Siu-kwan is knocked out while chasing Chi-hung. Wong Chi-On (30 Episodes) Ken Wong. Lei Wu Ruo Wei. Phoenix révèle son identité à sa petite amie lorsque Bun Hon est fait prisonnier. Cocky est arrêté, et Siu-kwan revient. Subscription (sub) Cast & Credits. Dans un Hong Kong encore britannique, un flic infiltré retrouve l'univers mafieux et les visages familiers des bas-fonds pour une dernière mission. Tang Xi Wen. Cocky Chiu returns to his old workplace. [6], In August 2019, he posted a video on Instagram criticizing the protestors as 打靶仔 (People that should go to die), stating that he would rather being ruled by Beijing but not being impeded by the protestors. Inspector Chan (30 Episodes) Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan. Main Role. Season 1. Feng Xiang raises his gun to stop Shao Jun and tries to warn him against becoming the next Xiao Zhang. The story takes place three years before the return of Hong Kong to China as the Triads are planning something big. Netflix. … 湯希汶 (30 Episodes) Philip Chan Yan-Kin. You can help by adding to it. 5; Discography. Upon being asked, Chan said he did not know but nevertheless sign the supportive petition. Jordan is carrying the series well. 1. This section needs expansion. [7], Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor, Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer, A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation, "Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying's extreme funny and emotional wedding", "Jordan Chan, Cherrie Ying to Tie the Knot on Valentine's Day",,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 July 2020, at 15:15. Fung-coeng demande à Godfather de ne pas se venger de la mort de Chi-hung. Blackie Jr. accepte de faire ce que Sharkie lui demande afin qu'il ne touche pas à Ling-ling. Support Role. Cocky Chiu retourne à son ancien lieu de travail. Mme Lui menace Reaper qui envoie Hungry Tiger tuer Siu-kwan. Sharkie is tragically killed. A desperate Blackie Jr. seeks refuge from Sharkie and is sent for illegal boxing, which is cracked down by police. Release year: 2017. Cocky Chiu place une bombe sur On-zai après l'avoir enlevé et déclare la guerre à Fung-coeng à la télévision. Siu-kwan découvre que les forces britanniques sont impliquées dans le dossier de Blackie Jr. George force Blackie Jr. à lui donner la liste. As compared to Line Walker 2, im starting to get tired of the undercover switcheroos and alliances, an old rehashed version of Laughing Gor in my opinion. Main Role. Year 2015 Wanna Bros ; Year 2016 I love HK; Year 2017 Where Are We Going, Dad? Tan Songyun’s Manager Apologises for Indirect …. Reaper veut tuer Blackie Jr. qui a accepté de témoigner. King Maa enlists Sharkie and Ciu Maang's help to counter Blackie Jr. A-yan tells the truth to Fung-coeng. Chan Siu-Chun (born 8 July 1967), also known as Jordan Chan, is a Hong Kong actor and singer. Liste der Besetung: Jordan Chan, Kwok-Kwan Chan, Sam Lee u.v.m. Ciu cherche à se venger de Sharkie, et Fung-coeng tente de les réconcilier. View all (5) Reviews. An undercover detective crosses paths with familiar faces in the mafia underworld during the final years of Britain's ruling of Hong Kong. Chi-hung breaks out of jail. Cocky is caught. In 2016 Hong Kong Legislative Election, Chan had openly endorsed pro-Beijing candidate Junius Ho. 劉振鵬 (30 Episodes) Rose Chan Ka-Wun. Siu-kwan travaille désormais pour Mme Lui. Former undercover detective Chen Feng Xian gets pulled back into the underworld to complete one more mission. The script is near completion, and most of the original cast members will return. Bun Hon propose un partenariat à Siu-kwan qui refuse. Thank you for posting about this show … I can barely find anything about it on the net (in English). [5], In May 2019, the government had introduced the extradition bill, which had triggered huge protest around the world. OCTB ist eine Drama aus dem Jahr 2017 mit Jordan Chan und Kwok-Kwan Chan. Siu-kwan veut tuer Cocky pour venger son père, mais Fung-coeng l'en empêche. Siu-kwan découvre que Mme Lui lui a caché qu'elle était mêlée à une histoire de vengeance. in the 1990’s Young and Dangerous franchise that is being revered as a cult classic to this day. Season 1. 2017 12 1 Staffel Chinesische Serien. Forensic Heroes 4 Starring Raymond Wong and Selena Lee Set to Premiere This Month! Twenty years after witnessing a bus full of students disappear, Astrid runs into a man she recognizes as one of the victims and begins to investigate. En savoir plus sur notre utilisation des cookies et des données. One of his most iconic characters was as Chicken in the 1990's Young and Dangerous franchise. However, one of his lackeys has since become the new head honcho. Add Cast. View all (5) Reviews. Siu-kwan rend visite à George qui révèle le secret du bâton du dragon. Episodes OCTB. Chi-hung s'évade de prison. Ling-ling se fait piéger par des criminels. Danny Chan. Rose Chan. … Après avoir été prié d'aider Blackie Jr. par Lard, Godfather use de son influence pour remettre les comptes à zéro. Fung-coeng cherche de l'aide auprès de Godfather. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Starring Jordan Chan (陳小春) and Justin Cheung (張建聲), the story revolves around an undercover detective who makes dangerous enemies with triad leaders whom he had double crossed. Blackie Jr. takes Ling-ling away, but Ling-ling is spotted by Ciu Maang's henchmen. OCTB 反黑 is a 30-episode Youku webdrama that follows a former undercover who rejoins the underworld to complete one more mission. Sai-fung suddenly disappears; Siu-kwan confronts Bun Hon. Siu-kwan learns that British forces are involved in Blackie Jr.'s case. After betraying his bosses, a hitman hides out in a vacant tailor shop, where he's mistaken for the late owner's son, an identity he decides to embrace. Liste der Besetung: Jordan Chan, Kwok-Kwan Chan, Sam Lee u.v.m. Muni du bâton du dragon, Siu-kwan propose un partenariat à Bun Hon. There have been no recommendations submitted. Bun Hon regrette de ne pas avoir pu voir sa fille une dernière fois alors qu'il était en prison et kidnappe Sai-fung pour se venger. Old-Timer (30 Episodes) Samuel Pang. Former undercover detective Chen Feng Xian gets pulled back into the underworld to complete one more mission. Shao Jun tracks down Xiao Zhang and attempts to kill him to avenge his father's death. Prodigal daughter Tumi goes home for the holidays and manages to ruin her sister's wedding plans. Zhang Shao Qi. (Source: DramaPanda). Aside from Jordan Chan, the show pays tribute to a much-loved generation of Hong Kong entertainment as it brings together a team of powerhouse veterans from, Chen Feng Xiang (Jordan Chan) has been working a desk job ever since he successfully took down a crime syndicate eight years ago. 招積 (30 Episodes) Michael Chan. Teddy identifie Cocky comme le meurtrier de Chi-hung. Ng Man Tat. Siu-kwan learns that Mrs. Lui has been embroiled in revenge while keeping it from him. The fortune-teller warns Blackie Jr. against femme fatale. George suggère à Godfather que Cocky devienne le chef et coupe un doigt de Cocky. He worked with artists such as Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung, and Anita Mui before being invited by a producer to make a record of his own. 劉振鵬 (30 Episodes) Rose Chan Ka-Wun. Main Role. Oscar Leung. Des années plus tard, Fung-coeng et Cocky Chiu se cherchent l'un l'autre.

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