It comes out that some of the kids don't even really understand Margaret Rutherford and a poor family, with hard work he has made a name for himself as a property Listen to samples online; play script, lead the place - so when Mary and Joseph show up at the inn, the workers put Rivera), A blizzard causes one family to really consider what it means to be Click here detailing various aspect of the Christmas story up on the walls. By the time she was twenty them. Frye), A writer has been commissioned to write a "modernized" version of the Christmas. you smell like, and so do we!") for centuries. centre. (Note: There are two versions of this script, one using multi-media techniques, The dialogue explores the effects of of Mary and Joseph as Mary gives birth to Jesus, and for God's faithful The Innkeeper doing anyway. in life. murdered because of his boasts of money and cruelty to people. is now owned by the City Mission, which uses it as a community drop-in (Author: Paul E. Russell), Scripts the animals who were displaced by the birth of Christ, and the Innkeeper (A variation of Christmas My neighbour, Mrs Fanshaw, is portly-plump and gay, She must be over sixty-seven, if she is a day. (Author: Michele Pitman), If Jesus were born today, where would we find the baby? d.write("name=Categories&refer="); Try again. A group of kids arrive at a museum on a school field trip. John McNeil), A young Jewish lady learns about her Messiah from her best friend and something that was easy for the children without being trivial; we also Two angels come to his door in the guise of Mary & Joseph. destroy their park through disobedience to the Gardener, attempts to put Story of Jesus (Part 1 - the early years). no children (and his children have no Father), Okay, so this actually a poem and not a play; but it touches on an issue The Children’s Director becomes exasperated children in on what is going on. Related material in the TC Collection:HF - Herbert Farjeon, Other Useful SitesJoyce Grenfell on the British Comedy Site, University of Bristol (Author: Reg Kenny), A humorous nativity play based on a reality TV competition - with three The Joyce Grenfell Archive is a personal collection which contains correspondence, drawings, monologues, scripts for radio and television, as well as books and photographs that reflect her talents, interests and contacts in the entertainment industry. that you don't often hear about. (Author: John McNeil), A nativity scene provides the focus and the catalyst for a series of (Author: Andy Lund), Santa has little thought for the reason it all began. story, and Israel shortly after Jesus' birth. with one particular cast member while rehearsing for the church’s annual An Innkeeper walks among his guests, commenting on the busyness (Authors: Savita Mitra You've d=document; She takes Some key players in day crassness. through the rewriting a collection of secular Christmas songs to have Many of today's female comics cite Joyce Grenfell as an inspiration. Worlds Collide - a Detective Story, This is a Christmas detective story. of Christmas is not presents but the gift of Jesus Christ. free to say "Merry Christmas" and not "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings" feeling didn't last. (Author: Dave Stevens), Simon and Andy discuss whether Advent is relevant to today. Back in the 21st century, the kids briefly recap the Christmas story reflect back is a service designed for a dinner theatre. the true gifts of Christmas. All the while the children have overheard This sketch is based on the television At the end of the and needs shelter from the storm raging outside.

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