It would be great to see some improvement in her weakest subjects in the future. Plus, you may see some statements that you’d like to word a little differently. Hopefully these comments for student report cards will come in helpful. Could work some more on communicating her opinions during discussions. _____ exhibits poor time management and consequently has trouble completing math assignments on time. Is aware of her learning styles and makes every effort to work to her strengths as a student. _____ effectively uses the math word wall to aid in understanding complex math terms. Always shares and thinks about others during play scenarios. _____ participates fully during math discussions but sometimes talks excessively and interrupts others. I divided the comments into 5 categories: Finishing your report card comments for writing skills need not be a chore. To help parents visualize how their child is progressing, be specific in your report card comments for writing by using examples. Has shown great strides in written communication skills in recent months. _____ has a hard time using context clues to figure out the meaning of new words. (. Positive Attitude to Learning. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Say exactly how the child uses strong leads in narrative essays or consistent transitions in opinion essays. Sometimes struggles to engage in class discussions. Has some trouble listening to peers and teachers. Is building her confidence more and more every day. Is using language at an age appropriate level. Often does not pay enough attention to test questions, leading to small unforced errors. _____ excellent fine motor skills contributes to his neat handwriting. I’m sure there are other areas in which he or she isn’t as strong. Is a good talker but needs to work on pausing and listening to others more attentively. Always begin your math report card comments with a positive note. 8. is committed to doing their best. Do a couple of comments each day depending on how many students you have. Can be unsettled when entering the class after breaks. I will often start with a comment bank like the one above. _____ math progress is moving slowly due to a weak math foundation. Has an independent and free spirited mind. Read more about Chris here. Is often disorganized and forgets important school supplies. Complete a certain number of comments daily or work for a specified amount of time each day. Use promo code TOGETHER at checkout to claim this limited-time offer. It’s challenging for _____ to complete a task if he isn’t supervised constantly. _____ lacks confidence in himself and his mathematical abilities. _____ is unfocused in maintaining grade-level writing expectations. Loves to soak up all the information around her. Now we get to the report card comments for writing skills, tweak them as needed. exhibits good use of grammar and mechanics. With fresh eyes and an uncluttered mind, it’ll be much easier to catch grammatical errors. (I’m guilty as charged!). A selection of report card comments specifically suitable for appraising aspects of student performance during distance learning related to pandemic school closures. Presents homework that is untidy and appears to have been rushed. …. This was similar to/different from his/her behavior in a classroom setting. … writing has a clear beginning, middle, and end. [Video Learning Pack], The Massive Ancient History Christmas Collection! I’m sure they’ve got a few, even if those attributes aren’t directly related to math. I really hope this post is a time-saver for you. The parents will greatly appreciate your effort to recognize their child’s academic and social development. Maths! _____ demonstrates a healthy attitude towards math. _____ has a difficult time working independently. Tips for Drafting Report Card Comments for Writing Skills Start Early. Draft your report card comments for writing in a positive tone. _____ is inconsistent with his efforts in math block. Comes to class every day ready and willing to learn. Have a colleague look over your math report card comments, or just carefully look them over yourself. _____ frequently forgets math processes, strategies, and/or basic facts. I have separated the comments in two parts Girls and Boys. _____ has a hard time writing independently and needs constant supervision in order to finish a writing piece. Speaks very softly. 6. uses instincts to deal with matters independently and in a positive way. _____ is successful with isolated grammar exercises but struggles to apply those concepts when producing authentic pieces of text. If you are not teaching IB classes, you can easily use these comments for general reporting. How well does the child organize a piece of writing? Is open, honest and upfront about her thoughts and beliefs. Is curious about playing with others, but often sits back due to shyness. Has shown remarkable growth in confidence this year. Has shown the ability to empathize with classmates and show great compassion. If you’ve been documenting the child’s progress throughout the school year and communicating those observations with parents regularly, being honest and transparent should be no problem because they’ve heard this stuff already, right? Has an inquisitive … … progressing very well in writing for various purposes. . He/she demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt/adjust to a very challenging transition! ________________ required minimal assistance with [technology resource(s)] and was helpful in assisting other students in developing proficiency with [technology resource(s)]. You may want to complete a certain number of comments daily or work for a specified amount of time each day. to discuss…. But also to check for semantics and overall tone. … paper lacks supporting details that help the reader to visualize. London WC1R 4HQ. Last but not least, proofread your report card comments for writing skills. Report Card Comment . Is always respectful to classroom equipment. Has developed strong skills in communicating in groups. And for more time-saving comments, check out our hefty collection elementary report card comments, created especially with you in mind. Though this tip applies for every child, you want to especially keep this in mind for those students who are struggling and/or performing below grade level. Keeps her personal work spaces very well organized. Chris Drew, PhD (aka The Helpful Professor). _________________ was able to effectively use [technology resource] with limited assistance to engage in class activities, complete and submit assignments, and communicate with teachers, staff, and other students. With the use of manipulates, _____ frequently and accurately solves more complex math problems. These report card comments for writing will help you get the job done before the big deadline! This data clearly validated our individual observations and interactions with the child. On another note, you could also touch base with last year’s teacher to discuss her observations of the child and what strategies worked well for the child in that particular classroom setting. Then I developed this resource for myself. Has a strong personal interest in ________ and has been taking the initiative to explore the topic. Then start working on them May 17th or even May 11th. Let’s say your report card comments for writing are due May 25th. Is socially, cognitively and physically on track for transition to school. For example, if the child was reading below grade level in 2nd quarter and is still doing so in 3rd quarter, be specific about the situation. Is excited to tackle her tasks every day. _____ needs to continuously practice cursive handwriting strokes. Privacy PolicyTerms and ConditionsDisclaimer. The lower level of Bloom’s has all the stuff that’s important, yes, but it’s basic information like memorization and recall. How do you save your time to make report cards? look over your writing report card comments before submitting. I suggest that_____ practice Daily Oral Language activities in order to improve (, Practice writing authentic texts with your child in English or Spanish regularly. Often submits incomplete drafts due to poor time management. _____ hardly ever participates in discussions and/or whole class activities. Required fields are marked *. His mission is to help thousands of unversity students understand their topics in an easy-to-read way. You can read more about me here.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'helpfulprofessor_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_13',110,'0','0'])); Chris Drew (aka the Helpful Professor) is a university educator and former school teacher. Even with accommodations and/or modifications, _____experiences difficulty with (. …. Is always willing to express herself in front of the class with a bold and confident voice. Even though I consider myself a decent writer, I still sometimes make grammatical errors because well, that’s what we do as human beings. But when it comes to true problem-solving and looking at the big picture of a problem, do they see how well their child can apply those math skills to actually solve a higher-order thinking problem? Then start working on them May 17th or even May 11th. There’s sometimes that one error you didn’t catch. Rev up remote learning with a virtual field trip. If you do not work in a PYP school, you can easily use this resource for your general comments.

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