For bookings contact us today on 08 9206 4588. Often used for short hauls, the EGR system in the Isuzu NPR often doesn't have the necessary time to warm up and do its job properly. The engine may seem down on power and have a different sound or a change in its exhaust note; it may also seem less responsive than normal when revved hard and the vehicle stationary. Some of this ash is blown out of the exhaust whilst some is retained inside the core of the DPF. These are fitted as close to the inlet valve as possible and, in some cases, straws are inserted into the manifold to better achieve the optimum distance. The Operator, by varying the engine’s speed using a throttle pedal controller, can monitor and control the temperature inside the DPF by further regulating air flow and the amount of cleaning fluid injected. Enter your e-mail address to receive our newsletter, Isuzu Forward F Series Truck DPF, DPD, EGR, Adblue Delete, Fix, Removal Transtron ECU Remap, F11.210 5.2 TDI 210BHP F12.240 7.8 TDI 237BHP FSR.700 7.8TDI 236BHP VM VL 1400 295BHP, Isuzu 5.2 TDI Transtron 3.0TDI BluePower Bosch EDC17CV41, Denso SH7059 275700-2790, EGR DPF DPD DEF Delete, remove Problem Fix Software Remap Tuning, NPR, NQR, NRR, Turquoise, N35, C-Cross, V-Max, D-Max. The contents of this forum are for experimental & educational purposes only. Fuel pressure is also much higher (and variable) and injection durations are generally shorter and more complex, making LPG system interfacing much more difficult. That’s where Chip Tuning come in. CRD Performance will replace failed or blocked diesel particulate filters but generally this would only be if either a forced regeneration or forced chemical DPF clean was initially carried out and not been successful. Your submission has been received! Even a marginal improvement in fuel economy can help reduce this operating expense, and an EGR delete can help reach this and any sustainability goals. Some codes listed below can include (depending on ECU): P1471 Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration Deficiency P1490 manufacturer controlled axillaruy emmisions P160B Q Data/QR Data Cross Check Error DPF P2002 DPF Deterioration 2 P2032 Exhaust Gas Low Temperature Abnormality Before DPF P2033 Exhaust Gas High Temperature Abnormality Before DPF P2080 Exhaust  Gas  Temperature  Sensor  High/Low  Temperature  Abnormality  BeforeOxidation Catalyst (OC) P2084 Exhaust  Gas  Temperature  Sensor  High  Temperature  Abnormality  Before DPF P20E2 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Abnormality P242D Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit High P244B DPF Particulate Matter (PM) Over-Trapping P244C DPF Deterioration P2453 DPF Exhaust Pressure Characteristics Abnormality P2454 Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor Low-Side Abnormality P2455 Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor High-Side Abnormality P2463 DPF Over-Accumulation, EGR Codes (Depending on ECU Type) P0101 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System Abnormality P2457 EGR Cooler Abnormality P0401 EGR Valve Stuck P0402 EGR System Abnormality 3 P0403 EGR DC Motor Circuit Malfunction (EBM2)EGR Duty Error P0404 EGR in Open Position P0405 EGR Gas Position Sensor Circuit Low   P0406 EGR Gas Position Sensor Circuit High P0409 EGR position P040B EGR Gas Temperature Sensor Characteristics P040C EGR Gas Temperature Sensor Low Voltage Abnormality P040D EGR Gas Temperature Sensor High Voltage Abnormality P041B EGR Gas Temperature Sensor 2 Characteristics P041C EGR Gas Temperature Sensor 2 Low Voltage Abnormality P041D EGR Gas Temperature Sensor 2 High Voltage Abnormality P042E EGR Closed Position Performance P1404 EGR position, Adblue/NOX system fix: U029D NOX Sensor A 1 U029E NOX Sensor B 2 P203D Reductant level sensor high bank 1 sensor 3 P204D Reductant Pressur sensor circuit High P205D reductant tank temp sensor circuit P20A0 reductant purge control valve circuit high P208A reductant pump control circuit open P20C9 reductant control module requested MIL P2000 oxides of nitrogen trap below efficincy P1490 Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) system P2214 oxides of nitrogen sensor circuit P242D EGT sensor 3, call/ whatsapp +44(0)7594040272 or email, P0403EGR duty error EGR工作任務錯誤 EGR brushless motor circuit too highEGR無刷電機電路過高 EGR brushless motor circuit too lowEGR無刷電機電路太低 EGR brushless motor circuit too open EGRP0404 EGR open position performanceEGR打開位置性能 無刷電機電路常斷P0405EGR brushless motor position sensor signal invalid low EGR無刷電機位置傳感器信號無效-低值P0406EGR brushless motor position sensor signal invalid highEGR 無刷電機位置傳感器信號無效-高值 P040BEGR gas sensor performance EGR氣體傳感器性能 P040C EGR gas temperature too low EGR氣體溫度太低 P040D EGR gas temperature too highEGR氣體溫度過高 P041B EGR gas sensor 2 performance EGR氣體傳感器2的性能 P041C EGR gas temperature 2 too low EGR氣體溫度2太低 P041DEGR gas temperature 2 too high EGR氣體溫度2太高P042E EGR closed position performanceEGR關閉位置表現P046CEGR closed learning EGR關閉訊息傳遞 P2413 EGR slow response ON EGR反應慢 ON (開放) P2457 EGR cooler inferiority EGR冷卻器的劣勢, P2002DPF deterioration (II )DPF老化(II)P2032 Exhaust gas temperature before DPF too lowDPF之前的排氣溫度太低P2033 Exhaust gas temperature before DPF too high DPF之前的排氣溫度太高P0420 DPF deterioration 2DPF老化2P1470DPF exhaust presser performance DPF排氣壓力機性能P1471 DPF regeneration insufficiency DPF再生不足P0545Exhaust gas temperature before oxidation catalyst too low 氧化催化器之前的排氣溫度太低 P0546Exhaust gas temperature before oxidation catalyst too high氧化催化器之前的排氣溫度太高  P2428 Exhaust gas temperature sensor before oxidation catalyst too