Maaaad things! After high school, she attended Shortwood Teachers' College where she studied primary education. It is this level of comedic disavowal of blackness and patois-speak that becomes the filter through which the political and other aspects of our lives are reflected. Patchie (second right) and Delcita surrounded by cast members. A day later, Double Dose and The Plumber starring Delcita is scheduled for the Weaver High School in Hartford, Connecticut. "I was doing shows in the meantime," Wright indicated. Get Fit With Socacize! Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright is reputed to be the first box office Jamaican female who can rival any of her male counterparts. She had to black-it-up more for it to be considered authentic? In her final production, Wright's character explores several issues including sexuality, child-rearing and marriage. The people loved the videos, and out of the popularity of those videos, Honeymoon was born,” the playwright explained. Brownman & CRUZAO LATIN-JAZZ TRIO @ Poetry Jazz Ca... Intimate Soul @ Rum Diaries, Ajax, ON - Sat Oct 10th! The character, Delcita Coldwater, a usually loud, rotten-toothed lady, is over two decades old. Show a people as one thing, only one thing, over and over again, and that is what they become.” The poor, in the mind of the masses and to the powers that be, take on a certain element of pathology and this powerful medium of art incessantly reproduce them as a one-dimensional characters. However, our advertising department can be more than On my recent visit home, I happened upon a poster advertising a play featuring the comedian, who goes by the stage name, Delcita Coldwater. It heightens our everyday Jamaican realities and anxieties surrounding classicism, sexism, patriarchy in all their grotesqueness. Summer Whine Promo CD - de Unstoppable Jr. REGGAEOLOGY (90's Dancehall Mix)(pt.1)(95-99)(Explicit Content) - DJ Shy (Toronto), THE MADHAUS MIXTAPE - DJ Shy and Willy Chin. Right: Andrea 'Delcita' Wright - File . "Giving our patrons two shows for one price is our way of thanking them for their support," he continued. Delcita enjoying a piece of sugarcane, in a scene from ‘Honeymoon’. Church wives are saints and forever will be! - Classes now at Wynn Fitness Locations in the Greater Toronto Area! Sitting around a table with a straight face, ladylike poise, eating a sandwich and drinking a cup of Ting from a straw, wiping her mouth gently at intervals, Andrea Wright was the total opposite of the character Delcita whom she has made popular in the theatre. That was like a divine intervention 'cause as soon as she was six years old, I got the call to do Delcita," she told The Sunday Gleaner. Over the years, her character has gained her thousands of fans and a loyal following, but those fans are in for a bit of shock and disappointment, as Andrea Wright, more popularly known as Delcita, has decided to close the curtains on an illustrious theatre career. But this blackface, patois-speak for laughs in Jamaica is the clutch strategy of class insider and outsiderism in the country. In addition to being an actress, Andrea Wright is a trained teacher and a certified counsellor. ( Log Out /  Admittedly, I have not seen any of her plays. The Jamaica Observer ePaper is available to you at home or at work, and is the same edition as the printed copy available at Now you can read the Jamaica Observer ePaper anytime, anywhere. What's the difference between TSA PreCheck, Global Entry and CLEAR? All Rights Reserved. Historically and conceptually, the ‘black face’ in Delcita is not exclusively Jamaican, but has a cultural and political dimension with a transnational reach. Canadians! Copyright © 2020 The Gleaner Company (Media) Limited. Go here for your 60 days free for All Access Music! This Corporal Del takes several jabs at the Jamaican police and could be defending a promotion too! Have you ever heard of a play that was so rib-tickling funny that the producer had to actually cut out an entire scene because the ongoing peals of laughter from the audience were making the production go into overtime? Wright in character as 'Delcita'. Double Dose featuring Shebada and Ova Mi Dead Body with Delcita will be playing at the Tilden High School in Brooklyn on Friday, November 25. - Contributed, Andrea 'Delcita' Wright - Photo by Sadeke Brooks. She also lectured part-time at Caenwood Centre. In fact, according to Anthony Turner, Images Newsletter, “The Plumber” starring Andrea “Delcita” Wright, Stede “Jooky Jam” Flash and Garfield “Bad Boy Trevor” Reid is being touted as the hottest play to hail from Jamaica this year. She said she has been living with her grandmother since she was just a baby. She wasn’t black enough to play the lower class, back-a-bush, patois-wielding, country bumpkin role? How does the Delcita character defend herself in this ‘matey’ situation? Too busy for the mall? A member of the RJRGLEANER Communications Group. Delcita was relaunched in 2008 in Di Driver, which also starred Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay. Free, all-access, online live concert streams - Yahoo's New Live Nation Channel Kicks Off Streaming Concert Series With Dave Matthews Band. By Michael Van Cooten Pride Publisher & Editor “University of Delcita”, a family-oriented comedy drama, is coming to Toronto – from Jamaica – for three shows on Thanksgiving weekend. We are reminded never underestimate the brutality of the benign nature of jokes to keep us in a state in which we do not want to be in which we voluntarily participate by laughing. Set to run in the Tri-State area — New York, New Jersey and Connecticut — patrons will be offered two plays for the price of one. Reggae Cafe 10 Year Anniversary Party @ Sound Acad... Uptown Soul @ Alleycatz, Toronto, ON - Fri Oct 23rd! But it’s not my people. "When I am onstage as Delcita, mi gone. "The things that Delcita does, I wouldn't do. Wright says she will now focus her attention on establishing a career in another field she holds dear to her heart, guidance and counselling. If I were to take up my phone and call him (Shebada) now and say ‘mi hungry’, he’s going to say, ‘what you want?’, and go and get it,” she stated. ", Delcita (right) arguing with Diamond in the play, 'Courthouse Drama'. Popular culture by its sheer lack of perceived serious-ness, routinely mediates, interprets, and ingrains serious societal issues deep into our psyche on a daily basis, which in many ways serves to reinforce the power dynamics and status quo of this country. (Apparently, this is the conflation that defines this particular group). Since then, she has done Money Worries, The Xtortionistz and The Plumber, which is currently running. 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It doesn't matter if you are the president of America or the queen of England. Dirty Jazz @ Harlem Underground, Toronto, ON - Thu... Bachata Urbana Thursdays @ Alleycatz, Toronto, ON ... L.I.T. Launch of L.I.T. Also, see Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright, decked out in her security outfit as Corporal Del. In literary studies or fiction writing, “round” characters are fully realized characters who jump off the page, while “flat” characters are 2-D, and stand out for the qualities they lack. Although her exit from the theatre is a surety, fans will get the opportunity to see Delcita in action for the last time. However, she has got awards from Stages Productions and she was honoured by Wisynco yesterday for excelling in her career. Since then, she has done Money Worries, The Xtortionistz, The Plumber, Ova Mi Dead Body and The Politician. Trudy"Melcita" Bell and Paul.O.Beale are ready to make you laugh in The Student So when I realised that the laughter was the reason why the show was being extended, we had no choice, but to cut out a scene.”. - Contributed. Now unnu tell me this: why for the love of God is she in blackface? Good humor tries to take down the powerful, bad humor rely on the stereotypes of the weak. It can be rough. We welcome reader comments on the top stories of the day. Climax @ Mingles, Toronto, ON - Sat Oct 10th! She parades her new image so nicely - A cute cop with full white teeth and a Border Patrol heart. ALL AIRPORTS. @Giftagram to the rescue + you get $20 towards your 1st purchase!

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