The switch will work for any car/truck made from 1900 - 2018. 3 weaknesses of typically-installed kill switches make them easy for professional thieves to bypass, because This prevents it from becoming a runaway vessel that could impose a danger to other vessels or swimmers at sea, and allows the operator to swim back to the vessel and re-board it without the risk of being injured by the boat's propeller. First, the 2 easy ways: There's a problem loading this menu right now. 1) Professional thieves know most owners hide the kill switch in a location that is convenient for the driver. Then you can take your negative … From 2015 this feature is legally required in California for smartphones. Step 2. Step 1. It is usually characterized as an acronym for "safety control rod axe man". A kill switch protects your vehicle from theft by completely disconnecting it from the battery or otherwise interrupting the combustion system that starts your ride and keeps it moving forward, which prevents the engine from starting and therefore stopping anyone who'd otherwise try to drive away with your car or truck in their tracks. Such devices are often placed in bait cars and configured so that observing police can trigger the switch remotely. 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