Taking on a preparedness mindset means not getting carried away with running to buy a bunch of AR-15s and lots of ammo because all of a sudden the shooting will start. When someone asked him about it, his response was, “It doesn’t matter. Mountain Guerrilla Blog author "John Mosby" is back, with the second book in the Guerrilla Gunfighter series. They were ready for the Red Dawn carbine fight but not the fight at the local Stop n’ Rob on the way home. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Who wants to participate in a political movement that not only doesn’t really provide any benefit for you, but then forgets you, when you end up dead or in prison? Great write up. That is not the type of focus of this class, accuracy on small targets that mimic human anatomy was. In regards to the “alt-right,” I think you’re fundamentally right. Course outline from site: “Focused on the use of the pistol for the underground, this course focuses on basic gun-handling under combative conditions, as well as the necessary mental and combative skills needed to protect the gun, and fight your way to the gun. I need Verification before commiting to training with him. This sounds like something I'd love to do in the near future, so thank you for posting this. The most recent pistol class I’d taken was more of a “performance” based class with 10”x18” (slightly smaller than C zone) and Alpha (approx. The guy is humble. Can a QP vouch for the creds of 'John Mosby" (Pseudonym) of the Mountain Guerrilla Blog? It is my personal position that the Alt-Right label is useless and many of their leaders are incompetent – Charlottesville seems at times to be a kind of defining moment in street based conflict between the extremes in recent years but it also seems to have driven the State as whole to effectively shut down further chances for conflict between these groups – do you think we are likely to see such confrontations again or will the conflict evolve in a different way? Clandestine Carry Pistol Review/AAR | MountainGuerrilla, ZeroGov | Village Praxis: Mountain Guerrilla Combat Rifle Fundamentals AAR by John Meyers. Posts: 12 Re: Tactical training with the Mountain Guerrilla The two Field Manuals (FM's) that we as 19D Cavalry Scouts use doctrinally are FM 3-20.96 and FM 3-20.971. Skin That Smoke Wagon! John Mosby. I was Mosby’s punching bag for many of the demos. Change ), Subsumed into the Zeitgeist Part Two: Kyle. I assume it was the OP who I saw wearing a Ute and a texas flag patch somewhere on his blog? Those bad times were more weather related but now the bad times seem permanently on the horizon. Well if that strategy works so well you can show me all the unassociated hill tribes that have remained independent in the face of encroaching empires. "John Mosby" creds. I’d shot the 5x5x5 with pistol several times before but was using the top half of an A-zone, a target size favored by KD4 for other applications. Talk of building new pistol bays to setting up range practice days weekly was had by nearly all. Thanks! Some folks think that in the real world, they’ll be able to beat X opponent because they can break the rules and restraints of the competition. My purpose here, as at the original blog, is to provide concepts and tools to help people thrive in this cyberpunk dystopian future we seem to be experiencing. The “Left” has had several years now with POTUS in the White House, to foment and stew in their indignation, and plan and organize, and if there’s one thing that they do better than anything else, it’s organizing. A 5 round course of fire was fired at the various ranges. Mosby said he had a runner's kit bag. Yessir, i used some HPG kit at the Arizona class, including a Ute, Tarahumara, and mountain Serape. Next up were multiple target engagements and this work culminated in a VTAC 1-5 drill with each student going under the timer. Step off the stage, and go your own way. I arrived in the realm of dissident political commentary through an interest in preparing for the bad times. Quiet Professional . They are stuck in Red Dawn or Military Raid mode and stay focused on that instead of how it is applicable to them right now. Evan/Scot--i was sporting my new Hill People Gear hat (the one i got in Colorado Springs) at the class and both Mosby and a guy he had as a helper (that had fought in the Korengal valley) both asked me what HPGear I had. My failure was the example we all needed to use our brains first and foremost, but I was stuck in the range paradigm when I shouldn’t have been. We’re still living through that disruption. Don’t do it. Mountain Guerrilla Blog is creating content you must be 18+ to view. So after we establish that the gun is not loaded, can we now point it at people with our finger on the trigger? Please email me if you work it out. He told the class what happened and what he screwed up in the process. When is there another class on the east coast ? Learn to shoot your rifle or carbine faster and more accurately. The improvement was amazing. Mosby’s version of the fundamentals of the pistol adhere to a fairly new school of thought in the gun world that is boiled down to grip and sight package, similar to John McPhee and many others. I went to Prescott and attended the four day small unit patrolling class, taught by army ranger and green beret 'John Mosby' (obviously not his real name). Many people have sung loud about the possibility of a ‘Civil War’ – far fewer seem to talk about a return to a kind of terrorism that was carried out by radical leftists in the 70s through mail bombs – do you think this could rear its head again or was that a product of its time? This sort of training goes beyond the usual carbine courses. I sought Mosby’s course work in