Dann flogen die Spezial-Truppen im Schutze der Dunkelheit von ihrem Stützpunkt in Jalalabad (Afghanistan) in zwei modifizierten Black-Hawk-Helikoptern, die für das Radar unsichtbar waren, über die Grenze nach Pakistan. Sorry, there are no recent results for popular commented articles. (A military official who has discussed this issue with Thomas says that according to the general, no such conversation took place.) Unter den Toten waren 17 DevGru-Angehörige – also Mitglieder von Team 6. Next was Chapman, the team’s only non-SEAL. Einer der Black Hawks kollidierte mit einer Mauer des Anwesens und zwang den Piloten zu einer Bruchlandung. “There was a tremendous push [by the Air Force] to get this done by the end of the [Obama] administration,” says Gabe Camarillo, the assistant secretary of the Air Force for manpower and reserve affairs from January 2016 to January 2017. Vor genau fünf Jahren war die Jagd auf den Drahtzieher des Terror-Anschlages vom 11. “Without hesitation or regard for his own safety, Sergeant Chapman moved from a position of cover to engage the nearby machine gun,” the narrator says. Chapman fires into the first bunker. A former senior Team 6 member told The New York Times that Slabinski, the squadron’s senior enlisted man, had directed the operators to kill every adult male they encountered on the raid. Not surprisingly, with Kentucky Lake nearby, Resig said his love for the water was reinforced, with his family joining in the fun. Überall, wo die USA nicht offiziell zum Einsatz kommen will, würden als Zivilisten getarnte Einheiten operieren. Navy World War II veteran John Resig of Murray, right, talks with Mike Mansfield of Honor Flight Bluegrass in April. Sein Onkel, Donald Shadle erklärte nach dem Unglück: „Es ist schon verrückt. “That happens to be my theory.”, The SEALs are on the peak of the mountain for less than four minutes. “That didn’t happen in the first two minutes.” The bruises to Chapman’s hands, neck and face, he adds, were likely the result of hand-to-hand combat with the two militants who made it as far as the bunker before he killed them. Das Team entschied blitzschnell, zu improvisieren und die Operation durchzuziehen. SEAL Team Six was formally commissioned in November 1980, and an intense, progressive work-up training program made the unit mission-ready just six months later. Dabei hatte er nur noch vier Jahre bis zu seiner offiziellen Pensionierung. He did not watch as many of those ships sank. It took place in eastern Afghanistan and cost the lives of eight Americans, seven of them on Takur Ghar. [10], Beck co-wrote Warrior Princess with Anne Speckhard, a psychologist at the Georgetown University School of Medicine. Milani did not reach a conclusion, but in January 2003 the Air Force awarded Chapman a posthumous Air Force Cross for his actions up to the point when Slabinski had said he was killed. But valuable time had been lost. “The way they pieced it together,” the Mako 30 SEAL says, “it didn’t add up.”. Getting it through the National Security Council and onto the president’s desk, as well as the logistical challenge of arranging the multiple ceremonies that are standard when the commander-in-chief presents the nation’s highest award for valor, required more time. Chapman then opens fire on the second Al-Qaeda bunker, about 30 feet away. ‘The war?’ I said yes. (Use 23455 for FedEx and UPS online resources). “They’re on top of each other,” he adds. Illustrations by Ryan Inzana. [2] Im Jahr 2006 wurden alle SEAL-Einsatzkräfte als Special Operator (SO) neu eingestuft, das bedeutet zum Beispiel, dass die Tätigkeitsbezeichnung jetzt SO2 statt MM2 lautet. Sofort wurde geargwöhnt, dass die Männer, die die Operation „Neptune’s Spear“ durchgeführt hatten, aus dem Wege geschafft werden sollten. “Both Slab and Chappy were courageous warriors who rated a Medal of Honor.”, This by no means guarantees unanimous opinion among officials who have watched the process play out over the past two years. [6], Beck served for 20 years in the U.S. Navy SEALs before her transition, taking part in 13 deployments, including seven combat deployments. A Mako 30 SEAL says he first heard confirmation of the Navy’s intent in mid-January 2017, but that he had surmised it from rumors some months earlier. Because the SEALs never mentioned finding Roberts, some have speculated that Slabinski became disoriented and confused Roberts’s body with Chapman’s, which was only a few yards away. ), What has shocked and angered some sources familiar with the battle is that Mattis has also recommended the same award for then–Senior Chief Petty Officer Britt Slabinski, the SEAL team leader who allegedly left Chapman behind. “It was never: What Slab did was worthy of the Medal of Honor.”