of the Nine Saint Demon Gate together with Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and warned Li Shuangyan that the Gate should stay away from the Ancient Kingdom. So, seeing Li Qiye, other disciples believed that he failed his trials and ridiculed him. He brought her to the Lonely Peak. In my presence, geniuses are only dry bones for me to step on as I reach the apex! Despite his age, Tu Bu Yu didn't bat an eye to call 13-years old Li Qiye "Senior Brother", much to his disapproval. The only purpose for their visit was to drop off Chen Baojao who have chose to become Li Qiye maid. To leave the Jade Valley Country and the Jade Pillar Sacred School, Chen Baojao had decisively destroyed her cultivation at the Named Hero stage and restart her cultivation as well as give all the treasures given to her back to the Jade Valley Country and the Jade Pillar Sacred School. He then sent Li Shuangyan and others away as he decided to stay in the Ghost Pavilion alone. After a few days, a convoy consisting of Chen Baojao's family and Shi Gandang arrived at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Even Gu Tieshou and Li Shuangyan were powerless against Heavenly Jewel Mortal King's will. At the same time he completed all three stages of the Palace Expansion level and reached the Physique Accumulation level. She decided to send a report about entire situation to her master and Li Qiye wasn't against it. Soon, a large group gathered and started to attack Li Qiye's group. [50], The beating repeated the next day, with Luo Fenghua again being the first and everyone else after him. [100], Soon, Nantian Hao led his people from the Southern Heavenly Kingdom to the Evil Infested Ridge looking for treasures. The elders compared the painting with Su Yonghuang, and discovered that they indeed had many similarities. [28], Li Qiye left the Scripture Library and returned to the Lonely Peak. Three months later Li Qiye brought the complete manual for the Violet Yang Ten Suns Merit Law to Elders. Although they were placed auspiciously in the middle of the store, the store manager stated that those treasures were not for sale. Li Qiye never truly travels on the Path of the Heavens as he always suppressed himself for purity’s sake in the end he ends up crafting a powered Primordial Grand Dao, the 'Dao of Seven Nights' which simulates the cycle of creation, evolution and destruction of a universe, it is immensely powerful and complex so it takes much longer than other Dao to complete.

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