116520 instead. By signing up to our newsletter you have agreed to our terms and condititions and privacy policy. The best film out in a while... non-stop entertainment. FINE PRINT & DISCLAIMER: Flicks's official rating: Pretty good, but not perfect. Whether in real life or on the silver screen, a Rolex is part and parcel of the Wall Street wardrobe. (Credit: Vignette3.com). There may be an issue with the Instagram access token that you are using. The wages of greed and excess portrayed in grand, operatic, often very funny style. Along with the yachts, cars, and mansions, characters are also often wearing big expensive watches including some key Rolex timepieces. He drove the same Cadillac for ten years before he traded it in for a newer one in 2016. You expect a fair few Rolexes in a Scorsese flick, seeing as the director’s a supporter of the brand. Watch fullscreen. Chairman of hedge fund BP Capital Management, T. Boone Pickens, is another fan of the 18k yellow gold Rolex Day-Date. The exploits of Jordan Belfort and friends are a testament to excess, and not necessarily in a good way. The second richest man in the world, Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway, is steadfastly loyal to his possessions. The acting by Leonardo is truly outstanding and the same for Jonah Hill. Rather than a dress watch, James Gorman, CEO of Morgan Stanley, wears a sporty Daytona chronograph. Here is a white-collar crime caper that stirs golden memories of the Scorsese back catalogue, often quite knowingly and sometimes to a fault. This is a powerful movie.Without the fire,passion and charisma that the main actor.Leonardo DiCaprio presents,this would be a much lesser movie.We are swept along on a trail of greed,drugs,parties and corruption.It shows the mindset of some for making money in the stock market. To that end, we guarantee that every Rolex watch on our site is 100% authentic, comprised entirely of Rolex parts. A fast paced, exceptional film that had you gripped from beginning to end. Follow. The first is McConaughey’s Mark Hana, specifically with a two-tone Rolex Datejust. Warren Buffett rolls with a yellow gold Day-Date. (Credit: CNBC). Visit Tag Heuer’s website for more details. What self-respecting Wall Street entrepreneur would be complete without the classic yuppie look? Which of these moneymen’s Rolex watches do you like the best? A full stainless steel Submariner is another good choice for a simple and classic look. NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 For a film about excess well beyond the realms of good taste, at least they have good taste in watches. Thankfully, no judgement is cast on Belfort's actions. Although the name “Rolex” was mentioned over 20 times in the book, the movie adaptation had Bateman say “Don’t touch the watch” instead of the book’s line “Don’t touch the Rolex.” Unsurprisingly, Rolex did not want their illustrious name associated with such a gory film! We're committed to offering the best prices through our low-price guarantee. By signing up, you agree to our terms & conditions and privacy policy. Wall Street’s big money and big personalities inspire plenty of Hollywood movies. Along with the yachts, cars, and mansions, characters are also often wearing big expensive watches including some key Rolex timepieces. Scorsese's funniest and most focused film in a long time, a jet-black sex and drug-soaked comedy featuring a bravura performance by Leonardo DiCaprio. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. Wolf of Wall street takes the viewer on a journey from the beginning of a career to getting addicted to the high life to total demise and rebuilding yourself from the bottom up. DiCaprio is fantastic throughout the whole film keeping you drawn to him with his suave and encapsulating... Entertainment ++ The movie stayed with me for days and weeks later but be prepared for plenty of drugs and graphic sex. We stand behind this authenticity guarantee with a full money back refund on any watch not found to be completely genuine. 1900 QUAIL ST Bob's Watches is an independent watch dealer and is not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with Rolex, or any other brand listed. There’s the suit, the shoes and, of course, the watch – and boy does Leonardo DiCaprio wear the hell out of those watches. (Credit: il.wp.com). Sex, drugs, money… and plenty more drugs for good measure, 2013’s Wolf of Wall Street is one of the most hedonistic films out there – and we don’t just mean Scorsese’s characteristically indulgent runtime.

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