Alluka Zoldyck (アルカ゠ゾルディック, Aruka Zorudikku) is the second youngest child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck. Here, he welcomes Killua home and asks how his work went. In the 1999 anime series, Illumi Zoldyck appears expressionless, as his face is like an emotionless mask. Meanwhile, Hisoka talks to Illumi, warning him to be careful, as he was emitting a lot of killer energy earlier. He then asks Illumi to apologize to Killua, but Illumi does not understand Gon's reasoning. Illumi also cares for most of the Zoldyck family members. Illumi starts toward the friends, then catches a card thrown by Hisoka. It is then revealed that Zebro was Illumi in disguise. He then pulls in Kurapika and Leorio, who are joined Gon and Killua, and after a small unwanted dance, Hisoka lets them go, and they leave. Killua's family discuss him and his friends, and Illumi is thanked for bringing Killua home. He has stated, however, that family members are not allowed to kill during an inner mission (a mission where there is internal conflict), but insinuates that he would be fine with killing his little sister Alluka, and does not consider Alluka as a member of the family. A lady with an elaborate gown who is accompanied by a child complains about Canary for talking too much about their family. [20] Illumi uses Kalluto to distract the members in the hideout while switching places with Hisoka. Episodes At the top of the gate, Gon sees Mike and admits that he cannot fight him. Kikyo agrees, then leaves with Kalluto. The arc spans from chapters 39 to 43 of the manga, episodes 32 to 36 of the 1999 anime adaptation, and episodes 22 to 26 of the 2011 anime adaptation. He has two thick eye brows, very long jet black hair, usually combed behind his head as well as very large, dark eyes. Hisoka rates Illumi's overall power 95 points, ranking him higher than some members of the Zodiacs. The three friends try to open the gate, but cannot, then accept Zebro's offer to go to his home to train to push open the gate. Before leaving, Kurapika tells them what Hisoka whispered to him during the Hunter Exam. They talk to Killua, saying that he controls himself in what he thinks, and can decide his own life, not just follow his family. He also has an unusual friendship with Hisoka Morow, although it is unclear as to how it developed. Illumi says that the location is already famous and that there is no harm in revealing it to Gon. In the official databook, Illumi's name is also spelled as "Yellmi Zaoldyck". Killua's mother, Kikyo, is extremely frustrated, stating that Killua's friends absolutely must not see him. Gon and Leorio first call out for someone to come, then try to push open the gate, to no avail. [23] In Killua's flashback, Illumi experimented with Alluka's wish-granting ability using a servant named Kasuga, resulting in the death of the servant and at least 66 other people.[3]. Gon is angry, and calls again, asking how Gotoh knows that Killua has no friends. She then has Kalluto give the friends a message from Killua, which is that he is happy that they came, but he cannot come right then. In contrast to his expressionless demeanor, Illumi often speaks in a somewhat joyful and absent-minded tone. Kurapika and Leorio do not like it, but then Gon tells them that he will handle this situation. Heavens Arena arc → Episodes 32 - 36 (1999) Episodes 22 - 26 (2011) Instead, Zeno asks Milluki what he thinks of Killua's abilities. Shortly afterward, Silva and Zeno deduce that Killua has removed the needle. Before he leaves, Killua reminds Gotoh not to take orders from his mother anymore, as they cannot stop him. [27] He might have superhuman control over his body, as he told Hisoka he was going to sleep for five days. However, Seaquant worries about the next trial the three will face. [13] Illumi appears to have abundant aura reserves, since, despite coercive Manipulation being rather taxing,[36] he is capable of controlling dozens of targets at the same time.[19][27]. Gotoh then challenges the friends to a game of guessing which hand he is holding a coin. [27], Illumi was able to complete a long-distance run more than 80 kilometers long, and taking place on uneven terrains such as ascending stairs and a swamp,[34] without even breaking a sweat. He says that Gon is his to fight. To pass the time, Gotoh suggests a coin toss game. It also received separate DVD and audio CD releases, as well as a dual DVD release from Marvelous Entertainment. Illumi responds that it is unlike Killua to beg to him. Leorio, upset by Illumi's speech, claims that Gon already views Killua as his friend. This is the most famous musical among three stage plays of the Hunter × Hunter series.

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