But I'll have to do it all over again in Hollywood with Errol Flynn!" Niven had a long, complex relationship with Goldwyn, who gave him his first start, but the dispute over The Elusive Pimpernel and Niven's demands for more money led to a long estrangement between the two in the 1950s.[24]. James Niven (12 August 1851 – 30 September 1925) was a Scottish physician, perhaps best known for his work during the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918 as Manchester's Medical Officer of Health. Niven resumed his career while still in England, playing the lead in A Matter of Life and Death (1946), from the team of Powell and Pressburger. Primula Rollo Niven's sudden death, at the age of only 28, was one of the most astonishing freak accidents in the annals of entertainment. A founder of the Equity Actors’ Readers’ Theatre, he played Phog Allen in University of Kansas film professor Kevin Wilmott’s movie “Jayhawkers,” and played other roles in film and television during his long career. We showed up with about 50 other couples, and everyone that I knew had either been or was being unfaithful to the other. [26] In 2009 he sold his house on Sunset Boulevard for $5 million. Niven stated, "Anyone who says a bullet sings past, hums past, flies, pings, or whines past, has never heard one—they go crack!" [6] His many clients included Robert Woods. He wanted something more exciting, however, and transferred to the Commandos. David Niven Jr. (born 15 December 1942) is a British film producer, film actor[2] and script writer who was as an executive at Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures. "[11], In 1928 Niven attended the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. After detours to Bermuda and Cuba, he arrived in Hollywood in 1934. "‘There’s nothing left,’ he laments. He returned to Britain to play the title role in The Elusive Pimpernel (1950) from Powell and Pressberger, which was to have been financed by Korda and Goldwyn. In Hollywood he had a thankless role as the villain in an MGM swashbuckler The King's Thief (1955). During his work with the AFPU, Peter Ustinov, one of the script-writers, had to pose as Niven's batman. In 1975, he narrated The Remarkable Rocket, a short animation based on a story by Oscar Wilde. [3], Niven moved to his new post as Medical Officer of Health for Manchester in 1894 and remained in that role until his retirement in 1922. [23][24] He married his second wife Beatrice Anne Reeve, daughter of Annette de la Renta in 2000,[25] but divorced in 2005. This seemed to lead to him being cast in war and/or action movies: The Captive City (1962); The Best of Enemies (1962); Guns of Darkness (1962); 55 Days at Peking (1963) with Charlton Heston. [1], "Manchester Medical Collection Biographical Files: James Niven, 1851-1925", Observations on the History of Public Health Effort in Manchester by James Niven (1923), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=James_Niven&oldid=981031346, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 September 2020, at 21:34. One evening a big star gave a party honoring couples who had been married more than 10 years. [citation needed], During his lifetime, Niven received recognition for his pioneering work in Public Health. [8] Gemeinsam mit James C. Maloney schrieb er hierfür auch das Drehbuch. [22] He had previously had a relationship with Natalie Wood during the 1960s. Maloney. In 1960, Niven moved to Château-d'Œx near Gstaad in Switzerland for financial reasons, living near close friends in that country including Deborah Kerr, Peter Ustinov, and Noël Coward. Even more popular was the action film The Guns of Navarone (1961). Sweden's first supermodel and the actor David Niven's second wife. ✪ Filming, Floating and Fooling Around with David Niven and Errol Flynn, Drawing of Niven commemorating his 1958 Oscar win for, Niven with his wife Hjördis Genberg (Hjördis Tersmeden), 1960. His ultimate decision to resign came after a lengthy lecture on machine guns, which was interfering with his plans for dinner with a particularly attractive young lady. When Niven presented himself at Central Casting, he learned that he needed a work permit to reside and work in the United States. James David Graham Niven was born on 1 March 1910 at Belgrave Mansions, Grosvenor Gardens, London, to William Edward Graham Niven (1878–1915) and his wife, Henrietta Julia (née Degacher) Niven. In happier times with Goldwyn, he had observed this same picture sitting on Goldwyn's piano. He also played James Bond in Casino Royale (1967). James David Gra­ham Niven was born in Bel­grave Man­sions, Lon­don, to William Ed­ward Gra­ham Niven (1878–1915) and his wife, Hen­ri­etta Julia (née De­gacher) Niven. In 1965, he made two films for MGM: Lady L, supporting Paul Newman and Sophia Loren, and Where the Spies Are, as a doctor-turned-secret agent - MGM hoped it would lead to a series, but this did not happen. When the raw footage was reviewed, his voice was inaudible, and his lines had to be dubbed by Rich Little. Hjördis Genberg 1919-45. [3] He is the son of actor David Niven[4] and Primula Rollo. In July 1982, Blake Edwards brought Niven back for cameo appearances in two final "Pink Panther" films (Trail of the Pink Panther and Curse of the Pink Panther), reprising his role as Sir Charles Lytton. His many clients included Robert Woods. Niven worked in television. He graduated in 1930 with a commission as a second lieutenant in the British Army. [15] Niven then moved to New York City, where he began an unsuccessful career in whisky sales, after which he had a stint in horse rodeo promotion in Atlantic City. She had walked through a door believing it to be a closet, but instead it led to a stone staircase to the basement.[28][29]. The plot was plainly autobiographical (although not recognised as such at the time of publication), involving a young soldier, John Hamilton, who leaves the British army, becomes a liquor salesman in New York, is involved in indoor horse racing, goes to Hollywood, becomes a deckhand on a fishing boat, and finally ends up as a highly successful film star. st patricks dumbarton. At Warner Bros he was in a comedy A Kiss in the Dark (1948) then he appeared opposite Shirley Temple in the comedy A Kiss for Corliss (1949). He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Separate Tables (1958). David Niven Jr. (* 15. By this time, Niven was having serious health problems. Niven later appeared in The Elusive Pimpernel (1950), The Toast of New Orleans (1950), Happy Go Lovely (1951), Happy Ever After (1954) and Carrington V.C. He made a porter feel like a king. His final appearance in Hollywood was hosting the 1981 American Film Institute tribute to Fred Astaire. [3], On Niven's initiative tuberculosis became a voluntary notifiable disease in the city in 1899. [26] In 2009 he sold his house on Sunset Boulevard for $5 million. In 1971, he published his autobiography, The Moon's a Balloon, which was well received, selling over five million copies. Noel Coward was Niven's godfather, and gave him a silver cocktail shaker with the inscription “Because, my Godson dear, I rather / Think you’ll turn out like your father.”[20] Niven knew Jane and Peter Fonda, Mia Farrow, Nancy and Frank Sinatra Jr., and Candice Bergen growing up. In 1980, Niven began experiencing fatigue, muscle weakness, and a warble in his voice. Churchill singled him out from the crowd and stated, "Young man, you did a fine thing to give up your film career to fight for your country. Dezember 1942 in London) ist ein britischer Filmproduzent, Schauspieler ... 1994 Niven und sein Bruder Jamie das Archive ihres Vater an das Online Archive of California. [2][4] It was not long before he left that post to take up a private practice in Manchester. Niven's acting credits include Rush Hour 3[17] and The Cool Surface. Education. Back in Hollywood, Niven was in Goldwyn's Enchantment (1948). An Oldham Chronicle obituary of 1925 said: "Dr Niven also showed an interest in child welfare well in advance of his time. [15], At a book launch by Jackie Collins in 1987, Niven was asked would if he would ever write a book about his life, to which he replied "But how can I when everything, everything, I have ever done, said or thought appears in Jackie’s novels. The show ended in 1955, but Four Star TV became a highly successful TV production company. [3], In 1994 Niven and his brother Jamie gave the Online Archive of California their father's archive.

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