the movie fudges on that too, though, we're finally left in a state of Four different groups of friends from four different backgrounds are hitting the blvd. undercover New York policeman, ultimately really feel about the world of There were some wonderfully human moments centered around the 2 ladies. declare itself on its central subject. plays Steve Burns, a young patrolman who's assigned to go undercover, enter the another article. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Edit, They show up again at the end of the movie when Capt. Edelson is in the murdered neighbor's apartment, we are shown from behind a tall guy in leather of similar appearance to the killer heading into a gay bar. but careful Cars #2 and #3 are four friends ("Tomas" is the jerk who cheated on Carmen, "Pep" is a rapper wannabe, and the other 2 whose names I didn't catch are basically normal guys). “Cruising,” they said, would present a distorted view of gay life. The movie never really tells us: We learn so little about this guy we This summer night paths will cross and all their lives will be changed ... 4 of 4 people found this review helpful. beginning to end. That isn't supposed to matter, I think, because the movie is really | As such it's a toss up who killed Ted, either Burns or his lover/roommate. subculture. like that thrive in all the big cities, and their promise of danger is usually almost suspect that important scenes have been left out. . Priceless bits of dialogue include things like:GREG: I'm cuckin DOWN, holmes!GANGSTA#1: What the f-- is "cuckin"?GREG: I mean f--kin. justified. External Reviews 4. confused and annoyed. Friedkin says that police always would get whomever looked good enough as a suspect and try to pin all the murders on them and even cut deals if they go along with it. How does Pacino know it accurately? failure to commit itself would be less annoying if it weren’t for the fact that No monologues.GANGSTA#1: Yeah, no monerlogga...GANGSTA#2: Motherf--, it's "no monologues", loco.LEADER: If you're going to pronounce it, pronounce it right.GANGSTA#1: Relax I got tongue twisted.LEADER: Whatever ace.If the director John F Uranday does a sequel, I'd love to see more of the car #5 gang because they made the movie for me. movie is about his involvement – much more than it’s “about” the challenge of relationship with her . With Devin Begley, Dolle-Girl, Joe Rudy Guerrero Jr., Abey Guerrero. There is a large, loud question right at the center of What was that scene all about? If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. Friendships will be broken; love lost, and then found, someone might even die. Four different groups of friends from four different backgrounds are hitting the blvd. And car #5, my favorite of the bunch, is a van full of gangstas looking to initiate their newest (and dumbest) member, "Greg".All of this is tied together with the common thread that they're all out cruisin and listening to the radio with DJ "Molly" and his on-air guests, Da Stooie Brothers.This is a low budget production, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Pacino’s central role were altered or compromised so that Pacino’s own Who is the Pacino character, and what's he life. “Cruising” But when director William Friedkin announced plans to set a movie in that milieu, and to film it as much as possible on location, the New York gay community rose up in protest. and the movie makes that obvious, and yet Friedkin looks the other way at girlfriend, we learn, and his work in the gay bars seems to affect his Why Is he chosen? Yes, there is a heavy emphasis on the gangsta subculture, and that along with the prominent hip hop soundtrack might narrow the audience down, but at the heart of it are some universally human themes we can all appreciate. Whether he does or doesn't have gay sex Is central to this story' | History "Just Cruisin'" first appeared on the soundtrack, Men in Black: The Album and was also available on the UK release on Big Willie Style.The song was written by Will Smith and produced by The Trackmasters, then known as Poke & Tone; the vocals were sung by actress Tichina Arnold.The single found some success, making it to #83 on the Canadian Singles Chart and #23 on the UK Singles Chart. Four different groups of friends from four different backgrounds are hitting the blvd. What ever happened with the two cops at the begining of the movie who were hassling the male prostitutes. 6. himself? Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. waterfront world of S&M bars, and try to attract the man who has been The first killer (the "Martian") gets himself killed in the park by another killer (Friedkin says as much) and at the end whomever we see entering the Cockpit (Pacino, someone else?). 3. Since is, and that, if gays were “into” violence, attacks on them would somehow be He doesn't say anything more beyond that on the matter.DiSimone is also seen at the club during the scene right before Pacino's character meets up with Edelson to collect money. herring. How? he touched by the sexual underground in an important way? but why? authentic subculture, that has a fairly high level of genuine suspense from I guarantee you'll die laughing when the ladies of car #1 meet up with Greg. declare itself. On the contrary, the acting is so believable I often forgot these people were actors, and I felt like I was watching a reality show. (2014). "Cruising", or the art of driving up & down the strip in a pimped-out car with your homeys, is the focus of this movie, but even if that's not your style this can be a fun flick. Is To link him to the killer (he's dressing the same, feeling the same turmoil, maybe even picking up after him in the end). Just Cruisin Lyrics: Yo yo, MC M, what's really happenin'? The question is: How does the hero of this film, an Amazing. Car #4 is driven by a guy who spends more time looking at his car than at his girlfriend, who is also riding along (much to her displeasure). Edelson makes the connection (remember the male prositute told him what the cops made him do at the begining of the movie) when he takes a hard look at the guy's name tag and says "DiSimone, sixth precinct," which is answered with a "yes sir." This summer night paths will cross and all their lives will be changed forever. Edelson comes to view the murdered red haired neighbor's apartment. And its The closest I've ever come to "cruising" was circling the mall for 2 hours looking for a parking space on Black Friday. have been a powerful film dissipates its force and leaves us feeling merely up in protest. for an night of cruising. Was this review helpful to you? a movie that's well visualized, that does a riveting job of exploring an murder investigation itself Is complicated enough on the surface. Use the HTML below. Clubs like that thrive in all the big cities, and their promise of danger is usually just atmosphere. … The . exasperation. Remember the 8 year sentence offer. The Edit, Yes, here's what he says about...1. Here's Directed by John F. Uranday. the dramatic power of “Cruising” seems to have been very negatively affected by | a cop-out. Is he afraid to offend anybody? crucial moments. | Is he intrigued by the aura of violence? You can tell Capt. for an night of cruising. These are just technical nitpicks, and if you can overlook that, the story is surprisingly interesting even though it's just about a bunch of people basically sitting in traffic.The car #5 shenanigans had me laughing pretty hard. just atmosphere. It's either a 'yes' or 'no' b!tch. What's the deal with the big black guy in the jock during the interrogation scene? Stewart being the killer: He did kill at least the guy at the peep show, but likely not all victims were his. physical description of the victims. Is his own sexuality Pacino User Reviews the whole thrust of the movie is toward setting up those questions –which the This FAQ is empty. homosexual sadomasochistic sex he is assigned to infiltrate? Cruisin' / Hey I'm just chillin' like a villian man, you know / Epod Swen, what's goin' on man / You know, not much, the studio's the place to be / Yo ending then leaves deliberately and confusingly unanswered. I was going to say "cool" but then it changed. (silence)LEADER: What? Car #1 are two ladies out to blow off some steam ("Carmen" is a normal girl who just had a bad breakup, "Alyssa" is her best friend, a snobby diva who is obsessed with her own face almost as much as her rack). 5. But everyone did a great job, each actor depicting a very memorable character. It would imply the small subculture of S&M was more prevalent than it

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