And this is a good way to also get your initial foothold because I mean, people, they always click, someone always clicks. You may unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link in the digest email. How do I stay within legal boundaries?” The idea behind HackHub is to instill that the right balance of competence and caution and people who are interested in any capacity in getting into ethical hacking because it’s really intimidating entering this world of hacking where you just imagine all the bad that hacking is resulted in and you imagine all the legal trouble that you could get into if something goes wrong because, in a lot of ways, it is illegal. [00:11:12] SY: So you mentioned penetration test, and I know that’s a popular idea in security, and I’m not really sure I know what it is. There are a lot of them. And what that is, is using tools, using code, using any resources that you can to, again, identify vulnerabilities and take advantage of these vulnerabilities. It can kind of vary and something you have to keep in mind is an attacker could have as much time as they need to sort of try to figure out how to conduct their attack and you have this small timeframe. Are competitions only for college or are there competitions that adults that some of our audience members might be able to participate in? [00:39:24] SY: Yeah. Build the future of communications. [00:02:42] SY: Thank you so much for being here. It also lets you use the most popular open source languages to build web apps. Karen talks about getting into cyber security through forensic and security competitions, reliable and safe resources to learn how to hack, and how to do it legally. Make sure you know what the tool does, what artifacts it might generate, because if it’s generating those artifacts on your customer’s network, you want to be able to tell them that this file was left by me. If you have a Twilio account, you can get started as soon as you’re in the mood to Quest. What is the competition? I listed a few on HackHub. See our privacy policy for more information. So from the start, an agreement is established with the customer giving you that legal permission to access their systems and outlining sort of the scope of your penetration tests. sign up for the TwilioQuest mailing list. [00:04:49] KM: Probably about seven or eight. How does that work? Before you can byte into TwilioQuest’s 8-bit goodness, you first need to create an account with Twilio or log into your existing account. And if you have experience coding, then even better because there are times when you’ll probably need to modify some code to suit it more for your target or suit it more for your purposes depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with that exploit. [00:11:54] SY: So now that you do cybersecurity professionally, I’m wondering, when you think back to those competitions that you used to do, do they accurately mirror the real world or was it kind of very contrived? I mean, it only took me 24 years to start to care a little less, but that confidence drove me to have a much bigger role in this engagement and to learn so much more than when I was hesitant and self-conscious. So if you’re applying for a pen testing role or some sort of offensive security role, it’s going to look good on your resume. We’ve got our Wednesday chats at 9 P.M. Eastern Time and our weekly coding check-in every Sunday at 2 P.M. Eastern Time. TwilioQuest has two fundamental type of missions: self-verified missions and in-person missions. If you try, even you can hack it...just do it legally. Download and play TwilioQuest for free at Best of all, the arena is open for everyone today. [00:00:05] SY: Welcome to the CodeNewbie Podcast where we talk to people on their coding journey in hopes of helping you on yours. Do you remember what your website looked like? All-in-one collaboration. It scales and grows with you from free apps to enterprise apps, supporting things at enterprise scale. But it led me to think, “How can I actually turn this into a career? You can deploy a fully managed MongoDB database in minutes with just a few clicks or API calls. These Missions encompass most of Twilio’s products. Thank you again for having me. Don’t spend that energy risking being caught because you decided to hack into your roommate’s laptop. So we could probably think of ways to apply knowledge of coding to just about any area of cybersecurity because it’s so valuable, it’s so versatile. And in that email, you have a malicious payload, so that if the user clicks a link or downloads a file, it actually is just a malicious payload that gives you access to their system. How can I take my computer science degree and combine it with my interest in cybersecurity and maybe even pursue a second degree that’s more related to security?” So I added a forensic science emphasis to my computer science degree so that I could take a few more forensics and cybersecurity courses while I was working on my bachelor’s. And if you stay ethical, then you don’t have to worry about paying an absurd amount of money or prison time if you’re caught when you’re caught. [00:05:50] SY: Okay. And even in pen testing, I mean, I’ve mentioned a few ways it could