All of you who are buying into the propaganda that Texas, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, etc, are “THE” places to get away from SH**Hole California- We moved 2 years ago from California to Payson AZ, We love it here and the Thank you John for your assessments, it’s really bad now I hope you post more. And despite the fact that most real Americans have already left California and all the big businesses are also leaving as fast as possible, the population of California is growing at an alarming rate! The only reason I’ll return to California is to liquidate my parents’ assets when they die. Who turned my dad’s shop, That he built by hand, into a compound, with who knows how many people living there. My prayers go out to all the victims of these hurricanes, fires, etc. One of a gazillion tours these guys performed, and masterfully. Politicians claiming the later should be locked up in jail or an institution. If you make $90K now you are thinking “how could I possibly survive on only $50K a year I barely make it now?” So you stay- for your job. Your best bet is to move to a majority black city so that you cannot experience any racism. Texas, Nevada, and Arizona are now ‘purple’ states that will eventually turn ‘blue’. An awful lot is aligning for 2024. We are desperately trying to leave…. Europeans don’t have this option, but every other race does, so you have plenty of options. Check out my other post which talks about that hoax. Then it really drains you physically and spiritually. This is when I saw an alarming amount of hatred towards anyone white. We are all in our 30’s and none of us own any property. I can’t wait!!! The vast-majority of superficial-California-Christians will not make it to The Third Heaven, that is for sure. But, by and far, this was the right choice. As much as we love Southern California, we can’t help but laugh at ourselves every once in a while…especially when it comes to our views on weather, traffic, and seasons in SoCal. Of course, at the end of the advertisement, they said the disclaimer, “this message was paid for by [the name of the vaccine sales company]”. This is in addition to housing prices becoming impossible to pay except by entire extended immigrant families (placing their children here, arranging future escape homes from worse nations elsewhere), or by wealthy individuals or businesses or syndicates investing or speculating in future prices and rentals. Homeless people are an attraction anymore. WTF mate? No one cared for any conservative thought. But, now they are all being vindictive and like I heard on Tucker Carlson, one black girl finally confirmed what I have been thinking and she finally gave light into their mind set. Give more support to the ones who hire American help. The minute someone says anything that is against our country and values we need to just “Not Answer”. Fast forward to 1999, my wife and I moved to a small town of Lincoln, outside of Roseville California, because “it” was getting too big! I have an aging Mother and two sisters living in South Carolina and I was thinking of moving there or in Northern Florida. And on that note, please nominate your favorite local business that could use some love right now: Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! Mercury has been commonly used as a vaccine preservative for decades. Not anymore! If I was a minority, I would get a free ride, but because I am white, I have to work full-time while paying for college out of my own pocket. Jim Quinn -

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