particular because I knew it was going to be a wake up call for accuracy with a side arm for me personally. Pingback: ZeroGov | Village Praxis: Mountain Guerrilla Combat Rifle Fundamentals AAR by John Meyers, Your email address will not be published. This is the Patreon Page for John Mosby's Mountain Guerrilla Blog. I’ll answer this by telling a story on myself. Mountain Guerrilla Blog author “John Mosby” is back, with the second book in the Guerrilla Gunfighter series. We also believe that personal liberty is very dependent on who you are taking your paycheck from. If you think Mosby is the type of guy you are going to recruit to your 1488 meeting because he values community and his tribe, then you have no idea what you are talking about. I keep an eye on current events, of course, both out of professional interest, and because those things could affect my people or my mountain. Sacred cows were grilled into great tasting burgers. 3×5” cards torn in half were the targets. These were gold and will be added to the practice regimen. But, as Mosby says, accuracy is very important, but the bullets must arrive on time. I hope that Evan and Scott are OK with me posting this sort of thing on the forum, as it goes beyond the peaceful backpacker realm, into the prepper/potentially offensive use of guns part of the equation. Llive in Cumberland Gap area of E. Tn and want to take course. Instead you are preparing for a future where a weaker state can’t exert full strength, where once homogenous areas are fragmented and you need to defend your own produce. I was pretty well inebriated before we even got to the first bar. Good to see folks training with backpacks on. As was written in Forging the Hero, “We don’t need a Revolution. At some point—and I will not be particularly surprised if the 2020 election season is that point—some of those protestors are going to graduate from Molotov cocktails and shitting on police cars, to tossing pipe bombs, and using guns. To echo similar sentiments, there will not be another 1775/76. It included TC3, land nav, battle drills, patrolling, field administration, auxiliary development, and intelligence gathering. That type of training/knowledge is an excellent addition to one's tool kit. Then, Sig Sauer Has One For…, Looking For A New 1911? As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you. Your other passion is about Tribe building which you have a book about. "John Mosby" creds. So, the “libertarian/individualist” political motif will continue to hold some allure ideologically. Ok, bad, but not so bad. The radical Left of the 70s is damned near the mainstream Centrist of today. Yes, because Americans have this deep-seated apparent need to believe in the idea of the rugged individualist, as the ideal American archetype. This was repped using a technique to slowly increase the speed and efficiency of each shooter. We learned and we know what we need to work on. He may or may not want me to say this but he flubbed up a couple demos. Mosby then inspected his gun, slide back, looked at the chamber and mag well and showed that indeed his gun was unloaded. Okay. Des questions se posent sur la rédaction du règlement du Klan, ou Prescript, une version qui aurait été rédigée en 1867 par George Gordon et John Calvin Brown [69], et qui apparaît la première fois dans un pamphlet Ku Klux Klan: Its Origin, Growth and Disbandment de John C. Lester, Daniel Love Wilson, Walter Lynwood Fleming, propagandistes notoires du Klan, en 1884 [70]. Avoiding the peril of predictions do you have some advice on what to look out for? It’s Dreher’s Benedictine Option on steroids whilst carrying a Glock 19 as small fires start to burn all around. The skull stomping of sacred cows focus was what kept me reading and keeping tabs on the blog. I was introduced to the Mountain Guerrilla blog from some other prepper website somewhere, i dont remember. I knew Mosby was a fan of index cards so I expected this to be the target. 8/17/2014 9:51 AM Whiskeyz: Joined: 7/23/2014. You JUST HAVE TO FIND A WAY!” (shouted by my physical therapist, (who ALSO was handicapped), to my 7 year old ears….It’s been my code of LIFE ever since! I started out thinking this website was an interesting project but reading it over time has showed me that everything about it is fundamentally untruthful. By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. Never had. So, basically, in many ways, unless something is happening on my mountain, or to one of my people—which legitimately can only be defined as those people in my “tribe” which is, of course, limited by Dunbar’s number—I don’t really care about it. John Mosby is the pseudonym of a former US Army special operations soldier, who blogs intermittently about preparedness security issues, and surviving the decline of empire through traditional human methods and sociology, at mountainguerrilla.wordpress.com. Techniques for “virtual acceleration of the draw stroke” were discussed with a back drop of get the job done “sooner rather than faster.” When asked for a training triage template, the priorities of work from Mosby’s perspective for the every day citizen was medical, combatives, pistol, rifle, then team tactics. I started diving into current preparedness literature, and realized, courtesy of my specific military experience, at least on the “security” side of things, there was a whole lot of ignorance and misinformation. I have always been able to clean it every time I ran it. Focused on practical, general-purpose applications of the rifle and carbine, this book includes critical issues such as positions, trigger control, multiple target scenarios, and drills for training for real-world use.

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