Chandra Barot then signed Vinod Khanna. Born to an Afghan father, Sadiq Ali Khan and an Iranian mother, Fatima. Agha Abdul Husain Shirazi was the son of Aga Ali Asker Shirazi who was from Shiraz, Fars, Iran. Maternal grand aunt name was Saheb Sultan Shirazi .She was born around 1875. To this day, one of Zeenat's eyes looks scarred. Feroz would mostly be abroad after Qurbani .Later Vinod opted out due to his retirement and Raj Kiran was signed. Great Grandfather Agha Abdul Hussain Shirazi (Maternal Grandmother Khanum's father) had a half brother named Ali Mohammed Shirazi. She dated men old enough to be her grandfather and father and her own age and now her Son's age. You can change your city from here. Brother Akbar Khan has a son named Abraiz Khan and a daughter Aliyah Khan. Khanum was the daughter of Agha Abdul Hussain Shirazi and Kokab Sultan Qajar . They had two children. He was the secretary of Aga Khan. grr, I agree with : So far as her off-screen performances with various married When Feroz was 11, he drove a bike to school. Biddu originally had thought of casting Feroz Khan in Star. Shooting wild game was one of his favorite pass times. All this was hands in glove with Zarine. look where zarine khan is now and where zeenat is. Before Qurbani, Feroz had started directing a film titled " Kasak". They in return smashed up his Mercedes. Megan calls out her ex for posting son's pic, Suhana posts a pic from SRK's bday celebration, EXCLUSIVE: Amrita Rao: Yay! Sundari and Feroz have been divorced since 1985.Feroz has kept away from controversies, though he did get himself banned by the conservative Pakistani government.Apart from acting this talented artiste has also edited, produced, written, & directed movies. She was married to Ali Akbar Shoostari. She was credited on screen as Sony Shahani. He was born around 1876 . This was not true. For about Zarine,she has fought like a married woman but if she beat Zeenat up was perhaps the post partum anger (like an another anon has said before) and when it comes 2 Zeenat..well on one hand she has my simpathies but on the another she's also done the mistake..i guess she already knew that sanjay has kids already,so why did she fall 4 him?for love?for the sake of her carrier and money? She is married to Aniljit Singh. Does anybody know the history between the two?The newspapers of the time probably have written a lot more. He shot the song Laila O Laila with Zeenat Aman and Amjad Khan. Khanum siblings names were Saheb Sultan Shirazi; Mohammed Baqer Shirazi; Shams ud Dowla Shirazi; Farrokh Sultan Shirazi; Mohammed Rahim Shirazi; Mohammed Hassan Shirazi; Zeeba Sultan Shirazi; Keshwar Sultan Shirazi; Ali Akbar Shirazi; Abdul Razack Shirazi; Maryam Sultan Ali Khan; Fatema Sultan Shirazi; Shah Sultan Shirazi; Mohammed Hussain Shirazi; Jawaher Sultan; Khateja Sultan Shirazi; Mohammed Baqer Shirazi and Khateja Sultan (Kuchikjaan) . Feroz attempted to restart the film with Fardeen and Celina with the title "" , directed by Hansal Mehta. Mehboob Khan almost signed Feroz for the lead role in Son Of India (1962 ). Maternal grand aunt name is Farrokh Sultan Shirazi. You are now subscribed to the entertainment Newsletter. Well, I learn that it was Sanjay who beat Zeenat and not Sanjay's wife. Her sister Radhika is now settled in London and is known as Radhika Braganza.

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