high氧化催化器之前的排氣溫度傳感器過高 Exhaust gas temperature sensor before oxidation catalyst too low 氧化催化器之前的排氣溫度傳感器太低244B DPF PM over accumulation DPF PM過度積累 P244CDPF deterioration DPF老化 P244D Exhaust gas temperature sensor before DPF too high DPF 之前的排氣溫度傳感器太高Exhaust gas temperature sensor before DPF too lowDPF之前的排氣溫度傳感器太低 P2453DPF pressure sensor performance DPF壓力傳感器的性能P2454Exhaust gas pressure reference too low 排氣壓力參考值過低 P2455 Exhaust gas pressure reference too high 排氣壓力參考值過高 P2459DPF regeneration excessive frequency DPF再生頻率過 P2463 DPF trip over accumulationDPF工作行程過度積累, P113A O2 signal of NOx sensor rationality NOx 傳感器合理性的O2信號P1463 DeNOx-DS error for SVS lighting requestSVS照明請求的​​DeNOx-DS錯誤P20C9 DeNOx-DS error for MIL lighting reques t針對MIL照明請求的​​DeNOx-DS錯誤P20CB Exhaust injector circuit GND short/open load排氣噴油器電路GND短路/開路負載P20CC Exhaust injector circuit BATT shor t排氣噴油器電路BATT短路 Exhaust injector circuit load short排氣噴油器電路負載短路P20CF Exhaust injector performance排氣噴油器性能P20DE Exhaust injector pressure sensor performance high排氣噴油器壓力傳感器性能高 Exhaust injector pressure sensor performance low排氣噴油器壓力傳感器性能低下P20DF Exhaust injector pressure sensor circuit low voltage排氣噴油器壓力傳感器電路電壓過低P20E0Exhaust injector pressure sensor circuit high voltage排氣噴油器壓力傳感器電路高壓P20E2 Exhaust gas temperature sensor surveillance排氣溫度傳感器監視. When in limp mode the vehicle may have restricted power and, if fitted with an automatic transmission, it may even lock into top gear to limit acceleration. One of the biggest challenges associated with EGR delete services, however, is finding a trusted partner who can perform the service across a wide variety of diesel engine makes and models. Initial set up of the newly installed system is carried out using the appropriate software and a standard calibration is performed (like most installers do) in accordance with the kit manufacturer’s instructions. For instance, the exhaust emissions contain carbon deposits, which can accumulate inside the engine and its various components as it is getting recirculated back through. This latest equipment purchase compliments our Rolling Road Chassis Dyno that we often use to successfully perform our DPF Dyno-Clean service on some of our customers vehicles. An EGR delete consists of having the exhaust gas recirculation system – a problematic vehicle component – eliminated. Why not call us to discuss your requirements and your budget. Below is an example of the gain you can expect if you start with 380HP. We’ll even sometimes have brand new kits available at reduced prices that have previously been installed on customer’s vehicles and then removed, unused, to be replaced with a more suitable upgraded kit. Polish LPGTech System fitted to a Jeep SRT8. We also have to take into account whether the inlet manifold must be removed and whether additional extra long LPG ‘straws’ or gas nozzles need to be installed. For forced induction engines and high capacity engines there is an electronic system available that uses a bottle and pump with a small electronic control unit that connects to the LPG injector wiring. Vehicles that can’t self-adjust should be fitted with an additional valve-saver kit to coat the valves and reduce wear. When customers bring a vehicle to us for re-mapping we normally carry out a road test and fault code read using a scan tool, any relevant concerns will be brought to the customer’s attention. Although still requested by some of our customers, DPF removal and the necessary software upgrade using a Quantum Tuning remap of their vehicles ECU is becoming less popular. The LPG injectors will be installed using correct size jets and manifold nozzles to ensure faultless driveability and performance, these will be installed in a cosmetically pleasing way ensuring all wiring is shortened where necessary and neatly loomed using black cloth tape. The system comprises an LPG fuel tank with an integrated pump, a fuel pressure regulator with a pressure sensor and integral safety valve, liquid gas injectors and an LPG ECU. Any pipe-work and components are fitted in the least time consuming way possible, avoiding any unnecessary removal and refitting of panels and vehicle trim. Contact us today to learn more about our EGR delete and tuning services, and to learn more about the range of Isuzu models on which we’re able to work. MHH Auto greatly appreciates the cooperation from members on this critical issue. Flashlube is a delivery system designed to introduce a concentrated lead-replacement additive, formulated to minimise Valve Seat Recession. These units work by fooling the cars ECU into believing that the DPF is still present and maintained in a clean condition, therefore not requiring any regenerating, even though it has in fact been removed. Evolution Chips are without doubt one of the leaders (if not the leaders) in petrol and diesel engine remapping; don’t take our word for it, just ‘Google’ them. If the engine management system detects that the vehicle isn’t being used in a manner that allows passive regeneration or it detects a higher than normal DPF exhaust back-pressure reading, it should initiate active regeneration. CRD Performance now have available a full range of emulators which are programmed specifically for each vehicle make and model. And perhaps the best part of all, it increases the overall lifespan of an engine. We’ve known some of these one-day installation companies to even supply their customers with a plug-in calibration lead and software, encouraging them to attempt to rectify any poor running concerns themselves.

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