. Mike, a former Air Force targeting analyst who monitored the Predator feed of the Takur Ghar fight in real time and re-watched it twice last year at the Air Force’s request, was similarly taken aback. Slabinski looks at the wounded Chapman. “I thought he was a great leader.”. The Mako 30 operators again faced withering fire when they alighted from the helicopter. Nachdem eine Frau (CIA-Agentin Kathryn Bigelow – Codename Maya), den Al-Qaida-Chef in einem Anwesen in Abbottabad (Pakistan) aufgespürt hatte, ordnete Amerikas Commander in Chief eine Nacht- und Nebel-Aktion an. As the aircraft departed, the men split into three pairs. Eigentlich wollte er Scharfschütze bei den Marines werden. Slabinski had just seconds to get his men out of the crossfire. “There were many atrocities we heard about,” Resig said. “For a few seconds, I couldn’t do anything. Team 6 had seen very little action in Afghanistan and was eager to get into the fight. “There’s no confusion here.”, Shortly after Chapman kills the second Al-Qaeda fighter, the Air Force claims, and moments before the helicopter carrying the Rangers arrives over the peak, he emerges from his covered position and shoots at the militants in the second bunker. Das Special Warfare Insignia, offiziell auch SEAL Trident, aber innerhalb der US Navy meist nur The Budweiser (dt. Sean D. Naylor, the author of Not a Good Day to Die: The Secret History of Operation Anaconda, is a national security correspondent for Yahoo News. Milani’s investigation showed that Roberts was dead by the time Mako 30 returned to the mountain, but someone was still fighting on the top of Takur Ghar at a time when no Americans were supposedly alive there. The Americans had expected the jihadi fighters to be massed in the villages on the floor of the Shahikot Valley, but they weren’t. Then he said, ‘You and I were only doing what we were told to do. Viel hatte nicht gefehlt und die Operation wäre zu einem Desaster geworden. In September 2016, in an affidavit obtained by Newsweek, Jay, Chapman’s counterpart on one of the Delta Force teams, told an Air Force lawyer that he repeatedly heard the airman's voice and call sign—Mako Three Zero Charlie—on the radio. Illustrations by Ryan Inzana. September vorbei. As one puts it, “We were aware of the audio file where Slab admitted to shooting a corpse. “He’s going to be the quiet professional and represent it the best he can.”. “There’s a lot of guilt going on here, and there’s also the reputation of the SEALs at stake.”. Speckhard first met Beck at a counter-terrorism conference. “That’s when things broke down, and the SEALs...realized that, ‘Oh, we can take a stand and maybe thwart this thing,’” says the former combat controller. Events soon changed her mind. The only time his ship was damaged, in fact, was from a crash with a British ship near Gibraltar. But, for reasons that have never been made clear, his bosses pressured him to get to the top of the mountain that night. “They didn’t want to be seen as having left Tech Sergeant Chapman behind,” says a former Air Force official, adding that this applied to both the members of Mako 30 as well as the SEAL leaders. Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story, a documentary, aired on CNN on September 4, 2014. Chapman lies dead in the first bunker. “I’m sorry it took so long and there was such a contentious debate, but I’m satisfied in the end the right decision was made,” says the former defense official. I mean, this guy, we don’t know what he thought, but he made the decision in as much pain and fear as he must have had, to climb out of the bunker when the helicopter was coming…. Success! Feeling he had little choice, Slabinski asked the Army special operations helicopter crew to fly his team straight to the peak. Das Buch landete umgehend auf den Bestseller-Listen von „amazon.com“ bis zur „New York Times“ und löste „50 Shades of Grey” als Nummer eins ab. “[H]e neglected his primary responsibility of establishing comms with air support, which had he consolidated initially with the team and established comms, would have enabled positive identification of the team, their location and allowed for CAS [close air support] fires which could have saved Chapman and prevented the wounding of the other two team members.”, This new tack incensed Chapman’s supporters, who saw it as a desperate attempt to derail his award. „Erfolgreich-Durchlaufen-Abzeichen“) angesehen, in Anlehnung an das Underwater Demolition Badge der Waffentaucher. “They go right over him,” says the former combat controller, who is familiar with the footage. As the pre-dawn twilight crept over an Afghan mountainside, an Air Force commando named Jay huddled in the snow, listening to a distressed voice crackle over his radio, then fade away.

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