be valuable. Brutal murder of Washington teen in summer of 1990 remains a mystery three decades later; The Samsung Galaxy Fit tracker is on sale for $49.99. Self-verified mission completion criteria vary widely, but generally you will be prompted to enter a code, phone number, or otherwise signal to Twilio you’ve mastered a skill. For example, find something you’re passionate about or at least somewhat interested in and start working on developing a program that you’re actually invested in, either by yourself or with a team, and then from there you can find ways to improve and expand on it as you’re learning these new things, these new concepts. Join us for our weekly Twitter chats. And in the context of ethical hacking, you’re trying to do it the right way, the safe way and make sure that that vulnerability is no longer there for the more malicious hackers. This would require you to understand how some malicious code that you or your organization found is working and what is it doing. If you don’t want to take that approach, some people have already built vulnerable environments that you can VPN into, like is a great one. So that’s just a really long drawn out way of me explaining that the worst advice I’ve ever received was just those two words on their own, care less, but the best advice that I’ve ever received was the more positive variation of those words, which is care less about the wrong things and care more about the right things. [00:05:24] KM: I think I knew pretty early on because I was getting involved in like Cyber Corps at high school, and also in my early college program, there was a Cyber Corps Club and I was participating in this forensics competition. program and currently works full-time as an Associate Cyber Security Engineer at the Software Engineering Institute. Every objective is a self-contained themed quest, setting you up with the background you need, completion criteria, hints, and links to resources that can help you beat the mission. They can release these walkthroughs for the retired boxes so that if you’re a beginner and you’re not comfortable using the tools and the procedures, then you have those resources to follow. Start today with Twilio's APIs and services. MongoDB Atlas automates deployment, updates, scaling, and more so that you can focus on your application instead of taking care of your database. So cooperation with the customers is really important. [00:12:28] SY: I’m curious to hear about the languages that you’ve used in your field. I’m still like discovering new ones all the time because there are a lot of them out there. That was beautiful. Find it at [00:24:33] SY: So what are the benefits of getting certified? What is that? TwilioQuest is an interactive, self-paced game to learn how to Twilio. This was all driven again by that scenario that they provided to us. Have fun here, and explore all our options. From zero to a website in 5 mins, using building blocks. [00:08:43] SY: Very cool. Become an operator, save the cloud. We have a Twitter bot which celebrates your achievements and a shared scoreboard which will show all recently completed objectives (for you and your fellow Questers) if you opt-in. You can get started free with MongoDB Atlas at Breaking News. And I mean you might be carrying out multiple steps at once even, but I guess a good starting point for a lot of assessments is a phishing campaign on the target. TwilioQuest is a fun game with a very serious objective: we want to empower developers with Twilio skills quickly and in a guided manner. For more info on the podcast, check out So I see a lot of Python, a lot of Ruby, Pearl, C, C#, Visual Basic, pretty much any language you can imagine is probably helpful in some capacity because these exploits, which are commands or code or some entity that we throw at the target to try to take advantage of a bug or a vulnerability. So you are acting as a malicious adversary in order to identify vulnerabilities in your target’s network and you want to identify these vulnerabilities before a real malicious adversary does, so that you can tell the customer, you can provide recommendations on how to correct that vulnerability, how to prevent a real attacker from getting into their network if the attacker was able to exploit that vulnerability. Number three, my first coding project was about? And there’s just an overwhelming number of things to learn, but it’s amazing that really you can never run out of things to learn when you’re coding or when you’re in cybersecurity. You want to use open source resources to learn as much as possible, not only about the organization, but about its employees and the technology that they might use, anything that could be useful when you’re launching your attack. Like it’s a super benign casual way of speaking as a cybersecurity engineer, as a cybersecurity expert, how do you think about the word hacking? Glad to see they've gone public with this. go play now, and start filling that text editor. Karen, are you ready to fill in the blanks? When you’re done customizing your character and successfully enter the TwilioQuest arena, you’ll next be presented with a variety of Missions.

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